TRESemme Split Repair Serum Review

at 11/27/2016
I promised to myself that I will only make a review out of this product when it's finally empty. Well, the first week I've tried the serum there seems to be no effect all. It didn't fix my stiff hair and the split ends are still there. So, I gave it 2 more weeks because this product is freakin' expensive and unfortunately, there's no visible repair at all to my hair that ever happened. Imagine that I've bought this product around February 2016 or earlier and until now it's still there in my shelf. It's a total disappointment. I must say that TRESemme Split Repair Serum miserably failed to fix my split ends. Therefore, I ended up cutting my hair shorter than what is intended. I gave this product a chance for quiet a long time and it didn't gave justice to what it's claiming for. If I'm not mistaken, this serum cost about 599 pesos. It almost cost me my entire allowance for the whole week. So, if you'd like to buy this product, just DON'T! It won't work on your colored / bleached hair.

TRESemme Split Hair Repair Serum

Price: about 599 pesos (very expensive)
Smell: 8/10
Consistency: Greasy at first when you try to apply it on wet hair but not anymore when hair is dry.
Your hair feels heavy after applying it and It will make your hair frizzy.
Content: one press is enough to cover your split ends.
Effectivity: 5/10


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