LS BL Cream Product Review

at 5/05/2014
I've searched anywhere and can't find an article of BL cream that it contains mercury. My sister keep telling me that this product is very effective in curing common skin problems. I accidentally sit on a very dusty chair and I strongly believed it was infested with dust mites since it was stored in the storage room for quite a long time. Red patches appeared immediately to my legs that seems like bitten by fleas. I immediately wash the area but unfortunately I can't find my Nizoral cream. I applied alcohol to the red areas but still the itchiness won't stop. My sister who heard my agony told me that she once tried this chinese cream she bought at Unitop. Honestly, I'm one of those people who don't believe in chinese brands because their reputation is really bad but yeah, she persuaded me to try it since the itch persisted and I can't stop scratching them. Oh! well, this product left me in awe because the minute I've finished applying it to the red patches, the itchiness were gone like magic. This is so freakingly amazing at the same time I'm still skeptical to this product because it didn't gave me this immediate result to Nizoral cream. For now, I'm just happy with the result but I won't be using it anymore until it's tested by FDA to be free from mercury. I just hope it doesn't contained mercury because this product is really cheap and everyone can afford it. I've heard that there are lots of fake BL Creams on the market already that costs around 15 pesos. Isn't the price too obvious? A ketoconazole cream at a price like that? It rises a suspicion if that is the case. I will still not recommend you to use this one unless you're in great financial crisis. 

My sister testified that it lightens her skin when she mixed her lotion with BL cream. It gives a peeling effect the next day she checked her skin. I guess it's the effect of the ketoconazole why it peeled off. 


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