Goree Cream and Soap Review: Can It Effectively Vanish Your Acne and Dark Spots?

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Hello, there my dear readers. Today is the day that the Lord has made. :P I'm not kidding! The good news is finally at hand. I have found my holy grail in the beauty product category. :P For those of you who have no idea about my problem, I'm suffering from adult and hormonal acne when I was about 25 years old. During my puberty days, I have no problem with my face. If you thought having acne and pimples will only last during your teenage days, you're wrong 'coz mine is the reversed.

I have posted 5 years ago about how I first got rid of my adult acne but as the time comes, this regimen of mine no longer works for me and the products are difficult to find and some of the products I've mentioned in that blog post is phase out. Hence, in desperate times like this, I need to find an alternative to effectively get rid of my acne and it's dark remnants away from my face.

I've learned about this cream and soap while browsing Shopee and through google research. Before I test a product, I need to study it first because I'm afraid of using untested products. I've seen a blog somewhere that her super dark underarm turns white and as I've read it, the blogger made me buy this product I'm talking to you right now because the result is astounding to the point of my jaw dropped from the amazing result. Ok, here it is! This is it girls...this is it! Buy this product now, for heaven's sake, just do it! Lolz!

Beware of fake Goree products. I bought this set for 350 pesos. How to spot a fake Goree? Check below this post.

My first day of using Goree cream and soap with 30 spf sunscreen protection.

Thank God! No more recurring pimples even if I sleep at 4 in the morning because I'm very busy briefing cases.
Finally, Day 22, I have one acne spot on my chin because I'm on my period at this moment.
I have slept around 2 am consecutively this week and no recurring pimples so far.

I have a problem with my recurring pimples and my cystic hormonal acne. Because of this, it's difficult to recover. I usually prick them off because it feels so itchy and bumpy. Since using this product, my skin becomes poreless and less oily.
I have noticed that the consistency of the cream is not so creamy at all. At first, I'm very hesitant that maybe I've bought a fake Goree but that is just how it feels. Just apply a thin layer of the cream to your face while massaging it. 

In the morning, you will notice immediately that your skin becomes poreless and a little bit shiny. I think that is the effect of the lycopene and the avocado extract while the aloe vera extract heals the redness of your pimples or acne. 

As early as day 3, you will feel the difference and result of the cream while the product claims that result will be visible on the 7th day. I guess, it differs from your skin type. 

As to the soap, I also doubt at first that this soap might irritate my skin because it smells so fragrant and I have an issue with scented soaps because it usually irritates my skin but this soap did not. It glides beautifully on my face and it moisturizes my skin after it dries.

Other products give you ugly peeled off skin and the stingy feel. Goree does not have this effect on your skin. No peeling and stingy feel. Well, there's a micro-peel off during my 20th day of using it but that just it. It's astonishing AF! 

Moreover, while using Goree, there is also a secret food supplement I'm currently taking. Well, it's not really a secret because there's already a study about this specific kind of supplement to include in your beauty regimen if you have acne prone skin. Please do include ZINC on your diet. According to scientific research, people with acne have lower levels of zinc than people with clear skin, and that supplementing can reduce acne by 50%. 

According to this siteZinc has been shown to reduce almost all the known causes of acne:
  • Test tube studies show zinc kills acne causing bacteria. It’s not as effective as antibiotics, but it can still be useful. Furthermore, bacteria won’t develop resistance to zinc, so it works even for people who have antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the skin.
  • Zinc reduces inflammatory response to bacteria. When bacteria invade a blocked pore they can cause severe irritation in the area, this is one reason pimples turn red and painful. Studies have shown that acne-prone skin reacts far more strongly to bacteria than normal skin. Zinc can temper this inflammatory response and reduce the effect bacteria have on the skin.
  • Zinc reduces keratinocyte activation. Keratinocytes are cells that produce keratin, a tough protein that binds skin cells together. Too much keratin prevents cells from separating and leads to blocked pores, as is the case in acne. By reducing keratin zinc helps to keep skin pores open.
  • Zinc is a DHT blocker, meaning it reduces the effect hormones have on the skin. Other DHT blockers have been shown to reduce the amount of oil (sebum) the skin produces. Unfortunately, zinc is not a very strong DHT blocker, but every little bit helps – right?.
  • Zinc is a powerful antioxidant. Inflammatory damage to sebum is one of the root causes of acne and some studies show taking antioxidants can reduce acne.
In my case, It's been a month now that I have included zinc in my daily diet and as early as 1 week, I have no more acne appearing on my face (which is every day in my case. ) Even if I sleep at 5 in the morning consecutively, no pimples appeared on my face. Even if I eat unhealthy foods, still no pimples. Amazing right? Amazing is not even the word for it! It's a miracle! Where have this study been all of my life? This is truly heaven sent. Thank you science. :) 

