My Hair Transformation: From Asian Black or Dark Brown Hair Color to Platinum Blonde (DIY)

at 4/13/2015
Hi! As promised, I'm back to talk about the process of my hair transformation ---from black hair to platinum blonde. Anyway, I recommend that before going platinum blonde, your hair must have a 1 year period without applying hair color or hair rebonding. Virgin hair is a must. This is to make sure that your hair won't fall off or be damaged irreversibly after the bleaching process. Hair bleaching will cause serious damage to your hair if it's done incorrectly. Since I'm residing in the Philippines, Olaplex (brand) is not readily available everywhere unless you're living in Manila or you have some relatives abroad to send you this product. Olaplex is a bond multiplier that actually links broken disulfide bonds in the hair allowing you to restore the strength and integrity of the hair. It can be used as an add on in the color process to prevent damage and also with relaxers, perms, or as a stand alone treatment to give your hair some extra love.

Now, let's start talking about the first process. Before bleaching, you must not wash your hair 2 days prior the bleaching session. Also, don't forget to make a skin test before bleaching to make sure you don't have any allergic reaction to hair bleach. You don't want to have a patchy hair right?

I've also read somewhere that it's better to apply virgin coconut oil to your hair 1 to 2 hours before bleaching. Coconut oil will also help the bleach glide easily to your hair.

On the day of bleaching your hair, the following things must be on hand.

  1. A tub of hair bleach powder or liquid (available in HBC)
  2. A large bottle of 12% oxidizing lotion (if using a bleach powder)
  3. Hair clips
  4. Hair color brush applicator
  5. Plastic mixing bowl
  6. Gloves
  7. Shower cap or cling wrap or large plastic shopping bag
  8. Old Shirt
  9. Ear caps or anything to protect your ear (use cling wrap instead)
  10. Old towel
  11. Hair spray bottle with water (to rinse off bleach from skin)
  12. Foil (optional)
  13. Hair mask or Deep conditioner 
  14. Shampoo
  15. Virgin coconut oil
  16. A helping hand or Assistant (It's difficult to do it alone)
Step 1: Section hair into 4 parts. Hair must be dry. 
Step 2: Mix the hair bleach with oxidizing lotion until you achieve the cake batter consistency. If you use the liquid bleach, skip this step.
Step 3: Always protect your hands with gloves, the ears with ear caps or cling wrap. Never forget to protect the neck area with an old towel or a cling wrap because bleach burns your skin and can cause serious allergic reactions to sensitive skins.
Step 4: Start at the bottom section of the hair before going up to the front. Apply immediately the bleach to the hair by taking thin sections and leaving an inch from the roots. The reason behind this is the roots is very near to the scalp and the heat from the scalp will make the bleaching process faster. You may or may not use foil to section hair. But in my case, I didn't use foil because I hate the sound of tin foil (it makes my teeth grit).
Step 5: Leave the bleach to your hair for about 30 to 40 minutes while covering it with a shower cap, cling wrap or plastic bag. The heat will make the process go faster. Always check your hair's elasticity or condition and be aware all the time because you might over processed and fry your hair. (This will lead to hair breakage)
Step 6: Do not leave the bleach from drying out to your hair. If this happens, apply oxidizing lotion to the area by using the hair brush applicator. 
Step 7: Rinse the hair with water first to wash away the bleach then shampoo and apply conditioner when done  if your hair have  lifted 3x your original hair color or you've reached the color orange or brassy color.
Step 8: Towel dry and apply a lot of hair serum to your hair since bleaching strips off your hair's natural oils.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just completed the FIRST STAGE  to platinum hair.

Enjoy your hair for about 1 to 2 weeks before going to the second hair bleaching process. By this week, do not wash your hair everyday. If you can't avoid washing your hair, do not use shampoo for this will make your hair dry and brittle. Use hair mask or any hair treatment during this rest period. Also, refrain from using heat generating hair tools like hair iron and permer.

