Does Taking Gingko Biloba Makes you Anemic?

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My boyfriend and I are currently taking up Gingko Biloba as memory enhancement while reviewing for the 2018 Bar Exam. Before taking them, I precautioned him not to take it daily like any multivitamins because it has blood thinning properties. Well, he's kinda hard headed sometimes and I'm about 90% sure that the dizziness he's experiencing right now was due to Ginkgo Biloba. I suspect that he's become anemic because there's an incident where he checked the mini refrigerator, he suddenly felt dizzy after standing up. I thought he was electrocuted that time but he said he felt really dizzy getting up. The second incident was when he was already asleep then felt the urge to pee around 12 midnight then suddenly he felt dizzy again due to getting up from the lying position. Right now, I advised him not to take the Gingko Biloba until he's all well again. In his case, he drank it every day like Vitamin C. It's a disaster, right? Well, it already happened. So, for all of you reading this post, do not drink Gingko Biloba every day and if you suffer from these illness listed here. 

Moreover, in my case, since I'm not taking it up every day. I only take it twice every week or depends upon my mood. It did give me a positive effect on my menstrual period. I have not experience dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) for the month of June 2018 (started taking up Gingko). My menstrual period is incredibly heavy in flow unlike the following months. So, if you have monthly menstrual pain problems, you may try supplementing Gingko Biloba on your diet.

If you have a bad or good positive review about Gingko Biloba, don't hesitate to comment and share with us your experience on the comment box. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

ATC Gingko Biloba review

Hada Labo Hyaluron Moisturizing Lotion Blemished My Face

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I just want to discourage everyone who have sensitive skin like mine not to use the Hada Labo moisturizing lotion (Hyaluron) 'coz it will cause acne breakout. Right now, I'm back to step one -->to heal my face from acne and from the inevitable dark spots left by the pimples. In just a matter of 3 days of using it, my face looks awful. Anyway, I have a combination skin type. The lotion made my face really oily though supple but that's it, it worsen my face problem. The moment I stopped using the moisturizing lotion, my face recover a little but still the dark spots are still there. I'm currently using peeling toners to get rid of the scars left. I hope it will help vanish all the spots soon. This is such a sad sad day. :(

Note that the facial cleanser is working perfectly fine for me .

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