TRESemme Split Repair Serum Review

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I promised to myself that I will only make a review out of this product when it's finally empty. Well, the first week I've tried the serum there seems to be no effect all. It didn't fix my stiff hair and the split ends are still there. So, I gave it 2 more weeks because this product is freakin' expensive and unfortunately, there's no visible repair at all to my hair that ever happened. Imagine that I've bought this product around February 2016 or earlier and until now it's still there in my shelf. It's a total disappointment. I must say that TRESemme Split Repair Serum miserably failed to fix my split ends. Therefore, I ended up cutting my hair shorter than what is intended. I gave this product a chance for quiet a long time and it didn't gave justice to what it's claiming for. If I'm not mistaken, this serum cost about 599 pesos. It almost cost me my entire allowance for the whole week. So, if you'd like to buy this product, just DON'T! It won't work on your colored / bleached hair.

TRESemme Split Hair Repair Serum

Price: about 599 pesos (very expensive)
Smell: 8/10
Consistency: Greasy at first when you try to apply it on wet hair but not anymore when hair is dry.
Your hair feels heavy after applying it and It will make your hair frizzy.
Content: one press is enough to cover your split ends.
Effectivity: 5/10


Canson Montval Watercolor Pad Review

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Yehey!!! My package from the USA have finally arrived. Do you know how to make me cray cray? Well, art stuffs makes me go bananas. I have a few dollars in my Paypal and I want to spend my money on something that I can cherish for a long time. So, I went online shopping at Mister Art. My boyfriend's parents went on a three months vacation in the USA and I just asked them a favor to bring what I've bought online when they'll be back. Thus, I have saved myself from the costly shipping and the possible custom tax. Yay! 

misterart haul reeves oil colour montval watercolor pad e6000 glue canson sexyfoosa
From left to right: Reeves oil colour set 24's , Windsor and Newton permanent masking fluid, E6000 glue, Canson Montval Watercolor Pad 20's ( The lipgloss and the chocolates were not from MisterArt. It's a pasalubong from my bf''s parents and Achie)

Anyway, I will make a review on each of them as soon as I've tried them. For now, I have only tried the Montval watercolor pad. All I can say is that I totally fell in love with the paper. It's a perfect addition to my watercolor paper collection. At first, I was a bit skeptical of the spring bind but later on, I've realized that it's easier and it's more convenient to use it because you can easily fold it while you're painting. If you'd like to cut off some page/paper, each sheet is micro perforated which means it can be separated from one another by simply "folding and tearing along the dotted line."

The size is just perfect for me because I only intended this pad to be my other watercolor journal. The pad's dimension is 5.5 in x 8.5 in (13.9 cm x 21.6 cm). The paper is incredibly thick at 140 lb (300 gsm). Montval is made by Canson. I did a short researched who the heck is Montval and I've found out that Montval is not the name of the artist. It's actually a paper that was designed by the painter Gaspard Maillol, a nephew of the sculptor Aristide Maillol, and manufactured by Canson at his request at the beginning of the 20th century. This paper claims to be acid-free, with excellent longevity, is treated against mildew and untainted by any optical brightening additives. Source
canson montval watercolor pad paper 300 gsm lord of the rings old man face journal sexyfoosa misterart joe fettingis
In addition, it is indeed true that it's very easy to use and effect corrections on this paper because the paper can be washed with a brush. Therefore, it can endure a lot of scrubbing when there's some changes you'd like to make on your painting. Also, it's cold pressed which means it has some slight bumpy textures that allows the paint to settle into the texture pockets or sit on top and skip over the pockets, creating some different painting technique options. source

Anyway, here are few of my artworks I've created using Canson's Montval Watercolor Pad. I'm creating a series painting right now and this series revolves around a girl and her love for cats and dogs. Enjoy browsing and see you next post! 

using simbalion watercolor pallette 36 in montval canson acuarela aquarelle paper pad
Plaids and Pets
using simbalion watercolor pallette 36 montval canson aquarelle acuarela paper
Cat Hugs
using simbalion watercolor pallette 36s montval acuarela aquarelle paper pad
Nose Bonks

Contact me at taigahh@gmail.com in case you're interested in buying this watercolor series. 


Spotify Premium at 49 Pesos Only For 3 months

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Oh Gosh! I got a notification from Spotify that they're having a 49 pesos Spotify Premium promo which is good for 3 months. Yep, it's definitely true. If you haven't tried Spotify, then it's the right time for you to test this great app.

Why I love Spotify?
I can listen to whatever songs I like legally and I love how their albums are created. You can listen to your favorite music wherever you go and it's very convenient since there's no need to download a lot of songs which will require space to your drives or memory cards.

Why go Premium?
Aside from there's no ADS every 30 minutes, Spotify Premium will allow you to download your favorite albums or songs and you can access these albums and songs even while you're offline. You can also skip and shuffle songs and the audio is of higher quality compared to basic Spotify.

How To Avail the 49 pesos for 3 months promo?
First, you will need to register an account for Spotify then go here to get the Premium promo using your phone or computer. Next, you will need a credit card, debit card or if you have none of this, don't you worry baby 'coz you'll just need to load your Globe or Smart sim 50 pesos and they'll just charge it directly to your load.

What will happen after 3 months?
Your next month subscription will automatically charge you 129 pesos. Thus, it's better to cancel your subscription before the promo ends. Make a reminder from your phone when will the 3rd month subscription ends.

How to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription?

Just follow these steps (if you subscribed through spotify.com):
  1. Log in to your account page on our website. (Enter the email add & Password)
  2. Click Subscription in the left panel.
  3. Click cancel your subscription and continue through the steps. 
  4. Enter your password and click CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION to complete.

Enjoy your 3 months Spotify Premium subscription. I'm like this cat right now chillin' to Spotify without ads, no skip restrictions. Yeehaww!


Life Update

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Hi! I'm back! After almost 3 months of being MIA, thank God! I can finally return to blogging. The reason why I was missing in action for months was that my laptop retired like totally dead - RIP. So, I've been raising money to buy a new laptop and well I have finally bought a brand new laptop. I will be making a review about my new laptop as soon as I'm free.

Aside from a new laptop, I just want to announce to the world that I'm finally back to the employment realm. Yep, I'm no longer unemployed. Part of me is sad that I don't own my time anymore. Oh, how I've missed spending whole day at home but honestly, I'm loving this new life routine. I'm now more concern with how I spent my time. Unlike before, I have all day to decide and do whatever I want because nobody is holding my time. 

By the way, I'm currently working on a new project which I'm not supposed to divulge yet. I'm hoping I can find a way to make this new project come true before Christmas. I will make an update of this as soon as this project is achieve.

Well, my boyfriend's parents are back from their tour in the USA and it's game over for us. No more sleepovers, short trips, etc. For short, return to status quo. Haha! 

During my month long absence, I have finished a lot of artworks also. By the way, I'm currently upgrading my art level from water colorist to oil painter. Harhar! 

As for my law school journey, I'm yet to confirmed if I'll be graduating or not next year March. Sometimes, I just want to stop longing for the impossible. Honestly, I'm not really doing good with my studies this semester but I'm still hoping that the universe will conspire to make it happen. I think that's all I can share on this post. I'll be elaborating on certain things I've mentioned here on my next post.

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