Too Much Scrubbing Your Skin?

at 9/28/2014

Are you guilty of this? Me, guilty as charged! There are times I can't help but to scrub my skin like it's a dirty plate. LOL! It's really frustrating to see your face really red and painful afterwards since the skin are removed harshly. Every time I use a skin peeling oil to my skin, it's very rare that I won't scrub them off harshly. The main reason there is it's really ugly to see dead skin cells coming off and it's really embarrassing especially when you go outside and meet people face to face. In this case, I've found a good way to moisturize your face during this peeling stage. I totally recommend this product from Avon skin care. 

Honestly, I was hesistant to use this product since Avon is putting this on sale and the price dropped really low. I wonder why? Maybe because this product is not really in demand. 
The downside of this product is it will make your face oily thus the reason why it helps cover your skin from all those peel offs you're experiencing out there. The technique is to apply only a very small amount to the desired area of your face that needs moisturizing to avoid the greasy look and don't expose yourself to the sun or any hot areas (although soybean oil is known to prevent skin damage caused by the sun). Stay indoors as much as you want while using this product. You can also use this as a base to your foundation, BB cream, CC cream, or regular face powder. 
 A small amount like the image above is enough to cover up the entire face. You will noticed immediately that the sting or pain will go away (as the label said comforting nourishing cream) and it will dry up and heal the scratches you've done to your poor face. Actually, I used this product once to my hands after hand-washing all my delicate clothes and it's really effective because the peeled skin healed in just a day. 

 To read more on the benefits of Soybean oil -- read it here!!! 

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