What To Do Before, During, and After Chinese New Year?

at 1/26/2017
I'm not Chinese but since my friends are mostly Chinese, I was able to embrace some of their traditions. I have mentioned before how superstitious I am so there's no wonder I love this yearly celebration. Below are the activities you should do prior, during and after Lunar New Year (January 28, 2017 - Year of the Fire Rooster)

1. Just like the regular western new year celebration, before the stroke of midnight, the house must be cleaned and dusted off to make room for a new beginning. The aim is to get rid of the accumulated bad lucks of the prior year.

2. Wear new clothes on Chinese New Year. This is to get rid of all the bad lucks from last year by having a clean slate. 

3.  It is believed that if you sweep away outside the garbage or dust on the first 3 days of Chinese New Year, all the good lucks will also be swept away. But you may sweep the garbage and dust inward by using a dustpan instead and throw it away after 3 days. 

4. No crying on Chinese New Year. That's why even if small kids are being mischievous during the celebration, they are tolerated. So, better laugh a lot on New Year's eve. 

5. Pay all your debts before Chinese New Year and no borrowing of money also. 

6. Wear a red color underwear on New Year's eve to ward off bad lucks.

7. Give "ang pao" or red envelopes with money inside as gifts but make sure the amount is not in odd numbers. For gift ideas, check my post here

8. Before Chinese New Year, make sure you have taken a bath or washed your hair because it's believed that if you wash your hair on the first 2 days of Chinese New Year, you'll wash every good lucks away. 

9. Watch Chinese activities on your local area. Chinese usually held a lion or dragon dance and a variety show during this time.

10. Buy lucky charms for yourself, for your home, or business establishment. If you have no idea what lucky charm you need, you may ask the store owner what are your main object of your lucky charms. They will be happy to tell you.

11. If firecrackers are allowed in your area, you may light up some fireworks or set off  a few firecrackers outside the house to ward off evil spirits or bad lucks from your home. In my case, I will turn up the volume of my speaker and play fireworks video from YouTube to imitate the setting off of firecrackers. 

12. During reunion dinner, do not use sharp objects like knives because it is believed that it will cut off your lucks.

13.Eat sticky rice or sweet sticky foods like Tikoy. So that, all the good fortune will stick to you this year.

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