Another Super Typhoon For The Philippines

at 12/03/2014
I came to know this news 2 days ago and it's worrying the heck out of me. The forecast by PAGASA made me more worried since their predictions aren't accurate. I hope they will release the designated storm signals soon as this would be a great aid on what to do next. I know we must always be prepared no matter what signal we'll be in, at least, we'll know our standing. The sad thing is, PAGASA's website is currently down maybe due to thousands of visitors visiting the page. As I'm writing this post, I can feel the wind shifted and the sun is slowly covered by dark clouds. I guess the super typhoon will land very soon. For now, all we need to do is to give our silent prayer that somehow, our loved ones will be safe and this country can once again stand this test of nature. Keep safe Philippines!!! 

Imagine the wind speed...gif image from ssd

Here are the 10 important things to check before, during and after a super typhoon:

1. Inform your family, friends, loved ones and the like about the storm.
2. Always check updates from reliable weather and news forecast. (TV, Radio, Facebook, etc.)
3. Have an emergency exit plan.The inside of your home is not always safe (unplug appliances and stay away from glass windows). Ask friends or relatives for help. Find a safe place (somewhere elevated and of sturdy materials).
4. Evacuate as soon as possible when necessary esp. those people living near the coastal areas or big body of waters, areas with high risked of flash floods, landslides and surrounded with trees.
5. Check basic emergency supplies like water, instant foods (noodles, biscuits, candies, canned goods, etc.), batteries, ziploc bags (place important documents and gadgets inside), blankets, clothes, candles,matches, lighters, fire starters, flashlights, first aid kit, mosquito prevention, floating life saving device and ways of communication.
5. Check your pets safety too and their needs. (ID tags, cage, leash, mouth guard, waste disposal supplies and the like)
6. Check special items for infants like diapers, baby food, and the like.
7. Always prepare basic tools like swiss knives, screwdrivers, hammer, scissors, cutters, and some kitchen tools and utensils.
8. Elderly, disabled, sick and pregnant family member's needs must always be ready (e.g. oxygen supply, wheelchairs, etc.)
9. Always remain calm but always be alert from possible intruders, looters, or other similar situation during and after a typhoon.
10. Prayers and hope that all our loved ones are all safe. Properties may be lost and found but the lives of our loved ones can't be replaced anymore. 

'Ruby/Hagupit' no longer a 'super typhoon' - Read Here!!!
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