My New Beauty Regimen From Last Year 2015 Up To The Present

at 5/14/2016
 As a Gemini, I'm pro CHANGE. I'm not afraid of changes. Some people are having a hard time trying new things but not me. For me, you can never really grow up without change. Change may be for improvement or the opposite. It may cause good things but in some other instances, change may have a bad effect on you. As a risk taker Gemini woman, I'm not afraid to try new things. Some people are very loyal to their products but for me, if there's something new in the market, I'm always down with it. For a change, I will introduce my new beauty regimen which I find very effective for my specific skin condition. This is an update to my previous post found here ---> How I Got Rid Of My Adult Acne

Right now, I'm religiously using Dr. Alvin's Beauty Set. This product was introduced by my friend Astral Drop but I've seen its popularity through Instagram before she told me she was using it also. Actually, she told me it was her mom who've introduced it to her. Meeting her mom for the first time made me appreciate her flawless face and even asked my friend what's her mom's beauty regimen. Anyway, to make the long story short, I was carried away by my friend's face improvement. I remember she has lots of breakouts under her chin from the past and it's all gone now. 

I've learned that there are three (3) sets to follow to achieve the Kutis Artista skin. The first set is the REJUVENATING SET. The second is called the CLARIFYING SET and the third one is the MAINTENANCE SET. 

If you have lots of skin imperfections like mine (Adult acne, hormonal acne, uneven skin tone, etc.), please do start with the rejuvenating set. As a former Beauche and GT user, I'm used to the redness, peeling off, itchiness, and stingy feel. For me, you will really need to go through these stages. I've tried products before which promises no redness, peeling, itchiness, and the stingy feel but they're all a downer, no visible effect. 

For first time users of the rejuvenating set, these are the effects you will encounter:

1. It seems like there's no effect for the first time using it. No stingy feeling unless you have open wounds from a pricked pimple. No redness yet but you will feel a little bit of itchiness. This means that the product is working. If you've tried the Glycolic treatment done by a professional, this feeling is nothing close to it. Glycolic acid treatment is just freaking painful. 

2. The second day, you will notice tightening of the skin. Your face may look shiny also. This is the sign of the inevitable skin peeling. If you are a first time user, like your face is still a virgin ( not tried any strong product before) then you will start to feel really scared. Relax, this is normal. Don't be paranoid.

3. On the third day, it will start to feel really itchy from the face to the neck area. Do not rub your face, my friend. Stay away from the sun. You may look terrible now but hold on (tiis ganda eh). 

4. For people who have less tolerance for pain, I know every time you wash your face using the soap makes you cringe. The sting is hellish as f*ck! You may stop using the soap for a while and use Cetaphil instead. Cetaphil is very gentle to the skin. I know it's very expensive but you will have to invest on that thing to ease your pain. LOL! If you think the stingy feel subsides a little after a few days of using Cetaphil, use the papaya or glutathione soap again. 

5. For one week or more, the stingy feeling will magnify. This is because you're peeling off skin. The old skin is all peeled off to make room for a new one. Do not go out without your sunblock which is included in the set. I advise you to also wear a face mask to hide the redness and peeling. Don't forget your umbrella also if you're commuting. You will feel a little bit feverish too because the peeling off stage gives you a hot feeling. If this symptom occurs, give yourself a time off. Do not use the toner this time. After you wash your face, when it dries, do not use the toner this time now and apply directly the cream. The toner contains a strong ingredient to peel off the skin and in my case, I don't want to punish myself that much by following everything. I know my limitation. 

6. After two weeks, you will notice that your face starts to feel supple, less visible pores, and pimples have dried up. In some cases, pimple will start to break out from your skin. This is normal because the product is pressuring the pimples not yet ready to come out to breakout soon. The product pulls out the pimples hiding under your skin. So, relax again and appreciate the ugliness of your face every time you look into the mirror. LOL! 

7. Maybe a month have passed and your rejuvenating set is almost empty or already empty. Noticed that there's no more stingy feeling, redness is less visible and peeling off is less or gone. What do you think of your face now? In my case, it's so soft to touch, less pimple breakout though sometimes there are still breakouts because I have hormonal acne. 1 week before my period, there are 3 or more pimples on my face but while using the rejuvenating set, I have none, to one or two pimples breakout so far and they're not that huge unlike before. 

