Eyebrow Stamp An Honest Review : What's The Hype All About?

at 6/24/2017
Today the eyebrow stamp pad I ordered online has arrived and this is my honest review about the product. In this post, I tried it on my friend's brow. 
aprilskin sg authentic eyebrow stamp dark brown natural curve immafoosa honest review


The powder did not adhere to the skin. Why? The reason was that her skin was very dry. Since there's only a minimal powder that adhered to the skin, the result is that the eyebrow color is very light making it unrecognizable to see if there's any difference at all after applying it.


We then tried to dampen the cushion or the stamp with water. The result? The powder adhered to the skin perfectly. Therefore, the secret is to add a little bit of moisture to the product because the powder is already dry. Another friend of mine just use a wet tissue to dampen the cushion instead of water. Also, my classmate use a little bit of moisturizer on the eyebrow line in case of water unavailability.
aprilskin sg authentic eyebrow stamp dark brown natural curve
Natural eyebrows fill-in using SG authentic Aprilskin eyebrow stamp pad in natural curve (dark brown)

  • time-saving beauty product.
  • the powder may be use as an eyeshadow substitute or for contouring purposes.
  • the container is handy and efficient and it comes with a mirror inside.
  • it comes in 2 different eyebrow style (natural curve or Korean straight brow style)
  • the stamp may be use as a stencil or guide before using eyebrow pencil of your choice.
  • great for those who have no eyebrows or those who have thin eyebrows at all.

  • it requires familiarity of using the product especially on the 1st attempt.
  • there's a possibility the stamp will fall off from the container due to wear and tear.
  • it's difficult to find a stamp cushion replacement in case of loss or wear and tear.
  • it only comes in 2 different brow style.
  • it's in powder form only. I hope it also comes in creamy form.
  • unnoticeable for those who already have thick eyebrows. 

  • An impressive beauty innovation. Doing your eyebrows has never been this easy. It may be a great addition to your beauty tools in this era where we considered "Kilay is Life". 
  • I will definitely give it 9/10 stars and would recommend it to all of you. 


sold for P100.00 to P200.00 pesos or above (for SG authentic brands) but it may cost P500.00 up (for US branded cosmetics).

"Kilay is indeed Life, lifer,&  lifest"  with this April Skin Eyebrow stamp pad.  hahaha


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