It's a Bloody Month

at 11/12/2014
It's that time of that month again where everything just don't feel right. I can really say that I'm an irritable person especially during my menstrual periods. I don't believe being irritable during this time is due to hormonal imbalance. For me, the irritability is due to discomfort, dysmenorrhea and the yucky feeling of menstruation. I'm one of those women whose flow is medium to heavy but not the heavy kind like menorrhagia. Regular pads or napkin won't work on me because I love to move around like I have an extra energy during my periods and due to many activities, leakage is the common fact. I think I've tried almost all the brands of feminine pads except tampons. The first thing you should check on the labels is if it's COTTONY and don't buy if it's not 'coz you'll just waste your money. Net perforated pads or napkins (common pinoy term) will cause rashes, friction, less absorption plus the plastic-like material causes body heat down there and it's irritatingly discomforting. My best top 3 brand of feminine pads out there is Modess, Whisper and Charmee but right now, I'm using Charmee since it's very affordable compared to the other two brands and it has this Micro dimple cover for quicker absorption. With these three brands, I only buy the Night Use even if I don't use it at night (lol). It doesn't mean that you can only use it at night but use it at your own comfort and preference. I like my pads with wings but on the 4th day where the blood ceases to flow, I prefer the non-winged pad. I usually buy two kinds of feminine pads every month, the one with the wings and the other don't have. During menstrual periods, I also recommend you to use a non-cottony undies or having a satiny material because if you'll get leakage, it's easier to wash them unlike cottony material where if the blood dries up, it's really difficult to get off the stain. The downside of satin-like panties, the pads don't stick that much and it will likely cause leakage if you move a lot but the longer pads with the extended back portion protects you from back leakage (as to my experience) but you can use whatever underwear you want under your preference (I'm not really imposing). Hope this post helps you girls. Share what you have in mind by leaving a comment below. Have a happy period. (Ha!)

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