How To Unblock Sun Sim card

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Just download the instructions in the link provided.

No need 100 pesos to unblock your blocked sun sim card


Remedies For Constipation - Pinoy Version

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Hello dear readers, these past days, I've been in an excruciating pain on my stomach area. At first, I really have no idea what happened to me. My roommate tried to persuade me to go to the doctor because I just can't sleep for about two days already. I even confided my boyfriend about my current condition and he too has no idea what's going on with me. I've become extremely worried because I thought I had appendicitis or gallstones. Well, what I did is, I try to remember all the things I've eaten for the past three days and during that period, I noticed that I haven't expelled any of the food I've eaten for the past 3 days. So, I tried to consult Google of course! I search for keywords involving "stomach pain that lasted for 3 days" and various results came out. I tried self-diagnosing because I don't want to consult the doctor yet 'coz I have no budget for that right now and I'm pretty sure, this is not appendicitis or gallstones or food poisoning whatsoever because I'm health conscious somehow. Then, I've read somewhere on Google that one of the reasons why your tummy hurts is due to Constipation and the symptoms I'm feeling at that moment are really close to what is mentioned.  
remedies for constipation tummy stomach belly pains ache Philippines
In my case, I really can't sleep at night because my belly really hurts and I can feel a pulse inside my stomach if I'll try to push and apply pressure using my hand. I also noticed that I can't fart and my stomach is bloated AF. I sat down on the CR for quite so long but nothing happened. I've tried drinking Dulcolax because that is all I can remember from that famous tv ad where a guy came out of the CR and said "SUCCESS!". Well, Dulcolax tv ad did not give me justice. Nothing happened. 

I also tried Disflatyl, an anti-flatulence tablet to help you expel the gas inside your stomach. It somehow helped my condition but still, my quest to the CR is unsuccessful. 

I tried inserting a glycerin suppository on my anus too and somehow, I defecated a little but I can still feel that I didn't expel all the contents from my stomach.

I'm beginning to get extremely worried but my roommate said that I should eat a lot of ripe papayas to soften my stool and eventually successfully expel it later. Well, the papaya only expels the gas from my stomach but still, I can't defecate. 

So, I remember from my previous readings on a book about herbal medicine that drinking Ginger brew (Salabat) can help digestive problems and it's also anti-flatulence. So, I drank a hot ginger brew and miraculously my stomach ache ceased in just a few minutes passed. However, I still don't feel the need to go to the CR.

Finally, what really helped me defecate is BIOFIT Tea. I can feel that everything Inside my large intestine was all flushed out. 

I bought one sachet of it from Mercury Drugstore for just 7 pesos and I only drank half of the mug and voila! This 7 pesos tea saved me! I've tried drinking this before but that was when I was trying to lose some weight. I remember that this tea's laxative properties never let me down before and until now it never did. I just find it really yucky to drink this tea because of its smell but Besh, you'll have to drink it for your own good. Kayanin Besh!

That's it. For the recap, if over the counter drugs won't affect you, try natural or herbal remedies first. Maybe, that's where you can get your relief from Constipation.


How To Ride The LRT : A Provincial Girl's Guide in The Metro

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inside lrt line 2 coziest than lrt 1 and mrt bigger and can accomodate many passengers

The things you will need:

1. LRT Route Map
2. Google Map
3. Fare
4. Your Destination
5. Lakas ng Loob (courage)

Download the LRT 1, 2 and MRT Map 

  • Just download/save the route map


Familiarize Your Destination

  • You currently live in Sta. Mesa Manila.
  • You want to go to Gateway Mall
  • You must know where is Gateway Mall located.
Open your Google Map app

