DIY: Headdress for Water Goddess

at 9/21/2014
Hi! I'm back and I just want to share to all of you my DIY headdress for my step sister's gods and goddesses pageant. This crown headdress' base is made of 100% newspaper. This post is not really a detailed  tutorial but I'm going to explain below how I did this without the step by step photos. I will just give you an idea how I made it. It's pretty simple and cheap and you'll be ready for Halloween in no time. 3 days is all you need but if you have lots of time you can do this in just 2 days.

Things you need:

1. Thick tissue. Don't use the soft type it won't dry nicely.
2. Glitter glue (Leeho brand or any)
3. Glue gun and stick
4. Old newspaper
5. Masking tape
6. Soft paintbrush
7. Paint of your choice (spray or non-spray)
8. Container with glue and water diluted in 2: 1 parts (glue:water)
9. Hair blower 
10. Foam beads or sequins and the like


1. Make the base of your crown by measuring the size of your head using few pieces of newspaper. Enough thickness that it can stand on it's own when taped. Just design the crown according to your choice and don't forget to stick it using a masking tape so it won't fall off later on using the papier mache technique. 

2. Just use the Pa pier Mâché technique here to cover your crown. Use the tissue and the diluted glue and water mixture by spreading it using your small paintbrush until it's all covered. You may use a blow dryer to help it dry faster. If you don't have one, you may have to air dry it outside. You will notice that when the tissue dries up, it hardens and you can't barely see the newspaper and tapes you use to wrap your crown. Just cover them repeatedly untill you're happy with the result and the desired thickness is achieved.

3. When everything is dried up, paint the crown carefully. Again, you will notice that the crown hardens a little bit more. Wait for the paint to dry and proceed to the next step.

4. Design the crown using glitter glue or any materials you will like to incorporate in your headdress. In my case, I use foam beads to make it appear like bubbles since this project is for a water / aqua goddess costume. You may stick sequins, beads, colorful tissue papers and some other scrap booking materials available. Use glue gun to stick to give you peace of mind that it won't fall off when you wear them.

5. Voila! Enjoy your headdress. Now, take a selfie. LOL! 


Share to me through my email (taigahh@gmail.com) your version inspired by this project. 



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