10 Signs Why Your Classmates Hate You

at 12/01/2014
Here are ten (10) points to keep on track from being an ideal candidate on whom your classmates would mostly likely to hate. This don't happen in school alone but in every group. But let's stick to the school situation since bullying is most likely to be prevalent.

1. The Regular - There my friend, your classmates are planning to cut classes or mass absent and you appear in class alone and your teacher is really pissed and punished the class with a very long quiz.

2. The Whistleblower  - You will divulge whatever it is going on with your classmates lives. Your classmate told you she will attend her best friend's wedding and asked you to make an excuse for her that she's sick but you told your teacher the truth instead, making it appear that her class is unimportant.

3. The Extender - Okay! Majority of the class has finally came up with the fix schedule of the exam and you keep on opposing it by telling them you are not free at that time. 

4. The Charmer - Isn't just annoying to watch your pretty or cute classmates were not fried during their oral recitations because the teacher likes them based on how they look? This is true if your teacher is a notorious chick boy or  gay. 

5. The Volunteer - When your teacher ask a question and ask for a volunteer to answer the question and you keep throwing your hands up even though you've already been called. 

6. The Overachiever - Your classmate keep on telling everybody that he did not study but when the results came up, that classmate of yours got the highest grade or the only one who passed the exam. 

7. The Inquisitor - Everybody just want the teacher to finish the chapter for the week but one classmate of yours keep on asking out of topic questions and the teacher annoyingly answers it, the bell rang, and reading assignment is extended. 

8. The Greedy - During exams, your paper is in maximum security or when your classmates asked for answers, you ignore them. 

9. The Wanker - Women just hate being stared at even if it's a compliment. Keep those flirty compliments you got in there to avoid being misjudged as a sex maniac.

10. The Facebook Whore - Your life is open in public and it's always updated in Facebook. You announce your new gadgets, what you eat, your outfit, your religious and political thoughts, your lovelife, your mood, EVERYTHING! I guess it's better to only add Facebook friends and people you've known well. It's difficult to please everybody and it's impossible.


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