Gift Giving Superstitions: Christmas Edition

at 12/21/2016
Do you believe in superstitions? In my case, I do. I'm a very superstitious person because I believe that there are cause of events that can be stopped if you've never did a specific act. In line with this gift giving season, here are few of the superstitious beliefs I know in choosing what gift should you not opt to give this Christmas. It may or may not be true but there's nothing wrong to follow them. It's your life anyway.

1. Wallet/Purse/Piggybank

If you'd like to give someone a gift that involves stuffing money inside like a wallet, a purse, bag, coinbank and the like, please put money inside it in odd amounts (P5.00, P11.00, P51.00) plus it is a belief that money won't run out with the recipient of your gift.
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2. Shoes (Footwear) 

It is a belief that if you give shoes to someone, let the recipient give you money in return in any amount because it will be assumed that the shoes was not really gratuitously given but with a price. This means  that the recipient will walk away from you if you'll give him a footwear as a gift. Also, giving shoes to your boyfriend or girlfriend will cause a break up because shoes always need to be in pair. However, this superstition is not applicable to married people. 

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3. Sharp Object (Knife & Scissors)

It is a belief that giving a knife or scissor to someone will cause their relationship to be broken. Unless, the recipient is not that important to you. 
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4. Handkerchief

It is believed that it will bring sadness and frustrations to the receiver. It would suggest that it will cause him to do a lot of crying in the future.
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5. Timepieces (Watch/Clock)

They are instruments such as clocks or watches, use for measuring time. Giving these stuffs suggest limited time span. The Chinese word for "clock" also sounds like "death". Therefore, it's ill-o·mened to give them as gifts.
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6. Breakable Objects (Glass/Mirrors)

These are very fragile stuffs and very risky. It is likely to mean that your putting your friendship or relationship with the receiver into a very risky situation which will cause a break-up in the future.
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7. Umbrella

The word umbrella in Chinese sounds like "to loose or fall". It is inauspicious to give this stuff because the relationship between the receiver and the giver may end soon.

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8. Anything with a number 4

The number 4 in Chinese sounds similarly for death. Thus, this number is considered unlucky. It's like wishing death to the receiver.
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9. Hairbrush or comb

It means that your secrets will soon be revealed by the receiver. It is advisable to accompany a box to keep the hairbrush or comb so that your secrets will be safe. 

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10. Cosmetics such as make-ups, cologne or perfumes

These stuffs signifies deception and hypocrisy. The scent or smell of perfumes or colognes will soon fade away as time goes by and you don't want this to happen with your relationship with the receiver. Make-ups are use to cover up imperfections but it is a belief  that the receiver will soon deceive you.
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If your receiver would really appreciate these kind of gifts mentioned above, you may still give it to them as long as in return they will pay you any amount to make it appear as they've purchased it. Although giving money will not always be applicable to all of those mentioned above. 


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