My Weight Loss Photo Diary (From 60 to 45 kilos)

at 5/30/2014
Pat on the back for achieving my first step to being healthy. I lost 15 kilos in total from 60 to 45 kilos. To my boyfriend who stayed and support me through my weight loss journey, I can't thank enough!!! You will always be my frenemy, my pillar and my imperfect love. To myself, you did a great job and always remember the number on your weighing scale doesn't define you as a person (Lol! I just need to remind myself all the time esp. when I lost track of my life). May this weight loss journey of mine will serve as an inspiration to all of you who are aspiring to feel good, look good and love yourself even more. 

 April 2013 (49 kilos)
May 2013 (48 kilos) 
June 2013 (47 kilos)
July 2013 (46 kilos)
August 2013 (45 kilos)
September 2013 (45 kilos)
 October 2013 (45 kilos)
 November 2013 ( 45 kilos)
December 2013 (45 kilos)

My weight right now is playing around 48 and 49 kilos and I think this weight right now is working for me since I don't feel so weak at this current weight unlike when I was at 45 to 47 kilos.

How about you? Are you ready to share your weight loss photo diary also? I'll be glad to see you how you did it. 

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