Bleached or Blonde Hair Care Tips and Products To Use

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Hi! I'm back after almost 2 months of absence. Today, I'm going to share my hair care tips to keep your blonde or bleached hair in good condition. I'll be brutally honest with you my dear readers. Bleach can damage your hair to its molecular level but don't worry I have found the solution to our problem fellow bleached hair friends. Below are my hair care routine to revive that dead hair ALMOST back to its life (atleast! be contented with that ok?).

First tip:
Do not wash nor shampoo your bleached hair everyday. At first, you'll feel gross about the feeling of not washing your hair especially if you ride a public utility vehicle almost everyday. What I did is I cover my hair with scarf (girl) or wear a cap (boy) to minimize the dust from sticking to your hair. Wash your hair only after 3 days. Wet bleached hair is prone to breakage. Noticed that your hair is very brittle when it's wet so avoid combing or brushing it harshly when it's wet. What I did is to shower in the evening and air dry it as much as possible. I noticed that my hair takes a lot of time to air dry when I bleached my hair and I've found out that bleached hair retains water than non-bleached hair. So that pretty much explained the problem why our bleached hair won't dry that fast. 

Second tip:
I'm so sorry to tell you but you will really have to trim those pesky split ends. If you really don't want to trim it, I recommend that you will use TRESEMME SPLIT HAIR REPAIR shampoo and conditioner. I've tried DOVE and PANTENE hair repair treatment/conditioner but unfortunately it did nothing good to my hair. It only frizzes my hair and it's really frustrating watching yourself in the mirror with all the frizzy hair coming out of nowhere. If you don't like Tresemme, try sulfate free shampoo brands instead.

Third tip:
Avoid using hot hair tools like curling iron, straightening iron and hair blower. If you really can't avoid using them, always use heat protectant or serum before and after doing it. If you're in a tight budget, try using BLACK BEAUTY or DOVE hair serum. 

Fourth tip:
Prioritize hair treatment every 1 to 2 weeks. As much as possible do not ever skip getting a hair treatment even if you'll just do it at home. Try buying moroccan oil treatment or if you're in a tight budget, use coconut oil instead. Just leave the oil to your hair for 1 day or for an hour to effectively penetrate the healing power of these oil treatment to your precious mane.

Fifth tip;
Avoid exposing your bleached hair under the sun. If you simply can't avoid it, always bring an umbrella with you or cover your hair with a cute scarf, hat or cap. Also, refrain from swimming in pools or beaches as the chlorine and saltwater will damage your hair big time. If you really can't avoid it, always apply coconut oil to your hair before diving into the waters. 

Based on my experience, after doing this religiously for a month, my hair felt healthy again compared to the past months of not doing these hair routines. I strongly recommend you use the Tresemme split hair repair shampoo and conditioner 'coz it's really effective and I swear by it over my dead hair. This product is truly heaven sent 'coz it made me realized that going full blonde is not so bad after all. Thank God!!! Tresemme Split Hair Repair comes in small bottles to which I bought it only for about 130 pesos or something. 

This is my hair without using the Tresemme Split Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

bleached blonde hair hair care tips and products to use
June 8, 2015 (not using Tresemme Split Hair Repair). Just colored my hair Silver Ash and Pink at the tip.

How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast
June 11, 2015 (First time to use Tresemme Split Hair Repair) I noticed that my frizzy hair tamed immediately though my hair still look stiff.
Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair
June 14, 2015 ( 4 days after using the Tresemme Split Hair Repair) my hair is a bit manageable now with more relaxed mane compared to the previous photo. 
Hair Problems & Solutions for bleached blonde
June 19, 2015 I curled my hair using non heated hair tools and I let the curlers set for half a day on my hair and removing it only when I'm about to get out from the house. Notice that I'm always bringing a scarf  especially if I'll be just  riding PUJ's and tricycles.
How to Take Care of Bleached Hair
July 3, 2015 If I run out of scarf, I cover my hair with a cute beanie sometimes to protect my hair from humidity especially if it's raining outside. 
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July 5 2015. It's my super friend's birthday and I need to look good this day. I use straightening iron to my hair and applied black beauty serum to it. My friend noticed that I'm having a good hair day that time. The serum helped a lot and always use the lowest temperature level of your hair straightening iron.
Hair Care Routine For Bleached Blondes + Tips
July 9, 2015. I confessed I dipped myself into the chlorine filled swimming pool during my friend's birthday and I was so worried that my hair would be seriously damaged but Tresemme Split Hair Repair revived my hair in just about 5 days. Noticed that my pink hair have been washed out by the chlorine. Imagine the feeling I've felt. I thought I was going bald after that swim. The horror is real.
Proper Care for Blonde bleached Hair
July 18, 2015, It's our acquaintance party and I can't avoid using curling iron to my hair again and the hair teasing is really dreadful. Before I use the curling iron, I applied the serum first and didn't washed my hair for 4 days straight so that my natural hair oils will help my hair cope up after the curling process on that day.
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July 20, 2015. I can't helped and got bored looking at my inevitable hair roots and decided to color my hair again in green but only in streaks since I can't afford losing my entire hair after the ironing I did to my hair 2 days ago in this photo. Well, I truly swear over my dead hair on Tresemme Split Hair Repair conditioner and shampoo. It made my hair stronger and truly bonded my split ends miraculously though not perfectly but at least it did. I can really see the result and it's worth the cost of my hard-earned money. 
hair care tips and products to use to revive health of bleach blonde hair asian
Just follow the tips above if you believe in me and I hope it will work on you also. I'm just sharing my experience on this matter though I'm not an expert at this thing but personal experiences are great teachers right? Anyway, have fun being blonde. Always remember the famous saying that goes "People will stare, make them worth their while".


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