8. When you're all done with the rejuvenating set, head to the next step which is the clarifying set. This set is less harsh compared to the toner included in the rejuvenating set. I like the smell of the toner too. Less peeling also. I noticed that the clarifying set will help you lighten your dark spots from pimple scars and I have lots of those on my face. It also whitens my face and no more stingy feel using the soap. It feels like it's not effective at all but it's working thu in a less abrasive manner. You deserve it also. After all that peeling, redness, stingy feel you've experienced from the previous month. You need to take a break from those kinds of stuff. Congratulations!! You have survived that beauty ordeal. It was all worth it after all. Looking at your beautiful, pimple free face is the best reward. The most important set is really the first one. There's not really much with the 2nd and 3rd set. For now, never feel lazy again. Start taking care of your skin religiously and do not take it for granted again. Always use sunblock, wear a mask when it's dusty, and always bring your umbrella. The sun's damaging effect on our skin is real. Do not underestimate the damaging power of the sun. Eat less sugary foods also and more veggies to lessen pimple breakouts, exercise to detoxify and sleep early to heal your body. That's it!!!

Below is a timeline of my face before using Dr. Alvin's Professional Skin Care Formula. For more questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!!!

Photo Timeline
I'm still using GT Bleaching cream at this photo but they're always out of stock. It was really effective then but the new formula is not that effective in my face anymore. I don't know what happened. So, in panic mode, I need to find a new product with the same level of effectiveness to it. Photo was taken around April 2015.

May 22, 2015, my 29th birthday. Still using GT bleaching cream. I'm prone to dark spots because I love to scratch my face with my nails. Tsk!  (no filter)
June 03, 2015. Changed my hair color and scratched my face again. Still using GT cream. I told you I'm loyal to the product not until they've changed the formula.
July 3, 2015. Started using the rejuvenating cream set. Pimple breakouts everywhere.

August 15, 2015. Hormonal acne keeps coming back. Darn it! No product can stop my hormonal acne. LOL! The rejuvenating set did clear up my pimple except on my period days.  

September 9, 2015. Months after using rejuvenating set. My friend's face is more radiant as ever. Ughh!!! I must maintain this set. I'm so jealous of her skin. She had lots of breakout under chin before but now, it's all gone. Damn!!! 
October 28, 2015. I used the rejuvenating set a couple of times after it's empty. One bottle is not enough for me. I'm starting to love my skin here. Before, even with makeup on, my pimples are still visible. But look, it's better than ever. 
October 31, 2015 - November 1, 2015. My friend's face is really flawless and radiant than mine since she's using this ahead of me and I have combination skin also. Totally jealous. I wished I've used it earlier. LOL! 
January 8, 2016. Opt for bangs this new year.  I've stopped using the rejuvenating set for a while 'coz I have no budget anymore. LOL! Unemployed student problem. No pimples here but my dark spots are clearly visible even with make-up on. After a few weeks, I can finally afford the clarifying set (P280.00).

February 3, 2016. The photo was taken using Asus Zenfone Selfie. I can't find a non-filtered photo during this month. I'm pretty sure I've started using the Clarifying set this time around. 

February 7, 2016. My face looks okay though oily but my concern is less pimple breakout.

February 16, 2016. Using only concealer to hide my dark spots. Don't be deceived by my Asus Zenfone Selfie. It will make you look spotless. One thing for sure, less breakout during this month. 
March 2, 2016. No make up on. No pimples but my dark spots are still there but if I use concealer, it's not visible anymore.
April 7, 2016. With good sleep and clarifying set, you will surely get radiant skin. There's hormonal breakout here but I love the brightness of my face.

 April 12, 2016. I have this habit of scrubbing my face with my hands when I'm bored. Look!!! That's why I have lots of dark spots. Argghhh...My face feels itchy again. A pimple is going to break out again. Every day is a struggle if you have adult acne but that doesn't mean you'll just give up.

April 27, 2016. I have less breakout now. Every day is a struggle on my part 'coz I've developed a habit of scrubbing my face, especially If there's a skin peeled off. You should refrain from doing this 'coz it can cause dark spots on your face. Tsk!

April 30, 2016. Just washed my face this time. No filter and no makeup. Not bad eh? I'm happy and somewhat contented with the result.

*** I will make an update this month of May 2016. I will be using the MAINTENANCE SET combined with Dr. Vicky Belo Acne System later on***


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