Cray Cray For Neons

at 9/30/2014
Gahh!!! I'm so excited with these cute neon pens from Hexaplus and highlighters from Stabilo. It makes studying fun and colorful 'coz I'm one of those people that can't study without any illustrations or something color to the book other than black.

Too bad they don't have blue and purple in this tube container. I love this form unlike the other since this will able to stand on the table. No hassle of closing the cap all the time while reading and the urgent need to highlight. In my case, I need a lot of highlighting in my life because we are required to memorize all sections of the book even if it's ridiculously long. I color the sentence I'm able to memorize by sectioning it using the highlighters so I won't get lost in my memorization. My classmates laughed at me when they saw the pages of my book. They thought I was going crazy highlighting all the contents of the book. If only they know it's my technique on how to effectively memorize the sections in my civil procedure book. I know you're wondering why should I memorize them and not just understand them. Tell it to my professor. LOL! We're forced to do this everyday and honestly, it's really helping my brain to grow strong. I'm just hoping I can retain 70% of this book in my future bar exam. 

I opted for the retail since I don't need the super light colors where it's not visible anymore when writing unless you're using it for art projects. In which case, I suggest you buy the whole pack of Hexaplus pens in various colors. In my case, I only use these pens when writing short important notes and some random doodles. 


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