How To Get Cersei Lannister's Hair Color

at 4/13/2015
Hi guys! Game of Thrones is back and I just can't help but to admire Cersei's hair color. But honestly, I secretly want to get Daenery's platinum blonde too. I'm a decisive type of person and decided right away that I want to have her hair color as soon as possible without breaking my piggy bank. So here's what I did.

Note: Do not wash your hair 2 or 3 days before bleaching your hair. The natural oil from your hair will protect your mane from bleach damage. In my case, it's a virgin hair since I didn't dyed nor rebonded my hair for 1 year and 3 months. I also cut off my waist-long hair to shoulder length 'coz I grew tired of maintaining it and the split ends are everywhere.

Here are the things you will need to get her hair color:

Hair color brush
Plastic mixing container
5 sachets or a tub of bleach powder (Hortaleza or Epsa)
12% Oxidizing Lotion (Hortaleza or Epsa)
Deep Conditioner or Coconut Oil
Hair clips
Old T-shirt


1. Mix 1 sachet of bleach powder or a scoop of bleach powder (check instructions) with your oxidizing lotion. 

2. Wear your gloves, old shirt, part your hair into sections and start applying the bleach paste.

3. Apply the bleach mix into thin strands of hair by starting at the bottom inner part of your head and leaving the roots for the last application. 

4. Your hair will start to process in just a matter of minutes and apply the bleach application faster. Also find an assistant to check some spots you can't reach. 

5. Leave the bleach into hair for about 30 minutes or until the color of Cersei's hair color is visible. 

6. Rinse your hair with water first then apply shampoo and then conditioned it for 10 minutes.

7. Voila! You now have Cersei Lannister's hair color.  

diy dark brown black to platinum blonde week 1 game of thrones inspired hair cersei lannister to daenerys targaryen summer hair baby doll hair
In my next post, my  hair will be lighter than this 'coz I'm going platinum baybeh! If you're happy with this blonde then you'll just have to stop the process here but not in my case 'coz I'm that type of girl who want to crash out in her "Before I Reach 30 List" which says "Get a Platinum Blonde".

More Advice:

1. It's best if you grow out your hair first for 6 months or more before bleaching your hair.
2. Use coconut oil or apply deep conditioner to your hair and leave it over night after bleaching.
3. To prevent dryness and further breakage, refrain from using shampoo.
4. Avoid or refrain using hot tools. If your hair is naturally wavy, curl your hair using no heat techniques.
5. Trim breakage if there are any after bleaching your hair.
In my next bleach session which is next week, I will be on the "yellow" stage then hopefully to blonde next month. It's advisable not to bleach it right away in just one sitting to protect your hair from further damage. Let your hair heal and don't ever forget applying hair mask or conditioner when washing bleached hair.


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