Ready For A Pixie?

at 5/17/2014
I promised to myself that I will either get a tiny tattoo or get a pixie haircut if I'll develop some Abs. I made a research about getting a tattoo and tattoo removal (if I'll regret it) but it turns out I can't do it. So I think I'll just scratch it out of my list and I will just pursue the pixie haircut. As a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan, her haircut inspires me to get one too but I don't have an Abs yet so I will just make an extensive research first before getting the haircut. To all those women who haven't tried or just cowardly can't dare to cut their hair above shoulder length, here are the tips I would like to share. 

Consider the shape of your face
Who said round faces can't get a pixie? But be careful to add some side bangs to create a soft look and not to expose your forehead. Actually, every face shape can get a pixie but always consider the contour of your jawline. If you don't have a strong jawline, you may need to disguise it with make-up but the downside of it is what if you're too lazy wearing make-up? 

Consider the frequent make-up routines
If you're too bold to try the pixie haircut even if you don't have a strong jawline, you may consider wearing a make-up to contour your face frequently to avoid looking like a ball face. You may need to add a little bold make-up to your eyes to frame your face also.

Consider hair texture
If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you may consider having your hair straighten first or iron your hair all the time but the damage is inevitable. Coarse or dense hair must be conditioned always to look soft and manageable when styling. Straight hair is the best hair texture to get that soft, sensual pixie look. 

Consider the maintenance
If you think shorter hair means low maintenance then you're wrong. You will need to invest some good styling tools, hair creams and salon visits to get your hair trimmed when your hair grows in unexpected lengths. 

Consider weight loss
In my own observation, you will need to slim down some more to give this haircut some justice. Double chin faces are not recommended to get this kind of cut. This haircut is best for those who have small faces and weight loss is one of the best idea than having a surgery. Maybe it's time for you to motivate yourself to shed off some weight. 

Consider online hair makeover
Most of all, try searching online hair makeover like this one here and use your own image or photo to try different hairstyles what suits you best before chopping that mane off. Avoid regrets but in case you've read this article very late, don't you worry girl your hair will grow eventually. 

Thanks to this online makeover, it made me realize right now that pixie haircut is not for me. LOL!

Free online hair makeover site you can try for yourself---> HERE.


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