Top 10 Songs To Listen This Month of May 2014

at 5/28/2014
I will post a list of songs I've listened for this month. My love for music depends on my mood. There are times I want to listen to rock songs, RnB but mostly pop songs. I also love Michael Buble's music genre ever since I heard him sing maybe because I was born from the 80's and grew up in the early 90's. I guess I adapted the songs from my parents period since they love listening to the Beatles, Bee Gees, etc. while I was in my elementary days. When I grew up my taste for music evolved. In my high school days, I love listening to RnB songs like Dilemma by Kelly Rowland feat. Nelly, Ashanti and Fat Joe's What's Love then J.Lo and Ja Rule's I'm Real and the rest is history. I love listening when different artist make collaboration songs. In my early college years, my love for RnB slowly fades then I discovered Enya, Enigma, Gregorian and the like. I don't know why but I feel really relaxed listening to their music esp. during the time I broke with my high school boyfriend. In college, I've met a lot of different people unlike in high school days where the people are a bit reserved but are like ticking bombs ready to explode and explore the outside world. I was the kind of person who's stucked with my high school romance. I fell in love at an early age and the feeling was like heaven and dreamy. The only thing left to those days are the songs that keeps reminding me of those bittersweet memories from the past. I admit my feelings right now are hazy like having a foggy hike to the woods. Today, I've realized and learned a lot from the past and I'm now ready to face what's ahead of me. Before, I only believe that all the people around us is always good and nice but after the long run you'll find out that the world is an uncertain path and people change. To all the people who've hurt me and I've hurt in return, you will always be in my heart. We may not exchange smiles in the future anymore but one thing for sure I've learned to forgive but I will never forget.


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