Cray Cray For Neons

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Gahh!!! I'm so excited with these cute neon pens from Hexaplus and highlighters from Stabilo. It makes studying fun and colorful 'coz I'm one of those people that can't study without any illustrations or something color to the book other than black.

Too bad they don't have blue and purple in this tube container. I love this form unlike the other since this will able to stand on the table. No hassle of closing the cap all the time while reading and the urgent need to highlight. In my case, I need a lot of highlighting in my life because we are required to memorize all sections of the book even if it's ridiculously long. I color the sentence I'm able to memorize by sectioning it using the highlighters so I won't get lost in my memorization. My classmates laughed at me when they saw the pages of my book. They thought I was going crazy highlighting all the contents of the book. If only they know it's my technique on how to effectively memorize the sections in my civil procedure book. I know you're wondering why should I memorize them and not just understand them. Tell it to my professor. LOL! We're forced to do this everyday and honestly, it's really helping my brain to grow strong. I'm just hoping I can retain 70% of this book in my future bar exam. 

I opted for the retail since I don't need the super light colors where it's not visible anymore when writing unless you're using it for art projects. In which case, I suggest you buy the whole pack of Hexaplus pens in various colors. In my case, I only use these pens when writing short important notes and some random doodles. 


Too Much Scrubbing Your Skin?

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Are you guilty of this? Me, guilty as charged! There are times I can't help but to scrub my skin like it's a dirty plate. LOL! It's really frustrating to see your face really red and painful afterwards since the skin are removed harshly. Every time I use a skin peeling oil to my skin, it's very rare that I won't scrub them off harshly. The main reason there is it's really ugly to see dead skin cells coming off and it's really embarrassing especially when you go outside and meet people face to face. In this case, I've found a good way to moisturize your face during this peeling stage. I totally recommend this product from Avon skin care. 

Honestly, I was hesistant to use this product since Avon is putting this on sale and the price dropped really low. I wonder why? Maybe because this product is not really in demand. 
The downside of this product is it will make your face oily thus the reason why it helps cover your skin from all those peel offs you're experiencing out there. The technique is to apply only a very small amount to the desired area of your face that needs moisturizing to avoid the greasy look and don't expose yourself to the sun or any hot areas (although soybean oil is known to prevent skin damage caused by the sun). Stay indoors as much as you want while using this product. You can also use this as a base to your foundation, BB cream, CC cream, or regular face powder. 
 A small amount like the image above is enough to cover up the entire face. You will noticed immediately that the sting or pain will go away (as the label said comforting nourishing cream) and it will dry up and heal the scratches you've done to your poor face. Actually, I used this product once to my hands after hand-washing all my delicate clothes and it's really effective because the peeled skin healed in just a day. 

 To read more on the benefits of Soybean oil -- read it here!!! 

If you've tried this product, don't forget to share your experience in the comment box located below this post. I'll be happy to hear from you my dear readers. Don't forget to share this amazing article right here to your dear friends in Facebook or any social media platforms you're using right now. 


Facial Malunggay

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Hi! I just want to share you my new beauty discovery. Is it just me or am I just a huge fan of Moringa a.k.a. Malunggay. Never a day in our home without a tinola with moringa since this is my  dad's favorite dish. As I've told you, I'm currently exiled in this small city where I grew up and it's really difficult to find products I used to buy in Watsons or SM. I've purchased a malunggay soap from "Snoe"  before but since it's only available in Manila (well now, I'm not so sure whether they've opened new branches) and I badly need a substitute 'coz my face is really sensitive. 

Voila!!! Here's the amazing product right here by Ardent skin care. It cleanse and prevent pimples like "Snoe's" moringa soap but at a more affordable price (around 50 pesos). This soap will make your face tight but not dry since it has moisturizing ingredients and it lightens your skin (in my case a lot) since I naturally have fair colored skin. Just make sure to use this soap in  your neck area in order to prevent uneven skin between your face and your neck.

This is the front cover of the soap and I've just noticed that this soap is from the makers of Gluta-C. I haven't tried this soap (Gluta-C) yet since I'm not really into papaya soaps.
Moringa contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals. As an antioxidant, it seems to help protect cells from damage. (http://www.urlbeat.net/AK5oN)

I use this soap to my bacne (back acne) also and it's really effective. I have no guilt of using this soap since it's very affordable and it's available in almost all of leading stores nationwide. I can use it without the fear of running out of this amazing product. LOL! ( No stashing needed)

This is my skin now. Look at my before photos. 

Try this soap now and tell me below how this product works on you. I'll be happy to hear anything from you. Please don't forget to share this article in your Facebook or any social media you have to help spread this amazing beauty news.


DIY: Headdress for Water Goddess

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Hi! I'm back and I just want to share to all of you my DIY headdress for my step sister's gods and goddesses pageant. This crown headdress' base is made of 100% newspaper. This post is not really a detailed  tutorial but I'm going to explain below how I did this without the step by step photos. I will just give you an idea how I made it. It's pretty simple and cheap and you'll be ready for Halloween in no time. 3 days is all you need but if you have lots of time you can do this in just 2 days.

Things you need:

1. Thick tissue. Don't use the soft type it won't dry nicely.
2. Glitter glue (Leeho brand or any)
3. Glue gun and stick
4. Old newspaper
5. Masking tape
6. Soft paintbrush
7. Paint of your choice (spray or non-spray)
8. Container with glue and water diluted in 2: 1 parts (glue:water)
9. Hair blower 
10. Foam beads or sequins and the like


1. Make the base of your crown by measuring the size of your head using few pieces of newspaper. Enough thickness that it can stand on it's own when taped. Just design the crown according to your choice and don't forget to stick it using a masking tape so it won't fall off later on using the papier mache technique. 

2. Just use the Pa pier Mâché technique here to cover your crown. Use the tissue and the diluted glue and water mixture by spreading it using your small paintbrush until it's all covered. You may use a blow dryer to help it dry faster. If you don't have one, you may have to air dry it outside. You will notice that when the tissue dries up, it hardens and you can't barely see the newspaper and tapes you use to wrap your crown. Just cover them repeatedly untill you're happy with the result and the desired thickness is achieved.

3. When everything is dried up, paint the crown carefully. Again, you will notice that the crown hardens a little bit more. Wait for the paint to dry and proceed to the next step.

4. Design the crown using glitter glue or any materials you will like to incorporate in your headdress. In my case, I use foam beads to make it appear like bubbles since this project is for a water / aqua goddess costume. You may stick sequins, beads, colorful tissue papers and some other scrap booking materials available. Use glue gun to stick to give you peace of mind that it won't fall off when you wear them.

5. Voila! Enjoy your headdress. Now, take a selfie. LOL! 


Share to me through my email (taigahh@gmail.com) your version inspired by this project. 


Month of July: Outfit of The Day

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Sorry for this late post. Here is the compilation of my July outfits. I'm not sure if I'll be posting for the month of August since I got so lazy due to my reading schedules. Law school is a goddamn hell. Yep, we are allowed to wear any kind of outfits in our school. They're not that strict to dress code except on Tuesdays. 

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