  • Search for Gateway Mall
  • Enter your current location using the Google map.
  • You will learn that Gateway Mall is located in Quezon City
  • Zoom in your Google Map and you will learn that Gateway Mall is just 4 minutes away from ARANETA CENTER CUBAO STATION.
  • You will also learn that your current location, which is Sta. Mesa, Manila, the LRT Station near you is LRT 2 - PUREZA Station (Yellow line).
  • Therefore, you will need to ride a jeep or walk to PUREZA Station.
  • Once you arrive at Pureza station, the security guard will check your bags. Sometimes there's a long queue before you can enter the station.
  • You may opt to ride the elevator or take the stairs to go up.
Buy Ticket
  • Find the small glass cubicle where you can buy your ticket. 
  • Look at the fare posted in the glass cubicle. There's a list of routes and their designated fares.
  • Since you want to go to GATEWAY MALL, which is 4 minutes away from ARANETA CENTER CUBAO STATION, Hence, you tell the ticket issuer to give you a ticket to ARANETA CENTER CUBAO STATION only. The usual fare from Pureza to Araneta Center Cubao Station is only P20.00.
  • The ticket issuer will then give you a piece of card that looks like an ATM card. 
  • I strongly recommend you to ask the guard where is the entrance to the train going to Araneta Center Cubao Station if you are not sure which way to enter. The notice inside the station is somewhat confusing sometimes especially if it's your first, second, and third time to ride the LRT.
  • You may need to take another staircase before you will arrive in the waiting area.
  • Look down on the floor. You will notice that there is a yellow arrow indicating where you'll have to stand and wait for the train. I recommend that you should not stand in the middle because that is where the passengers will usually cross when they alight from the train.
  • During rush hour, you may notice that the train is jampacked with passengers. You may or may not ride immediately on the train if you think there's no more space for you when it arrives. I recommend that you should wait for another 5 to 7 minutes before another train arrives. In my experience, I have tried waiting for about 4 trains before I was able to slip myself inside.
  • If you're lucky enough, you may find yourself seated on the chairs inside the train but if the train is jampacked, you have no choice but to do the standing position. 
  • Once you are inside the LRT, listen to the instructions of the train operator on the speaker.
  • Also, look above the train's ceiling, you will notice, there's also a route map.
  • In every station, the operator will inform the passengers that they have arrived at a specific station.  
  • Since you want to go to Araneta Center Cubao Station, there will be FIVE (5) train stops before you will arrive at your destination. 

                  from  PUREZA STATION ----> V. MAPA (1) --->  J. RUIZ (2) ----> GILMORE (3) ----> 
                                   BETTY GO BELMONTE (4)----> ARANETA CENTER CUBAO (5)

  • It will only take about 10 to 20 minutes or less to arrive at Araneta Center Cubao Station from Pureza station.
  • Congratulations, you have arrived at Araneta Center Cubao. Wait for the LRT door to open before alighting the train.
  • Hurry up in alighting the train because the door usually closes for about 10 to 20 seconds. 
  • Once you arrived in Araneta Center Cubao Station, you will notice that there's a mall within the LRT station. Do not hesitate to ask the security guard for directions where is GATEWAY MALL located.
  • Again, Congratulations because you have arrived successfully at your destination by availing the services of LRT.


  1. Plan your destination
  2. Check Google Map what is the nearest LRT or MRT station you're currently located.
  3. Familiarize the LRT routes
  4.  Buy a ticket at the payment center located inside the LRT station. Ticket price will depend on where you are going.
  5. Just SCAN the ATM ticket on the entrance.
  6. When you exit the station, just INSERT the ATM ticket on the slot. DO NOT SCAN it anymore. 
  7. Look at exit signs whether you'd like to go out on the north exit or south exit.  Actually, it really depends on where you want to go. Better ask the security guards what is the best choice to exit.

  • find someone who knows how to use the LRT on your first LRT ride.
  • avoid rush hours (early morning rides, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner) It is usually not jampacked around 9 to 10 am, 2 to 4 pm, and 7 pm to 10:30 (Some LRT closes at 9pm)
  • ride only an LRT if you're not bringing lots of items of baggage. If you're bringing lots of shopping bags or heavy things, I do not recommend you to take the LRT. 
  • be vigilant on your personal belongings especially if the train is jam-packed, there's a possibility of pickpocketing. 
Line up to buy your ticket
Ticket costs vary upon your destination

Just TAP the card upon entry and INSERT inside the slot to exit.
The LRT 2 is much cozier and spacious compared to LRT 1 and the MRT. 


Does Taking Gingko Biloba Makes you Anemic?