Therefore, using Goree cream + taking zinc supplement everyday vanished all my face problem. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the knowledge and the chance to know these products. I'm not really the religious type but I still believe in divine interventions. Thank you for answering my prayers despite my faults.


I took this photo without filters and in natural light for you to distinguish if your Goree cream is a sham or a genuine.

  • The box has a shiny feel (holographic type) with the "Goree" text having been embossed.
  • There is also a round shape, metallic gold and blue letter G above the Goree text.
  • There is also an expiration and manufacturing date at the bottom of the box (digitally printed in black)
  • At both sides of the box, it has a printed silver colored "H Pharmacy" embedded into the box in a holographic text slantedly placed 7 times.
  • On its box, there is also a print that it's printed by SPOTLIT PRINTERS PRIVATE LTD. 
  • On opened sides, both of them have the same serial numbers.(14 numbers)
  • A small magazine like paper is also included inside the box showcasing other Goree product line.
  • Both sides of the box have an English and Arabic language text printed.
  • Holographic diagonal lines is visible 7x in every sides of the box.
  • The white plastic have an embossed "GOREE beauty cream" on it.
  • At the back of the white container, there is also an embossed written text "A product of H.Pharmacy Lahore-Pakistan"
  • Beware of the recalled Goree WHITENING CREAM. This is the fake one. The authentic is named as Goree BEAUTY CREAM. Check it out here!!!
  • I have tested the cream using GOLD also and mine didn't turned black. If you rub the cream with gold then it turns black or dark, then your Goree cream contains mercury. 

  • The box is matted with a silver colored printed flower that looks like an orchid embedded to the box.
  • An embossed color blue "Goree" text with a gold letter G logo above 
  • Upon opening the box, it also comes with printed color black serial number consist of 14 numbers. 
  • On the opposite side of each box comes with the English and Arabic translation of the product.
  • An expiration and manufacturing date is also printed outside corner of the box.
  • The soap is packed in a transparent peel off plastic inside
  • The soap itself has a logo too
  • The soap smells like orchid with a hint of rose. 

  • Wash your face with Goree soap. It is a must that you use the soap because it is a great combination with the cream.
  • After drying your face, just apply the cream thinly on your face.
  • You may use your favorite toner as well before applying the cream.
  • I only use toner if I wore makeup in the morning to take away all the dirt away from my skin.
  • In the morning, just wash your face with Goree soap again then apply the Goree cream again before wearing make-up. It's so easy. No hassle. No tiis ganda moment. No stingy feel. No peeling. Unbelievable right? 
  • During my period days, I usually get an acne , I use QuickFX Pimple Eraser cream at the acne spot then apply Goree cream later on.
  • I always drink my zinc supplement after meal because it must be taken after a meal. In my case, I always forget to drink it in the morning. That's why I drink it before I go to bed. Thus, I always eat my dinner or I eat something before going to bed. 


Shoppee and Lazada no longer sell this product because of alleged mercury content. The FDA report was posted on the year 2013. H Pharmacy recalled all their products after that. However, this newly packed Goree with "Beauty Cream" indicated is said to be the authentic product. Still, it is better for us to discontinue using this product until FDA lifted its ban. For now, stick on the zinc supplement and the QuickFX Pimple Eraser.


