I've Tried Plan B and it Works!

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Okay, ladies, I have a confession to make. It was an intense night and an accident happened. Tragically the condom broke. I feel numb thinking about the fate that I'm about to face. We are both not yet ready to have a child. We just can't accept the fact that we will be about to become parents if this accident will have a positive result a month after. I, myself, was about to cry but I remember that I've read in an article before that there was this so-called Plan B pill to prevent pregnancy. Fortunately, the Plan B pill is finally available here in the Philippines. However, it's only available in Manila and thank God, we're in Manila. If I'm not mistaken, there are two online shops selling the Plan B pill. The incident happened around 11 in the evening and when I contacted the first seller, he said he can't accommodate me during this hour. Fortunately, the second seller I have contacted agreed to send me the Plan B pill through Grab Delivery service. 

After an hour of waiting, the delivery guy arrived and I immediately took the pill. FYI, the pill must be taken within 5 hours after unprotected sex or within a span of 3 to 5 days. Remember that a woman doesn't get pregnant immediately. It will take about 6 days for the sperm to linger inside the uterus until it gets fertilized successfully. Taking the Plan B pill will delay ovulation or stop the ovaries from releasing an egg and block the sperm from meeting the egg.

Since I'm very paranoid, ummm...we are both very paranoid, I also took Althea birth control pills after 5 days from using the Plan B pill. The pill delayed my menstruation for a week but thank God, It was a success. I'm not pregnant and I'm happy the pill works. I've read a bunch of negative reviews about the Plan B pill that they still got pregnant although they took it on time. Thank God it worked for me. I'm so grateful it did. I prayed so hard it will work on me. 

Thus, I totally recommend using the Plan B pill during emergency times like this.

one step emergency pill plan b avoid pregnancy
This single pill is worth P2000.00 and up. I know its very expensive but it's more expensive to raise a baby. 😥😭

You may buy One Step Plan B at 09228872637 or 09562252526

10 Filipino Bad Habits That Are So Hard To Break

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These are at least 10 mannerisms or habits that I have observed among Filipinos that I consider to be harmful or is an obstacle to true and meaningful progress of individual Filipinos and the community and the country at large.

Not Falling in Line

Filipinos refuse to follow a simple etiquette of falling in line. One thing I've noticed is that they look for someone they know who's already on the line then request that person to insert him. This is a blatant disrespect to the person next in line because this person tries to circumvent the situation which everyone is religiously following. You simply cannot insert in the line without violating the right of the person next in line unless that person allows you to. There are people who are either selfish or are feeling entitled to deserve to cut lines such as the elderly (except PWDs) or people who feel they are rich and powerful to be above the law or rules such as politicians and government employees or are wealthy or children of the wealthy.
naomie bucayong maria nina famor a disgraced filipino habit
The lady on the front inserted her tardy friend without considering those who are behind her while I was filing my application before the Civil Service Commission. I feel pity for the girl who was not included in the cut-off of people to be served that day because this lady in black inserted herself.

Always Borrowing Personal Things

I knew a person, who happens to be my officemate that keeps on borrowing personal things like a cell phone, make-up, charger, even a tissue paper. This behavior is amenable if it only happens on rare occasions. However, she keeps on doing it every day. Frankly, it's irritating to the lender. Aside from being unhygienic, it's very inconvenient to the lender's part to be put on the mercy of the borrower before he or she can use his or her stuff. The worst part of this habit is most of the time the things borrowed failed to be returned to the owner. We call this "arbor" in our dialect. 

Won't Clean Up Their Own Mess (Maid dependent society)

If you know how to use a cup, plate, spoons, or forks, please do clean it up by yourself. Don't let your siblings, officemates, or other people do it for you unless you pay them to do such a thing. Nobody would ever want to clean up other people's mess. I've also observed that most Filipinos litter everywhere because the street sweeper will take care of it. One time I've heard a lady said that "What's the point of paying our taxes if they won't pick up our garbage anyway?". See? Instead of helping, some Filipinos have this kind of mentality. 

To define, a gossipmonger is a person who enjoys talking about other people's private lives. Well, gossiping is impossible to eradicate. However, too much gossiping is alarming especially if the topic is detrimental to the person's honor and personal life. Spreading rumors, lies and salacious information about a certain person is not only hurtful but may put you in jail. 

In our language, it's popularly called being "sipsip". Obsequious people are usually not being genuine; they resort to flattery and other fawning ways to stay in the good graces of authority figures. This behavior is rampant in every part of our community. Be it in government offices or private establishments. 

Social Climbing

I know a lot of people living beyond their means and their number is astounding. The spending habit is jaw-dropping because they only spend it just to brag it on social media. As a matter of fact, I personally know people facing lawsuits because they fail to pay their debts by reason of overspending. Nowadays, people try to be social media influencers even if their wallet is bleeding money. 
a lady posing in front of a car claiming that its hers

Always Blaming the Government for their Irresponsibility 

I'm almost deaf of hearing people keeping on blaming it all on the government but have these people done anything to start the change they want to see in the community? These people can't even throw their waste properly and can't follow simple traffic rules yet they have great expectations of progress in the community. They forgot the principle that change for the better starts within themselves.

The Pasalubong Habit

People tend to ask for goodies everytime a person travels domestic or abroad. Our poor OFW's are obliged to bring something with them everytime they return to the Philippines. I have also observed that everytime an OFW returns home, his or her relatives expects that he spends for all their needs and the sad thing is that they even ask for the personal stuff he/she has brought from abroad such as personal clothes, cellphone, etc. and ultimately stripping such OFW of his prized personal possessions that he strived and worked hard to afford.
how to get rid

The Balato Habit

Why do Filipinos keep on asking for a share of money from the winnings or unexpected financial reward from other people? Why do we make them feel obliged to share their own money with other people such as giving away money or treating them to a snack or a drink? I think a person's generosity should be done in his own free will and not coerced. 
how to get rid of this habit


Sheet Mask Helped Me With My Acne Problem

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Presenting my new beauty addiction. If you haven't tried the sheet mask rave, I think you should start now because these masks improved my acne bombarded face. I will show the progress below. 

This must be my worst acne invasion ever!!!! The culprit is the Bar Review and the upcoming Bar Exam 2018 that will start on November 4, 2018 up to November 25, 2018.
The week after I use the Korean sheet mask (Lebelage and Farmstay). I thought I'm going to have holes on my face after this but I'm wrong. The sheet mask minimized my pores and smoothen the texture of my skin.

During these dates, I no longer have new pimples everyday. I also use Naturactor concealer to hide my dark spots.
The great thing here is my skin feels smooth despite the dark spots (concealed).
My pimples returned during the NovemBAR due to lack of sleep and that explains the dark spots. However, Thank God, no more pus-filled pimples. All I need to do now is to get rid of my dark spots by getting a Dermabrasion. 

Right meow, before I sleep, I will always put on my sheet mask and I'm kinda' addicted to it. 
Below is my sheet mask collection I bought from Shoppee. My next post is to review the different kinds of sheet mask I have tried. So, better stay tuned. 
my sheet mask collection good for 2 months supply by sexy foosa
My two months supply of sheet mask (60 pcs.) 

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