Fix Straightened Rebonded Hair- Bad Hair Day

at 11/25/2014
It's been 1 year since my last hair rebond and I can see kinks and dents all over the surface of my hair like it's returning back to it's natural wavy state. I originally have wavy hair and straightened it when I was just 13. If only I could turn back time I wouldn't have done it because it damaged my hair a lot. I once have a very shiny and fine hair but after the straightening process, it made my hair coarse and needs a lot of maintenance. I keep telling my cousins not to straighten their hairs but then they don't listen to my advice since they are enticed by all these Koreanovelas (Well, regrets always comes last). I always rebond my hair every year and it's really expensive because if I don't, my hair will be a total wreck. The rebonded hair usually returns back to its original state around the 8 month from the rebonding process and you'll noticed this time that your hair will wave at the back and split ends are visible plus not to mention the stiffness. No matter how I invest in expensive shampoos and conditioners, the efforts are futile. Only the salon can fix it and by way of fixing it is to rebond your hair again. Just imagine the harmful chemicals and the damage it will cause to your hair. Sometimes, I'll just chopped them off but the time you've spent with your hair just to grew it long is wasted. Anyway, this year I will try my best not to be wooed to rebond my hair for a change. The process will be a lot frustating and tedious but I must endure it to heal my hair. At this moment, my hair starts to frizz all over when I woke up and it's really difficult to manage it when I go to school or when I go out. Here are the things I did to avoid bad hair days again with your straightened / rebonded hair.


1. Wash your hair at night and when it's 80% dry, braid your hair in big braids if you want big wavy curls and small braids if you want small wavy curls. This technique will give you a beachy wave in the morning. Braid the hair tight to make the curls visible. In this photo, I braid it loosely.  It will also save you time preparing in the morning. Please don't sleep on your hair when it's still around 100% wet or your pillow will get soaked or you'll get sick while sleeping with wet hair. Untie your braids only 5 minutes before you go to school and spray it with anti-frizz hairspray. I don't recommend this technique if you'll be wearing this hairstyle all day long. Outside environmental factors will likely cause your curls to return to it's normal state. Always bring a hair tie or hair clamp.

2.  Heatless wavy Hair using 2 strands twist. 

This technique is best if you have long to medium hair. You can sleep with this hairstyle and take it all out 5 minutes before going to school or work and after wearing your make up. If you have thick hair, you may not use hairspray anymore. This curl will eventually relaxed at the end of the day making it look like a natural wave.

3. Damage free sexy curls using flexi rolls or foam rods

I totally recommend this one if you want to last your curls whole day long. No need to use hairspray since I hate using hairspray to my hair cause my rhinitis will be activated. All you need to do is to roll your hair using this flexi foam rolls and sleep overnight. Your hair should be 85% damp to get that super sexy curls and it helps your hair last all day. You can buy this in the beauty section of your favorite store. I brought mine at Watsons for Php 140.00 for a set of 12. I brought 2 packs since I have thick coarse hair. 

4. Not-so-messy hair bun
This will not totally work on rebonded hair all the time especially if you don't use hairspray. You will need hairspray to tame all the frizzes especially if your haircut is layered. I don't really like messy buns since rebonded layered hair will not look good in messy buns. This bun is more likely in the middle of messy and non-messy. You may need a cute bow clip to hide the unruly hair after making the bun. 

5. Regular or artistic hair braids

The key to this regular look is to wear make up and wear a cute or striking accessory. No matter how messy or regular your hair look like but make sure your face is not. This is to avoid you from looking just waking up. Conceal that puffy eyes my dear and always wear your eye liner.


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