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My boyfriend and I are currently taking up Gingko Biloba as memory enhancement while reviewing for the 2018 Bar Exam. Before taking them, I precautioned him not to take it daily like any multivitamins because it has blood thinning properties. Well, he's kinda hard headed sometimes and I'm about 90% sure that the dizziness he's experiencing right now was due to Ginkgo Biloba. I suspect that he's become anemic because there's an incident where he checked the mini refrigerator, he suddenly felt dizzy after standing up. I thought he was electrocuted that time but he said he felt really dizzy getting up. The second incident was when he was already asleep then felt the urge to pee around 12 midnight then suddenly he felt dizzy again due to getting up from the lying position. Right now, I advised him not to take the Gingko Biloba until he's all well again. In his case, he drank it every day like Vitamin C. It's a disaster, right? Well, it already happened. So, for all of you reading this post, do not drink Gingko Biloba every day and if you suffer from these illness listed here. 

Moreover, in my case, since I'm not taking it up every day. I only take it twice every week or depends upon my mood. It did give me a positive effect on my menstrual period. I have not experience dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) for the month of June 2018 (started taking up Gingko). My menstrual period is incredibly heavy in flow unlike the following months. So, if you have monthly menstrual pain problems, you may try supplementing Gingko Biloba on your diet.

If you have a bad or good positive review about Gingko Biloba, don't hesitate to comment and share with us your experience on the comment box. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

ATC Gingko Biloba review

Hada Labo Hyaluron Moisturizing Lotion Blemished My Face

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I just want to discourage everyone who have sensitive skin like mine not to use the Hada Labo moisturizing lotion (Hyaluron) 'coz it will cause acne breakout. Right now, I'm back to one again to heal my face from acne and from the inevitable dark spots left by the pimples. In just a matter of 3 days of using it, my face looks awful. Anyway, I have a combination skin type. The lotion made my face really oily though supple but that's it, it worsen my face problem. The moment I stopped using the moisturizing lotion, my face recover a little but still the dark spots are still there. I'm currently using peeling toners to get rid of the scars left. I hope it will help it vanish all the spots soon. This is such a sad sad day. :(

Note that the facial cleanser is working perfectly fine for me .


Elujai Propolis Myrrh Ample Review

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I bought this product not knowing what does the word "propolis" means. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, Propolis or bee glue is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. 

Historically speaking, Egytpian Queen Cleopatra was known to use propolis in her beauty regimen to achieve a beautiful complexion. Accordingly, she discovered propolis because it was used during the process of embalming.

Hence, it is somewhat like honey. Well, I have tried the honey acne remedy before and it did make some wonder on my skin. So, I'll give this a go even if my boss told me that when he tried it, he seems to have not felt some good results nor negative effects.
does this bee propolis effective in fighting pimple acne breakouts?

At first application, it felt really light on my skin and it absorbs pretty fast by my skin (which is good). However, the downside is I can't use it all the time because it triggers my rhinitis because of its smell. Well, I Googled it and it (propolis) does cause allergic reactions because its a product of bees and it has a connection with flowers and pollens (like that). 

First week after using the propolis, it somewhat dried up my skin and less oily. However, tiny pimples are still breaking out even though my face is no longer oily. I don't understand why. So, I ended up not using it everyday. I guess it's also good to leave a little bit of natural shine on your face too. It's not all the time when your face is not oily, it means you're no longer prone to acne breakouts. 

Since, I'm not using it everyday, I only use it when it's necessary like days that I wanted to keep a non-oily skin. I also use it as a make up base when I like to go out with foundation on my face. It somewhat helps with the foundation I'm currently using like Dermacol because this foundation is somewhat oily after a couple of hours but I'm not using this propolis as a makeup base if I'm using matte foundations. 


No. It's just a waste of money because it's not really that effective at all. Maybe there are some other brands of bee propolis that are more effective than this. Well, it's up to you to buy this or not. I primarily bought this propolis to fight my pimple breakouts which didn't live up to its claim.


A lot of website claims that aside from its pimple fighting abilities, it's also great for oral health care, antibiotic, lowering blood pressure, treat vaginal infections, treat cold sores, and many more.


7 Tips On How Not To Get Pregnant

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Prevent what can be prevented. If you're still thinking right, please don't follow your heart all the time girls. Protect yourself before it's too late. Raising kids takes a lot of work and dedication. Before you raise a kid of your own, better be sure you are ready. Don't let another human being suffer your mistakes. Yes, it's a mistake if you're not prepared to enter the motherhood realm. I've been doing this for 18 years old and I'm 31 now. No pregnancy occurred ever! 

