How I Got Rid of My Adult Acne

at 1/01/2014
During my high school days, I remember I don't really have that much breakouts on my face even until college. Pimples only comes out when I'm terribly stressed out during exams or I ate too much bad foods. When I reached adulthood and became intimate, I consulted my doctor on what medication she could recommend to me and she prescribed me Diane 35. I religiously take the pill for 1 and half years and it's effectiveness is 100%. It will prevent you from getting knocked up, boost your appetite that will help you gain weight, improves the texture of your skin and make your menstruation regular. The only downside of this pill is it's expensive and when I stopped using it, I didn't have my menstruation for about 6 months. My hormones are out of control and I noticed that not a day I have a pimple breakout. My used to be clear skin is now full of red bumps and I can't stop squeezing them that led to scarring. I've consulted a few known dermatologists in my area and tried every treatment they can think of. I even tried the dreadful Glycolic treatment in which every time I went for my session, it feels like my face was like bitten by fire ants and you might piss in the clinic in no time because the pain is unbearable if you're the kind of person who can't tolerate pain. For me, the pain level is 8 out of 10 and 10 is the highest. Regrets came in last and there's nothing I can do anymore but to accept the fact that I'm suffering from adult acne because I stopped taking Diane 35. I thought I could never take my flawless skin back to it's original state. I can't look at myself in the mirror, refused to go out without make-up on and pitied myself everyday. I can't believe this thing happened to me and I told myself that if I can find a way to get rid of this adult acne, I will really share it to the world to help those people who suffered from this condition. Anyway, here are the products I've used and the things I've done to survived this shameful skin condition. 

Tip #1
If you are overweight, you need to lose weight and change your food intake. Check first maybe you have food allergies. For a month, try having a healthy diet which is less oily, full of greens and fruits. Avoid sweets for a month because sugar can also trigger pimple breakouts. Most of all, exercise regularly to burn all the extra calories and bad moods away.

Tip #2
Get as much sleep as you can. If you have difficulty sleeping, I recommend you take herbal supplements to aid your sleeping problems. I recommend you take Sleepasil or Sleepwell capsules once in awhile but avoid being dependent on it also. Too much is always bad for your self. If you have doubts on these pills, try to consult your doctor first.

Tip #3
Wash  your hair regularly and avoid putting a lot of hair products to your hair that might get unto your face. Wash and dry your hair before you go to bed especially if you went out that day. If you're really tired and feel so lazy washing your hair every night, tie your hair while sleeping or cover your head with shower cap or make a bun to keep the hair from falling or sticking to your face while you sleep. Also, don't forget to change your pillow case every week to make sure you are free from dust and allergens that might cause pimple breakout. Washing your hair everyday may cause your hair to get dry but I'd rather have dry hair than having acne. Don't forget to have a hair treatment once a week to bring back the moisture to your hair. 

Tip #4
As much as possible, do not squeeze your pimples or acne because it will really lead to scarring and dark spots. I you really can't help it, wash your face with very cold water after to close your pores or try applying ice. Do not rub or touch the affected area as much as possible for the condition not to worsen. 

Tip #5
Always wear a mask as much as possible especially while cleaning the house, playing with pets and commuting to school and work. It's okay to look weird wearing mask infront of strangers in public utility vehicles than facing friends, co-workers and classmates with your acne bombarded face. Always exercise good hygiene and let your friends know why you're doing it so they won't feel awkward about you wearing mask around them.

Tip #6
Know the root of your acne breakouts. Some people are allergic to dust, certain cosmetic ingredients and foods. Minimize your sugar intake like chocolates, cakes, ice cream and the like 'coz this might cause your pimple breakouts.

Tip #7
If you have sensitive skin, avoid self medication. Ask your dermatologist on what can she prescribed to your adult acne. If your skin is not as sensitive as mine, read reviews of real people around the world on how did they get rid of their adult acne. As to myself, below are the list of the products I religiously use on my face. I will really find time before I go to bed to apply these products on my skin. I've also known some of the products on my list through my friends having the same skin problems.