DIY: Star Wars Storm Trooper Throw Pillow

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Hey there!!! Star Wars fans. Well, I'm not really a fan but my friend is...That's why I came to this idea to give her this DIY Star Wars Storm Trooper throw pillow as my Christmas present. I hope you'll love this project.

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa

Materials Needed:

Printed Star Wars Image (simplest detail) for stenciling
Pillow stuffing
Paper Tape
White fabric
Sewing Kit
Fabric Paint (black or blue)

(Just follow the photo below)

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa
I draw the image first because I don't have a printer

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa
Cut the image and other parts (eyes, nose, some holes) for stenciling later.

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa diy
Outline the fabric using the cut image (leave half an inch for sewing later)

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa diy
Make 2 outlines on the fabric (back and front)

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa diy
Make the outlines visible using a pencil (in this stage, you may stitch the 2 fabrics if you like)

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa diy
Start painting on the fabric using black fabric paint ( I run out of black so I use blue)

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa
Use a paper tape to protect some other parts while painting.

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa
wait for the fabric paint to dry before peeling off the tapes

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa
Once done painting, (you may now stitch the 2 fabrics if did not stitched it earlier) then add the pillow stuffing

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa
Here's the final product. This pillow looks much better in person. The camera didn't give justice to the pillow. LOL! 

do it yourself star wars storm trooper pillow sexyfoosa sew


DIY: Off Shoulder Crop Tops Using Old Button-Up Men's Shirt

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diy off shoulder crop top summer outfit must have repurpose old men button up shirt

All you need to do is to follow the steps HERE and just add an elastic band on the waistline to get the garterized effect. Great DIY to repurpose old boyfriend or husband's button-up shirt.



DIY: Old Clothes Into Sexy Off Shoulder Blouse

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I love to go shopping at the thrift store becasue there are just so many old items which are still in good condition that just needs a little bit of tweaking. I've collected lots of button-up shirts for just five pesos (P5.00) and I knew I can make something of them one day. What I love about button-up shirts are their fabrics and I've been to a textile store and found out that the materials used in those thrift stores brought clothes are somewhat pricey but of the same quality.

Well, thanks to brilliant Youtube DIYers, they gave me an idea on how to turn old button-up shirts into cute trendy off-shoulders. Now, to test the DIY I've seen on Youtube, I will share in this post on how I did this cute off-shoulder I'm wearing below.

The things you will need:

1. Large button-up shirt (men or women)
2. Sharp scissor
3. Elastic band use for sewing (garter) - about 1 cm thick - you will need 1 meter long
4. Thread (close to the color of your fabric)


Get your old button-up shirt and try fitting it in front of the mirror. Mark how large the cutting you're going to make.

Cut it off until it looks like this below.
Lay it on a flat surface and cut straight these two.
Fold it 1x or 2x and secure it with pins before hand stitching using backstitch technique. Make sure the width of the fold will allow your elastic band to go through the hole later.
I cut off the excess fabric and fold 2x the end of the sleeves and hand sew it carefully using backstitch technique.
The final product.

Total cost:

P11.00 DIY off shoulder

Button-up polo shirt (P5.00)
Elastic band - P4.00 per meter 
Thread - P3.00


brand new off shoulder at Zalora 

My other DIY off shoulder top using old knitted blouse.


DIY: Repurpose Old Tshirt To Make a Cactus Throw Pillow

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I've been raving cactus and succulents these past few months now and I keep on thinking of doing a room makeover and I want to make it a cactus and succulent theme. I'm not planning to do this in a hurry because I don't have the luxury of time. I still have a morning job and I need to do a lot of readings. Anyway, without further ado, here's how I repurpose my old shirt into a cactus throw pillow. 
DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow sexyfoosa blog


  • Scissors
  • Old Tshirt
  • Sewing kit
  • Old or new pillow stuffings
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Bond Paper or any paper for your cactus template
  • Marker


DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow sexyfoosa
Draw a simple cactus shape using a long bond paper or newspaper.
DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
Place the template on the shirt and start marking the shape.
DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
Leave a few space when cutting the shape.

