Eyebrow Stamp An Honest Review : What's The Hype All About?

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Today the eyebrow stamp pad I ordered online has arrived and this is my honest review about the product. In this post, I tried it on my friend's brow. 
aprilskin sg authentic eyebrow stamp dark brown natural curve immafoosa honest review


The powder did not adhere to the skin. Why? The reason was that her skin was very dry. Since there's only a minimal powder that adhered to the skin, the result is that the eyebrow color is very light making it unrecognizable to see if there's any difference at all after applying it.


We then tried to dampen the cushion or the stamp with water. The result? The powder adhered to the skin perfectly. Therefore, the secret is to add a little bit of moisture to the product because the powder is already dry. Another friend of mine just use a wet tissue to dampen the cushion instead of water. Also, my classmate use a little bit of moisturizer on the eyebrow line in case of water unavailability.
aprilskin sg authentic eyebrow stamp dark brown natural curve
Natural eyebrows fill-in using SG authentic Aprilskin eyebrow stamp pad in natural curve (dark brown)

  • time-saving beauty product.
  • the powder may be use as an eyeshadow substitute or for contouring purposes.
  • the container is handy and efficient and it comes with a mirror inside.
  • it comes in 2 different eyebrow style (natural curve or Korean straight brow style)
  • the stamp may be use as a stencil or guide before using eyebrow pencil of your choice.
  • great for those who have no eyebrows or those who have thin eyebrows at all.

  • it requires familiarity of using the product especially on the 1st attempt.
  • there's a possibility the stamp will fall off from the container due to wear and tear.
  • it's difficult to find a stamp cushion replacement in case of loss or wear and tear.
  • it only comes in 2 different brow style.
  • it's in powder form only. I hope it also comes in creamy form.
  • unnoticeable for those who already have thick eyebrows. 

  • An impressive beauty innovation. Doing your eyebrows has never been this easy. It may be a great addition to your beauty tools in this era where we considered "Kilay is Life". 
  • I will definitely give it 9/10 stars and would recommend it to all of you. 


sold for P100.00 to P200.00 pesos or above (for SG authentic brands) but it may cost P500.00 up (for US branded cosmetics).

"Kilay is indeed Life, lifer,&  lifest"  with this April Skin Eyebrow stamp pad.  hahaha


My Simple Birthday Idea For Myself

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I have recently celebrated my birthday last May 22, 2017. A month before this day, I have a bunch of ideas on how am I going to celebrate it. My original plan is to celebrate with my officemates by treating them all to a pool party but due to financial circumstances, I am not able to do it. So, my second plan is to have Karaoke session with them (officemates) but unfortunately, I can only afford to treat about 3 persons for food. So, I'll have to crash it out again on my list. Haha! When the day came, I ended up spending my birthday with my boyfriend alone. My close friends can't attend my birthday 'coz they're reviewing for the bar at Davao City. The funny thing is my bff's thought that my birthday was on the 23rd. So, they end up ignoring me on the 22nd and I was surprised to received a birthday present from them on the 23rd with matching video presentation uploaded on FB. LOL! Sometimes, I think, are these girls really my bff's? Haha! Well, they're crazy and there's nothing I can do about it. LOL! 

So, here are the photos showing the sequence of activities I did before and during my birthday. By the way, I'm posting this because you might get an idea on what to do on your birthday. 

Two days before my birthday, we went to a newly open for the public island located at Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur. They call the island "Panikian Island" otherwise known as "Turtle Island" because the island is a sanctuary for Pawikan ( a larger kind of turtle). It's about 2 hours from Pagadian City proper and when you arrived in Pitogo, you'll need to ride a pump boat for another 1 hour or more depending upon the weather. We paid 100 pesos back and forth for the pump boat and an additional 10 pesos back and forth for the "bote" ( a mini boat you'll need to ride before riding the pump boat). Below are the photos from our island trip in Panikian Island. I wonder how they came up with the name "Panikian"?  when I haven't seen any bats from the island. Haha!

panikian island pump boat pitogo zamboanga del sur

panikian island pump boat pitogo zamboanga del sur

Enjoying the white sand and the crystal blue waters of Panikian Island

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan
panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

This must be my worst experience getting sunburned. Whoo! Never ever expose yourself to the sun without a sunblock. Lol! Due to excitement, I forgot to slather sunblock lotion at my back. Tsk!! I haven't slept well that night after this adventure due to severe sunburn. Haha! Geesh!!! 