  1. SNOE SHOO-ZIT OUTZIT SOAP - you will need to use this soap religiously. From the moment you wake up and before you go to bed. For first time users, this soap have a stingy feeling but after using it for about 1 month, you will get used to it. You need to tolerate it girls for the sake of beauty. I truly say that this soap is heaven sent to me because I've tried Cetaphil, Panoxyl, Beauche, Body Shop's Tea tree soap and their seaweed product line but this one soap, a locally made soap with local ingredients is the answer to all my beauty prayers. If you think this soap is quite expensive, don't be discouraged. P199.99  or I say P200.00 is nothing as long as you can see real results. Don't worry, this soap will last for almost 2 months esp. if you will cut them into small pieces. The vintage inspired packaging is really adorable too if you're a fan of vintage inspired stuffs like me. The other downside of this soap is it will make your face shiny and I don't want my face to look shiny but I have to choose between shiny and pimple free. To all the people behind this product, thank you!!! Anyway, you can buy this product at Cinderella stores. I'm just not sure it's nationwide. 
  2. SKINMATE'S SHARK OIL - I tell you I'm a bit hesitant to use this product at first because the packaging looks cheap and the price is unbelievably low but I've heard a lot of good reviews about this product and I'm desperate enough to get rid of my acne scars. The first time I used this product, I thought it will sting but thank God, it didn't! In two days, your skin will look really red and it starts to peel. I'm looking for a product that won't give a micro peeling effect. I want my peeling to be macro so that the process will be fast. This product didn't disappoint me and it gave me a very large peel at my face. The downside of this product is if you're working or still going to school, you will look weird with all those skin falling out of your face. If you have the guts, then this product will work for you. I recommend you use it during long holidays so you can just stay at home during the peeling process. Also, don't you ever go out of the house without your sunblock on during the peeling process because it will burn your skin. Only use this product if you want a specific acne scars to disappear. Not intended for everyday use. You can buy this product at any Watsons store.
  3. GT BLEACHING CREAM - the best of them all!!! I've emptied 3 containers of this product already and I keep coming back for more. It will not only whitens and get rid of your pimple scars but it will also prevent acne from popping out of your precious face. For first time users, you will feel really hot upon your face and it feels like you're having a fever. You will start to peel after 3 days and noticed that no more or less pimple appearance. This product will flatten your bulgy pimple overnight as to my own observation. After 3 months of using this product religiously, my pores are finer, my skin is tighter, no more acne scars, less blackheads and pimple free face. It will only sting every time you wash your face with soap. If you can't tolerate the pain during the peeling process while using this product, don't use the Snoe soap this time yet. Try using Cetaphil this time and when you think the peeling process is over, go back to using Snoe Shoo-zit Outzit soap. Again, if you are ashamed walking out of the house with your red face on, wear a mask. Continue using this cream every night like a night cream for your face to get used to it. You can buy this product at any Watsons store.
  4. BODY SHOP'S TEA TREE OIL - don't look at the price (P500.00+). Invest a good product for your face because our face is the first thing we can always recognize every time we meet people. People will judge you on how you look nowadays. This product have a lot of healing properties. It will not only dries up your pimple fast, but it's also effective for insect bites and helps you relax. The product will last for almost 2 months in my case even if I use it almost every night. There's no peeling process with this product and you can use it alternately to GT and Shark Oil. 
  5. DIAMOND TOME PEELING - have a micro-dermabrasion once a month to smoothen and even out your skin tone. Go to your nearest and trusted dermatologist to book for a session. This will really help lessen your acne scars and make your pores fine. 

Warning: We all have different skin types. It's better to do a skin test and read the labels first before using a new product. If you're all wondering, I have a combination skin type.

JULY 08, 2013
This is the condition of my skin before using the products above. At this time, I'm only using Beauche Glutathione soap and sometimes Cetaphil Facial wash to clean my face. As you can see, my skin don't like the  Beauche soap. It only whitens my face and make my pimples really red. I also use Celeteque Pimple Lotion which comes in green squeezee bottle. Celeteque's green color products are good for acne prone skin. It did dried up my pimples but every time a pimple dries up, a new one appears again. The process is always like that and it's really frustating. Anyway, this is what will happen to your face if you prick your pimples. As long as possible stop touching your face and cut your nails to prevent yourself from pricking your pimples using your hands. I really regret everything 'coz it leaves a scar on my face and it's very ugly to look at them during close-up photos and encounters. 

January 1, 2014

This is my latest pic wearing only a red lipstick and not even a powder. Right now, I only maintain the Shoozit soap and 3x a week every night the GT Bleaching cream. This is a no filter photo and it's taken using Canon Eos 500d just to make it clear that I'm not joking about this regimen. 

Happy New Year 2014. This will officially be my first post for the year 2014. May we all learn from 2013 and take good care of our body. Don't forget to say hello at the comment box below!!! Chao!

GT Bleaching cream healed my adult acne bombarded skin. I'm still using it regularly and I use this facial scrub to remove dead skin cells. (April 22, 2014)


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