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
If you have fabric glue, you may use it to make sewing easier but if you don't have, disregard this step and proceed to sew.

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
You may use a green thread to add embroidered thorns for added effect. (optional)

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
I use an old pillow stuffing I have instead of buying a new one and just sew everything. 

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
Voila! This is the final product. I use an old T-shirt trimmings and sew a flower for aesthetics.

I did this DIY tutorial without spending a single dime. Everything is repurposed. I hope you love it guys! 


How To Cook Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy

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Before embarking on our #SamyangChallenge, of course, we need to learn how to cook or prepare the Korean Spicy Noodles. Actually, it was kinda' like the same as cooking pancit canton but it differs in preparing the sauce.

The difference with the regular pancit canton is, in preparing the sauce, don't throw all the water used up in cooking the pasta because you will need to save 8 tablespoons of that water for the sauce. The noodles need to be a little bit watery in order to mix the noodles properly and to exaggerate the effect of the spice due to the water temperature. 

So, this is how to cook it. It's very easy. The not so easy part is the part where you'll have to eat it! Haha! 




Lucky Me Pancit Canton
8 to 10 pieces of ripe chilis (small ones)

  • Crushed the chilis in the bowl.
  • Open the pack of oil included in the Pancit Canton.
  • Mix the crushed chilis and the oil using a spoon while crushing them thoroughly.
  • Remove the remains of the chili together with the seeds from the oil using a spoon. Careful not to include the oil. 
  • Open the chili powder pack included in the Pancit Canton.
  • Do not drain the noodles thoroughly. Leave a little bit of moisture for easier mixing.
  • Enjoy your Pinoy style version of Samyang without spending a hundred pesos for just a super spicy dry noodle. 

  • I've put it to the test before posting this experiment recipe.
  • Use 8 to 10 chilis for every pack of Pancit Canton. Therefore, if you open 2 packs of noodles, multiply by 2 the pieces of chilis you're going to use.  


How To Get Free Internet Using HTTP INJECTOR

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No money to spend on internet data? Tired of spending 50 pesos every 3 days using GoSurf? Here's the remedy to all these problems of yours. Today, I'm going to teach you how to get internet access without spending a peso. Let's start!

The essentials:

All you need is to download two (2) apps in the Google Playstore.

Download the app SWITCH by Globe and HTTP INJECTOR.

*This will work on Android phones only.

  1. Use a Globe or TM sim. ( Switch app is for Globe users only)
  2. Install the Switch and HTTP Injector app.
  3. Turn on your mobile data.
  4. Register your Switch app if there's a prompt message. Enter the verification code sent by SMS.
  5. Check if your preferred mobile network is set to the sim card (globe/tm) you're currently using.
  6. Allow 10 seconds or less before opening Switch app. Sometimes no OFFER is available and it needs the phone or the app to be restarted. 
  7. Search for FREE offers. Check on the DETAILS too in every app for FREE offers.
  8. Activate the free offers. Sometimes, the activation will not succeed on the first try. 
  9. For first time users, a prompt message may appear (TURN ON DATA SAVING MODE), just turn it ON then go on with the activation process.
  10. Activate 5 or more apps depending on your usage capacity (20 mb free only and sometimes 100 to 150 mb free).
  11. Once done activating offers, minimize the Switch App.
  12. Download this .EHI file ( You will need this file to use the HTTP injector).
  13. Once done downloading the .ehi file, open the HTTP injector application.
  14. Follow the steps below.

    13. Congratulations! You're now connected.


1. .EHI files will expire. You will need to download a new .ehi file once in a while.

2. Totally exit your HTTP INJECTOR app before opening Switch or else, no offers will appear.
3. A 4G or H+ connection is a plus point if you want to successfully connect to your Http Injector. 
4. Please strictly follow the rules in every .ehi files. (e.g. No torrent downloading, etc)
5. Comment below if you have more questions. 

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