The 10 Ugly Fashion Trends

at 12/02/2014
This post is a list of all time totally ugly, outrageous, weird, terrible, shocking, and all other similar adjectives to describe these fashion trends. Now brace yourself ladies and gentlemen and contemplate on these things and tell me in the comment section what your thoughts about it. Good and bad reactions will be respected. XOXO.

1. The super chunky nail art - How can we ever work effectively with these nails? How can we eat, pick things up or even go to the comfort room with these nails? Totally outrageous! Anyway, this nail  art is more likely for display purposes. 

2. Big Fashion Contact Lens - I've seen a lot of people wearing fashion contact lens esp. Asians who wants to have an illusion of bigger eyes but the downside of this trend is, these lenses aren't doctor prescribed. Most of them don't have an idea what can these contact lenses can do to their delicate eyes. Only wear contact lenses prescribed by the eye doctor and don't just buy them from the black market. Always invest on your health first before else. 
Sample Image of Contact Lens Infection

3. Odd Shaped Shoes - Lady Gaga's fashion statement shoes are not for everybody. Aside from it's totally weird looking but the thing itself is dangerous. It may cause serious damage to your feet or may cause an accident and break your bones. These kind of shoes can't be worn for regular or ordinary person like us. Let's just leave it to the elite fashion world. LOL!

Alexander McQueen's Armadillo Heel Shoes
No heels platform shoes

3. Regular Crocs - I love the material used by Crocs but the regular Crocs design is just unflattering to your feet. It looks like a boat and a mascot's feet. Good thing, they've come up with new cute designs now. 
 motivated photos

4. Ranger Hat - Good heavens! This fashion trend is absolutely unforgivable. Good thing, I haven't seen anyone wore this hat but Pharell Williams. He seems to be carrying a mountain on his head. LOL!
5. Harem/ Crotch Pants - This Justin Bieber fashion trend is really something vulgar. I can't understand why do these kids wants to expose their underwears? It's better they don't wear pants at all and just walk with their boxers alone in public. For women, the harem pants does not complement everybody's body type. It's not only totally unflattering to a woman's figure but it will make you look like you're wearing a soiled pajama. 

6. Converse/Chuck Taylor Sneakers Converted to Sandals - Really? Converse did this kind of conversion to their famous shoe design? I'm a bit pessimistic about this thing right here since I can't find these designs on their official websites or I'm just ignorant on this. The thing is, these designs are again not for everybody. I've seen one person wearing this and she's not long-legged and it really made her calf looked really wide (It almost look like a chopping board). I'm so sorry but this is not for you if you have wide calves right there. 

7. Cartilage Piercings - The sight of this trend makes me cringe. Is this a sign of braveness or something? I just don't get it...it looks horrible. Please don't ever do this to your body if you're not 100% sure 'coz you'll definitely regret this in the future. Blame only yourself and nobody else. 

8. Short Shorts - If you don't have nice toned legs please don't wear this short. This is not for everybody's body type. Please dress appropriately in public or if you really like to wear this, please tie an oversize shirt at the back. 

9. Teeth Grills - These teeth blings are ostentatious way for showing off wealth and it makes them look like they have tooth cavities or worst, toothless. 

10. Thigh Gaps - Believe it or not, I was once swayed by this trend and later on I came to realize that this fashion trend is harmful to our well-being. The skinny body (anorexic) fashion trend must be addressed seriously. Not having a thigh gap doesn't mean you're fat. A normal thigh gap must not be achieved through extreme dieting and exercise but it's according to your own body's proportion. Some are naturally blessed to have a thigh gap and some are not. The point of forcing yourself to have a thigh gap and in the course of achieving it, you go to extreme dieting and exercise is a terrible obsession. Read More about this topic here. 


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