Last Month's Favorite Stuffs - October 2014

at 11/16/2014
Hey there! I've been wanting to blog on what are the things I love last month. I believe that everyday is a new day to learn and discover new things. Here are the list of stuffs and activities I raved last month. When I say stuffs, it pretty ranges up to everything from food, beauty products, etc. 

  1. Kopiko's Cafe Blanca - Yep! I guess I'm addicted to this coffee right now. I'm not really a fan of Kopiko brand but when I tried Cafe Blanca, I went gaga over it and can't start my day without a sip.
  2. Hapee Toothpaste - I know you'll find me weird but I just want to tell you that their toothpaste improved. I'm very picky when it comes to my toothpaste since I have the tendency of puking (gagging) while brushing my teeth if I don't like the taste of the toothpaste. If you're looking for substitute of Colgate or Sensodyne, the new Hapee toothpaste is definitely a good buy. (I'm talking about the silver tube, I haven't tried the other Hapee toothpaste variants)
                                                                                                                   Photo credit to filipinoinventionsanddiscoveries
  3. Baygon Mosquito Paper - I have no idea there's a product like this. It's like a notepad where you will have to tear off the paper,burn it and blam! Instant mosquito killer. I can really promise you that the mosquitoes will be dead instantly plus it gives off a lavender-like scent (my allergic rhinitis did not react). 
  4. Selecta Cornetto Ubebe - I can't believe it!!! I can eat my favorite ice cream flavors in one (1) cone for just P20.00. I can really say that our taste buds does evolved when we grew up. I remember, I hated ube (taro) flavor very much but now, it's one of my favorite ice cream flavor. I hope Cornetto will have a Speculoos cookie butter flavor soon.
                                                                                                                       Photo credit to Selecta PH
  5. Selecta's Dutch Speculoos ice cream - I can finish the whole tub by myself then I'll cry over and keep blaming myself after such reckless act of ruining my whole diet.                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo credit to randomreviewsph
  6. Kastair Montelukast tablet - this is way more effective than xyzal and claritin but then I will just take this when I sneezed for about 30 minutes non-stop. If it is just a mild allergic reaction, I'll prefer the xyzal, claritin or the aerius. Only those people who have rhinitis can understand this. Ha! 
                                                                            Photo credit to Unilab
  7. Nissin Waffle Deluxe- I thought it's just another wafer biscuit but it's not! It reminds of Apollo wafer stick which I used to eat when I was just a wee kid. Apollo is like a product brand from Malaysia but it's not available in regular grocery stores. I noticed that it's available only in muslim barter trade centers. Nissin is way more evolved in taste since it has crispy rice treats inside which make it more crunchier and tastier.
                                                                       Photo credits to: Kainankorner Flickr/Hunniebunch
  8. Nissin Pasta Express Instant Creamy Carbonara - What's going on with my taste bud? (I'm pretty sure I'm not preggy LOL!) Before, I really really hate carbonara (instant or not) but this one got my taste. Duh?! Maybe because it's salty enough for my taste bud (forgive me!!! I know what you're thinking!). The other day, I went to the grocery and I was planning to buy 10 packs of it but it was long gone said the person in-charged. What?!? How could they didn't spare me even one pack. (Grrrrrrr)
                                                                Photo credit to applegreenandme
  9. McDonald's McFlurry Honey Gold flakes- I gained 2 kilos while eating this 5 days consecutively. I was way over my daily calorie needs. Now you know I have a very soft spot when it comes to ice cream. The crunchy feel in your mouth that melts together with the ice cream is making me gaga! Every time  I get upset after my night class I always treat myself in McDonald's. Geesh!!! Good thing my cravings subside when I found out I gained 2 kilos. Ha!
                                                                     Photo credit to McDonalds
  10. J.Lo's new single Big Booty featuring Iggy Azalea - All I can say is "Damn!!". You must watch the video of this song and tell me your first reaction to it. J.Lo is such a MILF (according to my bf). The video inspires me to work out again. Whew! It's a sign that I need to repent from all those things I've mentioned prior to this. LOL!


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