May 22, 2017

I did not report for duty at work because I have a date with my boyfriend. He let me choose my birthday cake from Goldilocks 'coz I'm very picky when it comes to what cake I'm going to eat. I hate chiffon type of cakes. Haha! Just making sure he won't commit mistake on what flavor I'd prefer, he let me chose instead. That's the story! Lol! After buying the cake, we have a short trip and did a little photo shoot. After the photo shoot, we had our dinner together at Sprinkles cafe. It was a long day but it was worth it! I also received a sentimental birthday card from him that day and honestly, I'm a sucker for love letters. I get teary-eyed every time I receive one. Hehehe! 

Thank you to our creator for letting me exist another year in this world. Lord, I cannot thank you enough for all the good things you've given to me. The bad things are not that bad after all for they are part of me helping me to grow more into a better person. To all the people whom I've hurt, I'm sincerely sorry for all the things I've done. I hope you'll forgive me someday. May you also forgive yourself for feeling not being enough. You are enough! There's nothing wrong in you. It's just that sometimes it's better to let go than to hold on. 


30 Summer Fun Ideas

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Summer is fast approaching but summer time doesn't always mean going to the beach or pool or have a vacation. There are still bunch of activities to do on this time of the year. If you're feeling bored this long summer vacation, why not try ....

  1. Find the best Halo-halo in town and blog about it. Don't forget to take some photos.
  2. Check out every resort in your local area. No need to go to other places.
  3.  For once in your life, read a novel. There are lots of free downloadable novel in the internet.
  4. Try painting. Watch Youtube videos on tutorials for painting.
  5. Try cooking dishes at home. YouTube have lots of cooking tutorials to choose from.
  6. It's the time to learn driving. Whether it's a bicycle, motorcycle, or a car.
  7. Apply for a summer job. Try your local stores if they're offering summer jobs.
  8. It's time to try photography. No need of DSLR. Just use your phone or point & shoot cam.
  9. For women, learn make-up tutorials. Take photos of your look and blog about it.
  10. Sell something. Maybe sell some bbq, banana cue, palamig (drinks), outside your house.
  11. Offer tutorial services if you have a talent in piano, painting, guitar, or any sports.
  12. Go to the gym. It's time to build some muscles and burn calories.
  13. Try gardening if you have a patch of soil for planting veggies. 
  14. It's time to try funky hair colors or get a new haircut.
  15. Enroll in a piano lesson, dance lesson, or anything available.
  16. Practice new computer skills like Photoshop, or video editing. It will be useful in the future.
  17. Learn how to bake. Begin with a simple cake, cupcake or cookie.
  18. Redecorate your room.
  19. Join summer sports clinic like basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and the likes.
  20. Plan a picnic somewhere.
  21. Visit a museum, a nature park, or a zoo.
  22. It's time to learn crochet and sewing. 
  23. Invite friends for an outdoor camping and don't forget the S'mores.
  24. Host a grill party. Assign each of your friends to bring some foods for grilling.
  25. Buy an inflatable pool, get your fave food or drinks, and a good book to read or a game app.
  26. Stargazing at night, bring a camera, and try night photography (ex. playing with light streaks)
  27. Have a game night with friends like Charades, Poker, Bingo, PS4 Tournaments, and etc.
  28. Check out festival schedules and attend them.
  29. Make a music video with your friends. 
  30. Host a movie night with family or friends.


Affordable, Moderate and Extravagant Date Ideas For All Occasions

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Hi!Valentine's day is coming and I know you're running out of ideas on how to surprise or treat your significant others on Valentine's day. Tsk! Tsk! Don't worry, I'm here to the rescue. This blog post is all about ideas on how to make your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, bestfriend, etc. feel special this Valentine's day or shall I say..every regular day you like because everyday is Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

Affordable (Budget: P100 to P500)
within the meager allowance of a student

1. Make a card with a sincere letter inside. It will be much more personal if you can express your love letter using your own words. If you're not the poetic/writer type, simply check the web links below, copy the messages or improvise it.