These are the photos of my hair during this stage. I feel like I'm Cersei Lannister when I look at myself in the mirror. Hey! I'm not talking about my face, I'm talking about my hair. LOL!

after 1 one week or 2 two rest period from hair bleaching sexyfoosa

Again, 2 days prior bleaching your hair, do not wash it and apply virgin coconut oil 1 to 2 hours before hair bleaching.

The things you will need are still the same except for 1 thing. In this process, instead of using 12% oxidizing lotion, use a lower percent this time. Buy a 6% or 9% oxidizing lotion. Do not use 12% anymore because it will break your hair and trust me since I did it on some part of my hair. 
I test a part of my hair using 12% oxidizing lotion on my second bleaching process and you'll see that at the side part of my ears, my hair broke off  and it looks like I've shaved that part. If you don't want this to happen to you, don't cha evah! bleach it using 12% again or you'll go bald. LOL! 
Anyway, the bleaching process is still the same like what you did 1 or 2 weeks ago. Just always check your hair during the bleaching session for signs of overprocessing like (a clump of hair fell off). In this case, immediately wash your hair but don't be afraid, it will not happen to you if you're just attentive to it. 20 to 30 minutes processing is enough. Do not go beyond 1 hour in this 2nd session.

After rinsing the bleach off, your hair must be really blonde right now and the orange or brassy color has finally turned to light yellow or in some case close to white hair. 
Looking at the chart above, my hair is finally close to yellow/platinum. You may or may not proceed to the 3rd stage 'coz the result is pretty amazing already. In my case, I didn't proceed to 3rd stage anymore which is applying a WHITE hair color. I noticed that I hate the sight of my black roots coming out after 3 weeks from my 2nd bleaching process and decided not to color it to white anymore and choose a color closer to my roots color instead. It's really up to you to go over and bleach your roots every 4 weeks and I don't want to do it anymore 'coz my hair has gone desert dry.
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now 1 step away from achieving that perfect platinum blonde.

Have a 2 weeks or 1 month break before going to the 3rd and last process. Again, do not shampoo your hair regularly and only use conditioner and hair mask when washing hair. Also refrain from using heat generating hair tools and always apply hair serum 'coz your hair will tend to be very dry because bleaching strips off your hair's natural oil.

NOTE: You may or may not go beyond the 3rd process anymore because the second bleaching process is pretty light already. Do it at your own risk. 
The last step is just to buy a white or platinum blonde hair color and use a 6% oxidizing lotion or if your hair color comes with an oxidizing lotion, just use what's included in the box.
This is the brand I use to my boyfriend's hair. This contains ammonia so it's cheaper. If you're allergic to ammonia, don't use this brand. It's better to buy the Manic Panic white or platinum blonde hair color. 
You may use any brand of hair color you want like L'oreal, Revlon, Garnier, etc. as long as the color is lighter than your bleached hair to achieved that platinum blonde.

By the way, your hair must be dry before applying the hair color and just follow the instructions in the pack. Rinse it off when done, deep condition, and style the way you want.

YOU are now officially an Asian with a Platinum blonde hair.

Note: I applied the WHITE hair color to my boyfriend only and not on my hair 'coz I'm planning to color my hair into Silver Ash instead which I will post a photo below. 

This is a video of me bleaching my boyfriend's hair for the 2nd time before applying the white hair color. You may color your hair after you bleach it for the 2nd time. You may or may not have a rest period before proceeding to the third step. 

3rd bleaching process white hair color or platinum blonde hair color outdoor without filter
3rd bleaching process white hair color or platinum blonde hair color indoor without filter

Anyway, this is what I did to my hair instead of coloring it WHITE. In my third stage, I choose silver ash instead 'coz I don't want to bleach my hair anymore if my roots grow.
Good thing I didn't use White color 'coz I think I love the Silver Ash  better and I don't have to really worry about my roots growing up 'coz Silver Ash hair is better blended with black later on compared to platinum blonde blended with black roots. 
from blonde to silver ash hair color asian with pink ombre the perks of having blonde hair
Here's a photo of me with my 2nd stage blonde hair and my Silver Ash hair.
My complete hair transformation from black to platinum blonde to silver ash
My Hair Transformation

"People will stare. Make it worth their while" - Harry Winston


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