Top 10 Songs Of January 2015

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Hey! I'm back from the dead. Just kidding! Anyway, Here's the list of my Top 10 songs of January 2015. I hope you all enjoy it. XoXo

Top 10 Song List of January 2015 - Billboard Chart  pop songs, rnb, hip hop, alternative rock, house, train, soul
Earned It - The Weekend
Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
 Heartbeat Song - Kelly Clarkson
Sugar - Maroon 5
Only - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown 
She Knows - Ne-Yo feat. Juicy J
Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony
I Don't Mind - Usher feat. Juicy J
Ayo - Chris Brown feat. Tyga
Elastic Heart - Sia

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1. Earned It - The Weeknd

2. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

3. Heartbeat Song - Kelly Clarkson

4. Sugar - Maroon 5

5. Only - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown

6. She Knows - Ne-Yo feat. Juicy J

7. Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony

8. I Don't Mind - Usher feat. Juicy J

9. Ayo - Chris Brown feat. Tyga

10. Elastic Heart - Sia


10 Important Things To Carry In Your Bag

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I'm one of those who don't like to bring large shoulder bags. My friends keep telling me how did I live by just bringing out a super cute bag when going out or even going to school. The fact is, my fashion doesn't get along well with large bags although there are really times that a large bag is needed. But most of the time, I'm not a large bag type of lady. Actually, you don't need to bring everything out of the house when going out. For me, it's more efficient and safer especially when you're commuting. You don't have to check always on your stuffs while riding in a public transport or walking in the streets. Strolling with a large shoulder bag is oftentimes a great risk especially in the eyes of the snatcher. Start making the habit now and let me tell you below the things you only need to bring. By the way, this is not applicable to moms with babies and high school students where they are obliged to carry their books with their backpacks everyday. 

1. The smallest pack of tissue or wet tissue - You don't need the whole big pack if you're just going to the mall or go out with friends. 5 sheets of 3-ply tissue should be alright unless you're sick (colds). The wet tissue serves as an alcohol or hand sanitizer or anything that needs wiping and freshening up. 

2. A powder case with mirror for touch-ups or a small all-in-one make-up palette - Finish all your facial make-up routine at home and leave the rest of the make-ups but the powder case since its the only thing you will need in a retouch.

3. A small lipstick or lipbalm - bring only the lipstick that you need or if you're not the lipstick kind of girl, the lip balm will be enough.

4. A pen - always bring a pen 'coz you might not know when you needed a pen. You can also use a pen for protection. It can be use for stabbing if it's necessary.

5. Mobile phone - I still can't relate people bringing 3 phones with them. Is it really necessary? or it's just a show-off that you own a bunch of phones. Plus, it's very risky bringing with you all your precious mobile phones especially during night outs or walking in the street. Before leaving the house, full charge everything.

6. Small power bank - if you're addicted to your smartphone, you better purchase a power bank which is not bulky. Choose the slimmer and lighter type of power banks.

7. A candy or small pack of gum - If you feel hungry you can eat it and if your breath stinks, it's a temporary solution. 

8. Small wallet or purse - bring only enough coins and enough cash when going out. It's better to bring your ATM card instead of cash since it's very risky having large cash in your bag.

9. Keys - Car and house keys must be placed in a non-bulky type of keychain. Don't bring with you the whole set of keys with you. Hide it somewhere safe in your house or in a safe cabinet. 

10. Small memo or sticky pad - to jot down important things, grocery or shopping list. 

That's all the important things you need to bring everyday in your bag. I know this may not apply to most of us who loves to multitask but I think it's not everyday that you'll have to multitask things. Don't you know there's a study concerning about the risk of carrying heavy bags on an everyday basis? Check out the article here. 

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