How to Groom, Shape and Repair Your Eyebrows All by Yourself

at 5/29/2014
Ha! I've finally finished editing this video I made last month. My laptop keeps crashing and I can't edit them until today. I thought this video will never be published in my Youtube account anymore. I just want to show you all my eyebrow routine on how I groom, shape and repair my eyebrows. I have naturally medium thick brows and my left brow have met this unfortunate accident when I was still a kid while me and my cousin were playing a plastic heavy cardboard and it fell on my eyebrows that leaves a wound and scarred eventually. I'm still thankful that cardboard didn't hit my eyes or else I'm blind today. When grooming and shaping your eyebrows, you'll need to be patient with the process and a steady hand to do it. There are times when I'm in hurry or out of focus where I over trimmed or over plucked my eyebrows. Don't you worry this video also includes on how to cover up your over trimmed and over plucked brows. I hope this tutorial will help you all out there. Don't forget to leave a comment below and share to me also your eyebrow beauty tips and tricks. 


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