My Top 5 Best Free Selfie Apps

at 5/18/2015
Am I the only one of those people who keeps on track of the best  #selfie app available on the app store? Yes, I'm a self confessed #selfie addict and my boyfriend want me to check me in #selfie rehab. My gallery consist of maximum 200 #selfie shots per day (Well, sometimes it depends upon my mood). LOL! Anyway, here are my top 5 #selfie apps I'm totally raving about. 

1. B612 (Selfie from the heart) - sounds ridiculous right? I'm a bit skeptical of it at first too. Like, what? Why on earth did they named the app to B612? Well, I did a little bit of research on how did they come up with the name. B612 was named for one of the planets that the prince from the short novel "The Little Prince" lived on.
Yes, you can take videos in collage format. It's so cool you can choose any kind of collage shapes, sizes and lots of filters to choose from. This is a 1:1 photo size which is great if you love posting photos to your Instagram. I haven't encountered problems posting photos to social medias like Facebook and Instagram with this app yet. I'm 101% in love with B612. Truly this is the ultimate #selfie app for me. 
I love this filter so much because it will smooth out your skin and enhances the harsh light into soft baby-like, pink tones. What's best with this app is you can easily change the filter by just swiping the screen and doesn't have that shameful camera shutter noise every time you take a picture. Other features include : 3 secs. video selfie, collage video selfie, change or remove the background music of the video and turns your photo into .gif images. The two things I don't like with B612 are the watermarked logos (which you can choose different watermark logo) and the non-automatic save photo option. You'll have to manually save the photos and videos or else, it will all be gone after that tiring #selfie exhibitions you've done.

2. Candy Camera for Selfie - this is my second best camera #selfie app. You can choose a lot of filters just like B612 by swiping the screen. The one thing I love with this #selfie app is you can add stickers to your photos. If you're the kind of girl who loves to design their selfies with cute stickers, then this app is for you. In my case, I only love the animal stickers where I can change the head of my photos into cats or dogs. I like that there's no watermark on the photos but this app resizes the quality of the photos even if your built-in camera phone is high-end. Compared to B612, you may have the option to change the filter of your photos afterwards in this app which you're not allowed to do it on B612.

3. Camera360 Ultimate - if you have some serious skin problem like acne, this #selfie app is ultimately made for you. I remember, I'm a huge fan of this app before because of my history of adult acne which I don't have anymore. I only use this app during times when I have pimples or those days when I just have bad skin due to lack of sleep or any other factors. I've known a lot of people who loves to use this app and you'll just be surprised they're not really that good looking in person. I mean, the expectation was really high because your face or skin is simply perfect when you've posted it online but then in person, you're not that perfect. I refrain from using this app ever since to avoid expectations from people especially if you've just met them online. Sometimes it just feels so fake with all the photo editing going on. 
The photo above is my before and after effect using Camera360 Selfie app. Look how drastic the change it made to my photo. I just look so damn perfect on this picture which I'm not really a fan. I want my photo to be as real as possible and not like this. But this app is really a great blessing for people who have serious acne problems but love to take selfies or groufies. Atleast, you look great in photos though...just don't overdo the photo editing so people won't get  upset if they meet you in person. 

Anyway, this app have some serious photo editing features compared to the two apps I've mentioned above. You  may also edit photos taken with the regular built-in cam and change it's brightness, saturation, hues, and many more. Camera360 is an all-in-one selfie  app and it has its own cloud service where you can store your huge collection of selfies. 

4. Perfect365 - This app will give you the realistic effect of applying make-up on your face. I can say that the Perfect365 is the mobile version of  Taaz Online Makeover.You can even change your eye color realistically. The two things I don't like about this selfie app are not all make-up presets are for free and in the free version, whenever you save the image, it will resize the quality of your picture. No wonder why Kim Kardashian swear on this app.

5. Beauty Plus - You can do regular selfie and video selfie on this app just like B612 and can beautify photos not taken from this app. The downside of this app is it don't have much filters unlike in B612. The video selfie's quality is not really that great but the regular image selfie quality is superb. Just make sure your front camera's megapixel is high or else the photo will come out grainy even in well-lighted room. I noticed Japanese users love this app because it will make your face doll-like.


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