My Weight Loss Photo Diary (From 60 to 45 kilos)

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Pat on the back for achieving my first step to being healthy. I lost 15 kilos in total from 60 to 45 kilos. To my boyfriend who stayed and support me through my weight loss journey, I can't thank enough!!! You will always be my frenemy, my pillar and my imperfect love. To myself, you did a great job and always remember the number on your weighing scale doesn't define you as a person (Lol! I just need to remind myself all the time esp. when I lost track of my life). May this weight loss journey of mine will serve as an inspiration to all of you who are aspiring to feel good, look good and love yourself even more. 

 April 2013 (49 kilos)
May 2013 (48 kilos) 
June 2013 (47 kilos)
July 2013 (46 kilos)
August 2013 (45 kilos)
September 2013 (45 kilos)
 October 2013 (45 kilos)
 November 2013 ( 45 kilos)
December 2013 (45 kilos)

My weight right now is playing around 48 and 49 kilos and I think this weight right now is working for me since I don't feel so weak at this current weight unlike when I was at 45 to 47 kilos.

How about you? Are you ready to share your weight loss photo diary also? I'll be glad to see you how you did it. 

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Keep Calm and Drink Ginger Brew

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Early in the morning and I can't help but being grumpy already. There are some things that keeps on bugging me. Little things for them but it means a lot in my case. If only there's an anger management program in my area right now and I won't bother enrolling myself just to relax my nerves and get myself a therapy. My family are the only one who knows that I have an attitude problem and they think I'm getting crazy. I know there's a scientific explanation why I get angry all time and this is not just my ego. I guess I need to learn to calm down a little bit and let life do it's job for me without expecting too much from people. I've been there and done that but I always fail to remember to lower my expectations. As to the famous sayings goes " If you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed." 

Now, cheers! and let's drink to that while listening to Katharine Mcphee & Megan Hilty's cover of Rihanna's song Cheers! (Drink to that)....

How to Groom, Shape and Repair Your Eyebrows All by Yourself

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Ha! I've finally finished editing this video I made last month. My laptop keeps crashing and I can't edit them until today. I thought this video will never be published in my Youtube account anymore. I just want to show you all my eyebrow routine on how I groom, shape and repair my eyebrows. I have naturally medium thick brows and my left brow have met this unfortunate accident when I was still a kid while me and my cousin were playing a plastic heavy cardboard and it fell on my eyebrows that leaves a wound and scarred eventually. I'm still thankful that cardboard didn't hit my eyes or else I'm blind today. When grooming and shaping your eyebrows, you'll need to be patient with the process and a steady hand to do it. There are times when I'm in hurry or out of focus where I over trimmed or over plucked my eyebrows. Don't you worry this video also includes on how to cover up your over trimmed and over plucked brows. I hope this tutorial will help you all out there. Don't forget to leave a comment below and share to me also your eyebrow beauty tips and tricks. 


Top Wedding Songs of 2014

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Relax girls! I'm not yet getting married but in case I'll get married in this year 2014 or you'll get married this year, here is the list of wedding songs to create that romantic wedding mood. If you're the modern kind of bride-to-be then this list of songs is just right for you.

Best Lyrics: "You and I we don't wanna be like them. We can make it till the end. Nothing can come between you and I. Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us"

Song Interpretation: Two opposite people in a relationship were trying to fight for their love no matter what happens. If you really love a person nothing comes between the two of you.

Best Lyrics: "I am not scared of the elements. I am under-prepared, but I am willing and even better I get to be the other half of you. Tell the world that we finally got it all right.I choose you.I will become yours and you will become mine. I choose you."

Song Interpretation: Two people who've been hurt before and lost it's faith in love until they've met each other and found love again.

Best Lyrics: "'Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me. I'll give my all to you. You're my end and my beginning even when I lose I'm winning 'cause I give you all of me and you give me all of you"

Song Interpretation: All your imperfections doesn't matter to a man who have found true love.

4. Mirrors (original Justin Timberlake) covered by Anthem Lights (View Lyrics Here)
Best Lyrics: "It's like you're my mirror. My mirror staring back at me.I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside of me and now it's clear as this promise that we're making two reflections into one. 'Cause it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, staring back at me"

Song Interpretation: It's nice to have found that someone who loves you unconditionally until the time is through.

