Keep Calm and Drink Ginger Brew

at 5/29/2014
Early in the morning and I can't help but being grumpy already. There are some things that keeps on bugging me. Little things for them but it means a lot in my case. If only there's an anger management program in my area right now and I won't bother enrolling myself just to relax my nerves and get myself a therapy. My family are the only one who knows that I have an attitude problem and they think I'm getting crazy. I know there's a scientific explanation why I get angry all time and this is not just my ego. I guess I need to learn to calm down a little bit and let life do it's job for me without expecting too much from people. I've been there and done that but I always fail to remember to lower my expectations. As to the famous sayings goes " If you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed." 

Now, cheers! and let's drink to that while listening to Katharine Mcphee & Megan Hilty's cover of Rihanna's song Cheers! (Drink to that)....


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