Top 10 Songs To Listen This Month of June 2015

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1. I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Bebe Rexha
Best Lyrics: "If love is a lieThen please don't ever tell me the truth
Cause nothin', nothin' makes me feel like you do
Even though I see through you"

2. Waiting For Love - Avicii
Best Lyrics: "Monday left me brokenTuesday I was through with hoping
Wednesday my empty arms were open
Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love
Thank the stars it's Friday
I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday
I'll be waiting for love, waiting for love"

3. Here - Alessia Cara
Best Lyrics: "Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with thisAn anti-social pessimist but usually I don't mess with this
And I know you mean only the best and
Your intentions aren't to bother me
But honestly I'd rather be
Somewhere with my people we can kick it and just listen
To some music with the message (like we usually do)
And we'll discuss our big dreams
How we plan to take over the planet
So pardon my manners, I hope you'll understand
That I'll be here
Not there in the kitchen with the girl
Who's always gossiping about her friends
So tell them I'll be here
Right next to the boy who's throwing up cause
He can't take what's in his cup no more
Oh God why am I here?"

4. Lovin' So Hard - Becky G
Best Lyrics: "When I wake upYou're the first thing that comes to mind
Wanna see you like all the time
Yeah we be lovin' so hard"

5. Next To Me - Otto Knows
Best Lyrics: "Now those were the days before you had to go awayNow I'm dancing by myself out in the rain
Now it's getting rather cold, and I just wanted you to know
That if my dreams will ever be, will you come dancing next to me"

6. The Night Is Still Young - Nicki Minaj
Best Lyrics: "I never worry, life is a journeyI just wanna enjoy the ride
What is the hurry? It's pretty early
It's ok, we'll take our time
The night is still young"

7. Lean On- Major Lazer featuring MO, DJ Snake
Best Lyrics: "Do you recall, not long agoWe would walk on the sidewalk
Innocent, remember?
All we did was care for each other
But the night was warm
We were bold and young
All around the wind blows
We would only hold on to let go"

8. Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor
Best Lyrics: "We got this king size to ourselvesDon't have to share with no one else
Don't keep your secrets to yourself
It's kama sutra show and tell"

9. Stole The Show - Kygo feat. Parson James
Best Lyrics: "We used to have it all, but now's our curtain callSo hold for the applause, oh
And wave out to the crowd, and take our final bow
Oh, it's our time to go, but at least we stole the show
At least we stole the show"

10. Peanut Butter Jelly - Galantis
Best Lyrics: "Sleepless nights at the châteauVisualize it
I'll give you something to do

Kush kush wherever we go
Visualize it
I'll give you something to do

To get a wildfire burning
Visualize it
I'll give you something to do

Ace high, I'm going all in
Visualize it
I'll give you something to do

Spread it like peanut butter jelly
Do it like I owe you some money [x2]
Money, money, money…"

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