DIY Personalized Mug Using Acrylic Paint: Will It Adhere Permanently?

at 12/11/2016
It's Christmas time again and I'm very busy thinking on what to give as presents this Christmas. In my case, I've decided to give my officemates a simple but meaningful Christmas gift. To be practical, I've budgeted 500 pesos only to them because "tipid tipid din tayo pag may time". I think I have about 15 officemates and that's quiet a number huh? I've strolled the malls and china malls but I've guessed that the thing I can afford for my P500.00 is only mugs. Mugs that are already printed are about 50 pesos above and I want to stretch my budget more. So, I've decided to buy the non-printed mugs instead which only costs 25 pesos each and I'll just DIY paint them.

I've seen a tutorial before on Pinterest using Sharpie on mugs. Since Sharpie is not available here in my place, I use acrylic paint as substitute. The DIY tutorial is very simple. Write or paint something on the mug, let it dry then bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. The question now, is this DIY effective? Will the paint adhere with the mug permanently? Well, let's check it out!

The things you will need:
Non-printed mug(s) of your choice of color
Acrylic Paint (Any brand/Any color)
Paint palette or old plate
Paintbrush (smallest tip)

  1. Search through Google a design you like to copy to your mug.
  2. Clean or wipe away oil and dirt using a tissue with alcohol.
  3. Squeeze the color you've decided to use in the palette and start painting
  4. Paint your design to your mug and if ever you've made mistakes,  wipe it off easily with a tissue.
  5. When done painting your mug, let the paint dry.
  6. Place the mug inside the cool oven and set the temperature to 300 degrees above and bake the mug for about 30 minutes or more. Be aware of the time. Too much heat may break the mug.
  7. After 30 to 40 minutes, turn off the oven but don't remove the mug yet. Let it cool first for about 30 minutes again. Just leave the mug inside.
  8. Open the oven and try checking the mug by touching the painted parts. The paint should be dry to touch.
  9. Try washing the mug with water and soap to make sure the paint really did adhered to the ceramic.
  10. The paint should not be washed away when washed with soap and water.

Yes, the DIY is successful. The acrylic paint adhered to the ceramic mug. However, for special care, please do not use a scrubber or brush in cleaning your mug. Stick to sponge only. Therefore, the paint will adhere or last for a long time but it may be faded or be erased depending on the extent of care you apply to it. 

The final product of my DIY mug using acrylic paint.


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