Unisex, Affordable and Unique Gift Ideas This Valentine's Day 2015

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I know you are wondering what to give this Valentine's Day to your crush, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your Dad, your Mom, Sister, Bestfriend, teacher, and etc. No worries guys 'coz  I'm here to give you ideas on what items can you give them this Heart's day.

Unisex Gift Idea

1. Casio watch - a matching watch to your significant other. The watch on the left comes in different colors (purple, dark blue, pink) and it only cost P895.00 and the watch on the right is a vintage Casio watch which is on sale now at LAZADA. These are truly original Casio watches and it's very safe to buy in this online store since you have the option of paying only when the items arrived (Cash on Delivery payment basis).  Buy it here now --> Click To Redirect To Store!!!

2. Candy or Chocolate or Cookie Bouquet - It can be given to your mom, your sister, bestfriend, crush, teacher or just anyone. Cookies need to be baked so I recommend you to order 5 days before Valentine's day. For chocolate or candy bouquets, I guess a 3 day pre-order is best, to avoid the rush. 

3. Non-cheesy Couple Shirts - Couple shirts are so popular these days but to erase the cheesy part of wearing them, how about some funny prints and avoid those "I love my girlfriend/boyfriend" designs. Most men hate wearing them and it will only make them feel obliged to wear it. 

Gift Ideas For Men

1. Pocket or Mobile Wifi - So your man can keep in touch with you wherever he goes. This item is on sale now at LAZADA. Grab it fast!

2. Fashion Sunglasses - To protect his eyes while driving or going outdoors. Try the new Flash Lens since it's trending this time. 

3. Powerbank - Smartphone batteries drain fast and for emergency purposes, this is very handy. Try those powerbank that can be hang in keychains. Buy this item for only P175.00 Here!!!

4. Sun Jar - Solar powered lamp plus it gives a romantic ambience when it's switched on. Buy it here!!!

5. Survival Knife Set (a.k.a Swiss Knife) -  Try choosing those who comes in keychains so your guy can just carry it anytime. 

Gift Ideas For Women

1. Eos Lip Balm - If your girl is the simple type and don't like to wear make-up, she still can't resist this cute lipbalm. Lipbalms are totally different from lipsticks. The use of this thing is to protect and heal the lips from sunburn, and other factors that will make the lips dry. Buy this product here!!! (It comes in cute colors too). 
2. Cute pair of earrings - Lots of cute and super affordable earrings in this online shop. 

3. A purse or bag - Women want something they can use everyday and they love to brag it out that their boyfriend or husband gave it to them. Buy it here!!!

4. Mason jar with surprises - This a total DIY (do-it-yourself) gift. You may have to pick little pieces of things you'd like to give to your girl, mom, sister, bestfriend, teacher, etc. You may put nail polishes, hand sanitizers, tictac candy, lipbalm, lipstick, mini chocolates, mini soaps  and many more....the possibility is infinite. It's up to your imagination. You may also want to insert a short hearty note inside. Check this out to have an idea what I'm talking about. 
5. A book - if your girl is a bookworm, give her something new to read. I recommend Miriam Santiago's "Stupid is Forever" and books authored by Bob Ong. Don't worry these books won't cost you a leg 'coz it's incredibly affordable. The book price ranges from 175 to 200 pesos only. Amazing right?

Student Friendly Gift Ideas

1. Chapstick Lip Balm - price range is only around P58.00 plus it comes in different colors and flavors. Your sweetheart will appreciate it. You can buy this at Watsons, Mercury drugs, Rose Pharmacy and the like.

2. Flash Tattoos - these are very popular since summer is coming. Price range is only P50.00 and up and it comes in many designs per pack. You can buy it here online!!!

3, Thai Beauty Soaps - particularly the SNAIL SOAP since it helps prevent acne or pimples and it keeps your face matted. You can buy it around P90 to 100.00 and it comes in a cute box. 

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