2. Instead of buying a dozen of roses, give her 1 rose instead. Put a ribbon and a short sweet message on a piece of hand cut card.

3. Buy her favorite bar of chocolate and wrap it with a red Japanese (tissue paper) with a sweet note inside.

4. If you know how to draw, make a portrait of her and don't forget to add a little note too like "I love your smile" etc. or if you're running out of words, just click on the link above for ideas.

5. Make a DIY coupon or voucher on a piece of cardboard paper. Let her choose 2, 3 or 5 coupons while blindfolded or let her eyes close. The coupons contains promises that range from the mundane to the downright sexy, all depending on your willingness to do things for your love.

Examples of coupon/voucher:

  • This coupon is good for 2 days of loving full body massage. Redeemable until end of the month.
  • This coupon is good for one night giving you a foot massage. To be redeemed right away.
  • This coupon is good for one night of wild romance. To be redeemed when you're in the mood.

6. Buy instant pancit canton, cook it, and let her choose the movie she'd like to watch.

7. Plan a picnic somewhere. Buy junk foods or foods she likes, spread a blanket, bring a tripod for taking photos together, a wireless speaker to play her favorite songs and just talk about anything under the sun. (The key is to spend time together)

8. Buy a dozen of balloons and blow it yourself  or let a friend help you inflate it and surprise her after her class or work. Let a friend take photos of the event.

9. If you know how to dance, surprise her with a flash dance and before the flash dance ends, let an accomplice open a DIY banner with a cute message while the party popper pops.

10. Make a Love Trail. Be gone for awhile and let her worry. Let your accomplices give her pieces of chocolates with notes like ( To find your lover, go upstairs and you'll find a guy holding the next piece of note with instructions on what to do next until she'd eventually find you holding a flower, a stuff toy, a cupcake, a chocolate, or whatever you'd like to present to her).

11. Download a karaoke app and sing some of your favorite songs together.

12. Cook simple foods and eat it together with a candle light. Don't forget to give her a card and a chocolate or anything within the budget. It's still nice to let her have something to hold on to for keeps.

13. Visit museums or historical landmarks within your local area and do the honor of taking her lots of photos.

14. Visit Valentine's Day booths organized by your local community. Try their kissing booths, wedding booths, etc. for added fun. Just don't be a Kill Joy.

15. Visit your local state fair. Try on some rides, participate in games, eat popcorn, ice cream, cotton candy and bring a tripod or monopod for photos.
peryahan country fair photo source vatel manila credits

Moderate (Budget: P500 to P1000)
Not too much but sufficient enough resources

1. Treat your significant other to an eat-all-you-can / buffet resto.

2. Check into a motel, bring her favorite food and watch movies together. (depends on the level of your relationship)

3. Buy an inflatable pool which is good for two, drink your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and just spend time together.

4. Cook your significant other's favorite food or any food he/she would like to try. Listen to your favorite music while cooking and have a candlelight dinner for two at the comfort of your own home.

5. Take her to a bowling game or go to any arcade where you two can play and have fun.

6. Go to a local beach resort, bring food, play cards, and maybe take a dip or swim in the water depending on your mood.

7. Treat your SO to her favorite cafe. Check if the place have a WiFi and the place is Instagram worthy.

8. Go on a hiking or biking trip. Check your local area if there are places where you can do this.

9. Try bar hopping if both of you dig this kind of activity because some couples like to dance and drink also.

10. Treat him or her to a spa where they offer massage at night. This is great for couples who just want some time to relax.

11. Treat her to a  karaoke bar with private rooms, buy some drinks and sing your heart out.

12. Spend time with your significant other simply by engaging in a joy ride around town jumping from one place to another like trying that new cafe. (Applicable only if you have a car or motorbike)

Extravagant (Budget: P1000 above)
Sky is the limit

1. Plan a trip local or abroad. It depends on the budget.

2. Date him or her to a Go Kart racing track if your local area have one.

3. Treat your SO to an amusement park like Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Upside Down Museum etc. and try different rides, foods and take a lot of Instgrammable photos.

