Better Than St. Yves Facial Scrubs

at 4/18/2014
I currently live in a very small city where there is no Watsons store yet and my problem is I've almost emptied all my beauty regimens and sad to say they're not available in this city I lived in yet. I must find a new product in exchange to my previous beauty products that are exactly or have much better results than the products I'm used to. Good thing my mom is an Avon dealer and it's currently on sale and found this amazing facial scrub. The texture of the scrub is finer than St. Yves and it comes in a long squeezy tube. It was my sister who first tried it and told me that I should really try it ASAP for it amazes her. I was pessimistic at first since I'm really loyal to St. Yves but then I have to open my door for some new product soon. My sister is right that this product is truly a good deal from Avon. It has this cool minty effect to your face and will really buff away all your dead skin cells especially if you're in exfoliating stage of your face. The smell is balmy and minty and the color of the paste is mint green and the most amazing part of this product is the texture of the scrub because every squeeze does give you a lot of scrubbing particles unlike other products where there are less scrubbing particles inside only a generous amount of gel. This product somehow heals my skin after a hormonal pimple breakout 'coz it dries them out fast. I forgot the prize of this product but I'm pretty sure it's pretty affordable right this summer of 2014. If you're into new products at this phase of your life, go to your nearest Avon store or ask an Avon dealer. Some dealer might even let you purchase some products in installments. LOL!

Avon's Clear Skin Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub


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