Tip 1

Learn self-control. Say NO FIRMLY if you're on your fertile days. Do not have sex during your fertile days. 

So how will you know you're ovulating? There are many ways to learn if you're fertile or not but I'm not going to enumerate all of it here. My tested way is the calendar method and checking your cervical mucus' consistency.
Follow this chart and read this article to learn more about this method.
Illustration 2 - cervical mucus method

Download the My Calendar Period Tracker by Simple Design Ltd. application on your smartphone. It's available on iOS and Android platform. 

Once you have downloaded this app on your phone, it's easier to track your ovulation days.
- Never lose your data - Automatic backup data to Dropbox and Restore from Dropbox
- Backup your period and cycle tracker data to phone or email
- Cycle tracker, Period tracker
- Unique diary design (cat and dog theme)
- 43 symptoms and 64 moods to choose 
- Pregnancy mode when you get pregnant or finish pregnancy
- Notification for period, fertility and ovulation
- Weight and temperature charts
- Period tracker, cycle tracker, fertile tracker, ovulation tracker Log management
- Period tracker menstrual cycles
- Menstruation period, cycles, ovulation predict
- Customize your personal period length, cycle length and ovulation
- You can choose 1, 3 or all months data average as your period cycle length
- Security protections (password)
- Multi accounts to track different persons' periods
- Restore Period tracker data from SD card and email
- Multi-language to choose
- Forums

Tip 3

Use a condom during fertile days. No withdrawal method whatsoever. Use protection during these days. Suffer now or suffer later. Mind over heart first girls. Buy and bring your own condom wherever you go. No condom, no sex. Make it a firm rule. Do something productive aside from making babies. Maybe give him a blowjob if you're okay with that. Take control. Don't let him take control of you. 
Photo from WeHeartIt

Tip 4

Eat lots of almost ripe papaya or unripe papaya. Do you know that papaya inhibits the semen immobilization? Let your boyfriend eat papaya seeds or secretly feed him papaya seed by adding it to his shake whatsoever. Papaya is a natural spermicide and that's a fact. Check the clinical study here. 

photo by boldsky

Tip 5

Drink vitamin C regularly. There's a Russian study claiming that high doses of Ascorbic Acid appeared to increase estrogen levels which contributed to the interruption of an otherwise normal pregnancy. According to the study, they measure estrogen levels before and after treatment with ascorbic acid, finding that estrogen levels were higher after taking the ascorbic acid. Of the 20 women, 16 began menstrual-type bleeding within 1 to 3 days from administration of ascorbic acid. 

In my case, I've tried this method to help my menstruation early and it works! It came 3 or 4 days earlier than expected. However, stop drinking Vitamin C if you're pretty sure you are pregnant because it is known to be abortifacient. Also, individuals who have sensitive kidneys, kidney disease, kidney stones, or kidney problems of any kind, may want to avoid large amounts of Vitamin C. High doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may cause the formation of kidney stones.

Tip 6

Drink Hibiscus flower otherwise known as Gumamela as tea. Hibiscus is a kind of emmenagogue or a substance that stimulates or increases menstrual flow or a menstrual stimulus. If you are suffering from menstrual pain commonly known as dysmenorrhea, you may drink this herbal concoction to alleviate your pain.

Due to its emmenagogue effects,  I discourage pregnant women from taking hibiscus drink to avoid complications.To learn more about emmenagogues, check out this page. 

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Tip 7

Drink contraceptive pills or get an IUD. There's even a new kind of contraception introduced here in the Philippines but this has been long introduced in western countries. My officemate is currently using birth control implant called the Implanon or Nexplanon. It's very discreet and you'll not get pregnant for about 3 years. A flexible plastic matchstick is implanted in your arm by adoctor or a certified nurse. However, as any birth control method, some women have a bad reaction to the implant. I guess it's better to ask your doctor about this kind of birth control first plus it does not come cheap. The cost of getting a birth control implant is about 3000 to 5000 pesos up.

photo by http://pwdsindh.gov.pk/contr/implanan.htm

I have not tried Implanon yet but I've tried taking up birth control pills and have stopped it since I suffered weight gain and adult acne. My doctor prescribed to me Dianne 35 pills and I took it for 2 years and after that I realized, I will never go back to pills again. It has lots of side effects but one thing for sure you will not get pregnant. 

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