4. Visit aqua-museum parks or the zoo if your SO is an animal lover.

5. If your SO is an adventurous type, try ziplining, paragliding, skydiving, snorkeling, diving, etc.

6. If you're in Manila, try concept restaurants and cafes like this!

7. Have a hotel staycation with pool amenities and take her to a night swimming and spa experience.

8. Treat her to a fine dining restaurant and dressed up for whatever occasion you're celebrating.

9. Watch your favorite 3D movies at IMAX if it's available in your area.

10. Go island hopping at Balesin Island, Amanpulo, Boracay, Palawan, because money is not an issue. LOL!

11. Treat him or her to a wine tasting session available at your local area.

12. If you're feeling Christian Grey, treat her with a chopper ride. Just make sure your SO is not aviophobia (fear of flying) or else....

13. Take him or her to a hot air balloon festival date. Just make sure to buy a ticket ahead the festival.

14. Treat your SO to a play or concert he or she haven't watched.

15. Take your SO to a shopping spree. Just be prepared not to get bored while she's checking out every store she likes. LOL!


What To Do Before, During, and After Chinese New Year?

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I'm not Chinese but since my friends are mostly Chinese, I was able to embrace some of their traditions. I have mentioned before how superstitious I am so there's no wonder I love this yearly celebration. Below are the activities you should do prior, during and after Lunar New Year (January 28, 2017 - Year of the Fire Rooster)

1. Just like the regular western new year celebration, before the stroke of midnight, the house must be cleaned and dusted off to make room for a new beginning. The aim is to get rid of the accumulated bad lucks of the prior year.

2. Wear new clothes on Chinese New Year. This is to get rid of all the bad lucks from last year by having a clean slate. 

3.  It is believed that if you sweep away outside the garbage or dust on the first 3 days of Chinese New Year, all the good lucks will also be swept away. But you may sweep the garbage and dust inward by using a dustpan instead and throw it away after 3 days. 

4. No crying on Chinese New Year. That's why even if small kids are being mischievous during the celebration, they are tolerated. So, better laugh a lot on New Year's eve. 

5. Pay all your debts before Chinese New Year and no borrowing of money also. 

6. Wear a red color underwear on New Year's eve to ward off bad lucks.

7. Give "ang pao" or red envelopes with money inside as gifts but make sure the amount is not in odd numbers. For gift ideas, check my post here

8. Before Chinese New Year, make sure you have taken a bath or washed your hair because it's believed that if you wash your hair on the first 2 days of Chinese New Year, you'll wash every good lucks away. 

9. Watch Chinese activities on your local area. Chinese usually held a lion or dragon dance and a variety show during this time.

10. Buy lucky charms for yourself, for your home, or business establishment. If you have no idea what lucky charm you need, you may ask the store owner what are your main object of your lucky charms. They will be happy to tell you.

11. If firecrackers are allowed in your area, you may light up some fireworks or set off  a few firecrackers outside the house to ward off evil spirits or bad lucks from your home. In my case, I will turn up the volume of my speaker and play fireworks video from YouTube to imitate the setting off of firecrackers. 

12. During reunion dinner, do not use sharp objects like knives because it is believed that it will cut off your lucks.

13.Eat sticky rice or sweet sticky foods like Tikoy. So that, all the good fortune will stick to you this year.

Photo credit to gourmentsociety sexyfoosa chinese new year filipino
chinese new year taboos
chinese new year superstitious beliefs

Malaya by Moira dela Torre Lyrics + Tagalog to English

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malaya lyrics english translation tagalog taglish

Pasensya na, kung papatulugin na muna
(I'm sorry but I'll let this rest for a while)
Ang pusong napagod kakahintay
(This heart tired of waiting)
Kaya sa natitirang segundong kayakap ka
(While at this moment hugging you)
Maaari bang magkunwaring akin ka pa
(May you please pretend you're still mine)
Mangangarap hanggang sa pagbalik
(I will keep hoping until you're back)
Mangangarap pa rin kahit masakit
(I will keep hoping even if it hurts)

Baka sakaling makita kitang muli
(Maybe I'll see you again)
Pagsikat ng araw, paglipas ng gabi
(Until the day comes, until the night falls)
Kung di pipilitin ang di pa para sa'kin
(I will not insist on the things I can't have yet)
Baka sakaling maibalik
(Maybe I can have it again)

