30 Summer Fun Ideas

at 5/09/2017
Summer is fast approaching but summer time doesn't always mean going to the beach or pool or have a vacation. There are still bunch of activities to do on this time of the year. If you're feeling bored this long summer vacation, why not try ....

  1. Find the best Halo-halo in town and blog about it. Don't forget to take some photos.
  2. Check out every resort in your local area. No need to go to other places.
  3.  For once in your life, read a novel. There are lots of free downloadable novel in the internet.
  4. Try painting. Watch Youtube videos on tutorials for painting.
  5. Try cooking dishes at home. YouTube have lots of cooking tutorials to choose from.
  6. It's the time to learn driving. Whether it's a bicycle, motorcycle, or a car.
  7. Apply for a summer job. Try your local stores if they're offering summer jobs.
  8. It's time to try photography. No need of DSLR. Just use your phone or point & shoot cam.
  9. For women, learn make-up tutorials. Take photos of your look and blog about it.
  10. Sell something. Maybe sell some bbq, banana cue, palamig (drinks), outside your house.
  11. Offer tutorial services if you have a talent in piano, painting, guitar, or any sports.
  12. Go to the gym. It's time to build some muscles and burn calories.
  13. Try gardening if you have a patch of soil for planting veggies. 
  14. It's time to try funky hair colors or get a new haircut.
  15. Enroll in a piano lesson, dance lesson, or anything available.
  16. Practice new computer skills like Photoshop, or video editing. It will be useful in the future.
  17. Learn how to bake. Begin with a simple cake, cupcake or cookie.
  18. Redecorate your room.
  19. Join summer sports clinic like basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and the likes.
  20. Plan a picnic somewhere.
  21. Visit a museum, a nature park, or a zoo.
  22. It's time to learn crochet and sewing. 
  23. Invite friends for an outdoor camping and don't forget the S'mores.
  24. Host a grill party. Assign each of your friends to bring some foods for grilling.
  25. Buy an inflatable pool, get your fave food or drinks, and a good book to read or a game app.
  26. Stargazing at night, bring a camera, and try night photography (ex. playing with light streaks)
  27. Have a game night with friends like Charades, Poker, Bingo, PS4 Tournaments, and etc.
  28. Check out festival schedules and attend them.
  29. Make a music video with your friends. 
  30. Host a movie night with family or friends.


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