Product Review: Electric Hairbrush Straightener

at 4/18/2016
Hello! It's another day and another painstaking day to achieve straight non-frizzy looking hair. I already own 2 pieces of hair iron but I'm still on the search for an iron that would only take me a short time to straighten my super coarse and thick hair. While browsing through www.lazada.com.ph, I've seen this pink colored hairbrush that promises to straighten your hair in just a minute. I was being impulsive so I just let Lazada take my moneehhh baybeh!!! The product arrived in 5 days because I am living in the provincial part of the Philippines. I brought it for only P499.00 pesos. I saw someone selling this on Facebook shopping pages for P1000.00 and so, I thought it was a good buy. Anyway, here is my video trying the electric hairbrush straightener. What's the final verdict? Find it out!!! Don't worry the video only last 5 minutes. HAHA!

For those who don't want to watch the videos for personal reasons, read below.
  • I'm not really satisfied with the hairbrush. It didn't really straightened my hair. In my case, I want a sleek finish and this product did not deliver.
  • This hair tool won't work on kinky or super curly hairs. It's best for slightly wavy and thin hair. For coarse and thick hair like mine, it relaxed the strands only. 
  • It made my hair more frizzy. The product emits a moisture when heated and it made my hair really frizzy after using it.
  • The brush can't reach the hair roots part. If your curls starts from the hair roots, this product will disappoint you.
  • The hairbrush itself is very heavy. I'm struggling to hold it with my small hands. 
  • The power button is placed in an inconvenient way. In my case, I always accidentally turned the hair tool off. 
  • It took me more time to straightened my hair. The regular hair iron is much faster and effective in straightening your hair.


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