Malaya ka na, Malaya
(You are free, Free)

Isusuko na ang sandata aatras na sa laban
(I admit my defeat on this battle)
Di dahil naduduwag kundi dahil mahal kita
(Not because I'm a coward but because I love you)
Mahirap nang labanan mga espada ng orasan
(It's impractical to fight with time)
Kung pipilitin pa, lalo lang masasaktan
(If I'll force myself, It will hurt me deeply)
Mangangarap hanggang sa pagbalik
(I will keep hoping until you're back)
Mangangarap pa rin kahit masakit
(I will keep hoping even if it hurts)
Baka sakaling makita kitang muli
(Maybe I'll see you again)
Pagsikat ng araw, paglipas ng gabi
(Until the day comes, until the night falls)
Kung di pipilitin ang di pa para sa'kin
(I will not insist on the things I can't have yet)
Baka sakaling maibalik
(Maybe I can have it again)

Malaya ka na, Malaya
(You are free, free)

This song just reminds me of someone whom I've hurt deeply. This song is for you...
May you forgive me in God's time.


Gift Giving Superstitions: Christmas Edition

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Do you believe in superstitions? In my case, I do. I'm a very superstitious person because I believe that there are cause of events that can be stopped if you've never did a specific act. In line with this gift giving season, here are few of the superstitious beliefs I know in choosing what gift should you not opt to give this Christmas. It may or may not be true but there's nothing wrong to follow them. It's your life anyway.

1. Wallet/Purse/Piggybank

If you'd like to give someone a gift that involves stuffing money inside like a wallet, a purse, bag, coinbank and the like, please put money inside it in odd amounts (P5.00, P11.00, P51.00) plus it is a belief that money won't run out with the recipient of your gift.
Buy this cat wallet at Lazada
2. Shoes (Footwear) 

It is a belief that if you give shoes to someone, let the recipient give you money in return in any amount because it will be assumed that the shoes was not really gratuitously given but with a price. This means  that the recipient will walk away from you if you'll give him a footwear as a gift. Also, giving shoes to your boyfriend or girlfriend will cause a break up because shoes always need to be in pair. However, this superstition is not applicable to married people. 

Buy this white sneakers at Lazada

3. Sharp Object (Knife & Scissors)

It is a belief that giving a knife or scissor to someone will cause their relationship to be broken. Unless, the recipient is not that important to you. 
Buy this Clever cutter at Lazada

4. Handkerchief

It is believed that it will bring sadness and frustrations to the receiver. It would suggest that it will cause him to do a lot of crying in the future.
Buy Handkerchiefs at Lazada
5. Timepieces (Watch/Clock)

They are instruments such as clocks or watches, use for measuring time. Giving these stuffs suggest limited time span. The Chinese word for "clock" also sounds like "death". Therefore, it's ill-o·mened to give them as gifts.
Buy Michael Korr's watches at Lazada
6. Breakable Objects (Glass/Mirrors)

These are very fragile stuffs and very risky. It is likely to mean that your putting your friendship or relationship with the receiver into a very risky situation which will cause a break-up in the future.
Buy vanity mirrors at Lazada
7. Umbrella

The word umbrella in Chinese sounds like "to loose or fall". It is inauspicious to give this stuff because the relationship between the receiver and the giver may end soon.

Buy vanity mirrors at Lazada
8. Anything with a number 4

The number 4 in Chinese sounds similarly for death. Thus, this number is considered unlucky. It's like wishing death to the receiver.
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9. Hairbrush or comb

It means that your secrets will soon be revealed by the receiver. It is advisable to accompany a box to keep the hairbrush or comb so that your secrets will be safe. 

Buy Hairbrush at Lazada
10. Cosmetics such as make-ups, cologne or perfumes

These stuffs signifies deception and hypocrisy. The scent or smell of perfumes or colognes will soon fade away as time goes by and you don't want this to happen with your relationship with the receiver. Make-ups are use to cover up imperfections but it is a belief  that the receiver will soon deceive you.
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If your receiver would really appreciate these kind of gifts mentioned above, you may still give it to them as long as in return they will pay you any amount to make it appear as they've purchased it. Although giving money will not always be applicable to all of those mentioned above. 

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