Best Lyrics: "In the darkest night hour I’ll search through the crowd your face is all that I see. I’ll give you everything, Baby love me lights out. We don’t have forever. Baby daylight’s wasting.You better kiss me. Before our time is run out. Nobody sees what we see.They’re just hopelessly gazing. Baby take me, Before they turn the lights out. Before time is run out. Baby love me lights out"

Song Interpretation: Life is empty without that person who makes you feel complete and we must always grab the opportunity to be with them before it's too late...then he asked her hand to be with him while he got the chance 'coz the world is an uncertain place. Anything can happen...show your love now!

Best Lyrics: "Treasure, that is what you are. Honey, you're my golden star. You know you can make my wish come true. If you let me treasure you."

Song Intepretation: A man must always makes her woman feel very special like she's the most luckiest person in the world by showing her your true intentions.

Best Lyrics: "'Cause I wanna wrap you up.Wanna kiss your lips. I wanna make you feel wanted. And I wanna call you mine.Wanna hold your hand forever. Never let you forget it.Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted"

Song Interpretation: Sometimes what a woman wants for his man is to make her feel special.

8. Best Day of My Life by American Authors (View Lyrics Here)
Best Lyrics: "I'm never gonna look back. Whoa, I'm never gonna give it up. No, just don't wake me now. This is gonna be the best day of my life"

Song Interpretation: It's always a happy day when you're with someone you love.

Best Lyrics: "And if I lost everything. In my heart it means nothing 'cause I have you, girl, I have you. To get right down on bended knee, Nothing else would ever be better, better. That day when...I'll say, "Will you marry me?" I swear that I will mean it. I'll say,"Will you marry me?""

Song Interpretation: Sometimes what's left to do is just to put a ring on it and live happily ever after.

Best Lyrics: "Cause baby every time I love you. It's in and out my life, In-out baby tell me, if you really love me. In and out my life, In-out baby 'cause baby, 'cause, love never felt so good"

Song Interpretation: All we need is love and it never fails humanity. Love is always good to feel so let's spread the love and multiply (?) .

Top 10 Songs To Listen This Month of May 2014

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I will post a list of songs I've listened for this month. My love for music depends on my mood. There are times I want to listen to rock songs, RnB but mostly pop songs. I also love Michael Buble's music genre ever since I heard him sing maybe because I was born from the 80's and grew up in the early 90's. I guess I adapted the songs from my parents period since they love listening to the Beatles, Bee Gees, etc. while I was in my elementary days. When I grew up my taste for music evolved. In my high school days, I love listening to RnB songs like Dilemma by Kelly Rowland feat. Nelly, Ashanti and Fat Joe's What's Love then J.Lo and Ja Rule's I'm Real and the rest is history. I love listening when different artist make collaboration songs. In my early college years, my love for RnB slowly fades then I discovered Enya, Enigma, Gregorian and the like. I don't know why but I feel really relaxed listening to their music esp. during the time I broke with my high school boyfriend. In college, I've met a lot of different people unlike in high school days where the people are a bit reserved but are like ticking bombs ready to explode and explore the outside world. I was the kind of person who's stucked with my high school romance. I fell in love at an early age and the feeling was like heaven and dreamy. The only thing left to those days are the songs that keeps reminding me of those bittersweet memories from the past. I admit my feelings right now are hazy like having a foggy hike to the woods. Today, I've realized and learned a lot from the past and I'm now ready to face what's ahead of me. Before, I only believe that all the people around us is always good and nice but after the long run you'll find out that the world is an uncertain path and people change. To all the people who've hurt me and I've hurt in return, you will always be in my heart. We may not exchange smiles in the future anymore but one thing for sure I've learned to forgive but I will never forget.


Ready For A Pixie?

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I promised to myself that I will either get a tiny tattoo or get a pixie haircut if I'll develop some Abs. I made a research about getting a tattoo and tattoo removal (if I'll regret it) but it turns out I can't do it. So I think I'll just scratch it out of my list and I will just pursue the pixie haircut. As a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan, her haircut inspires me to get one too but I don't have an Abs yet so I will just make an extensive research first before getting the haircut. To all those women who haven't tried or just cowardly can't dare to cut their hair above shoulder length, here are the tips I would like to share. 

Consider the shape of your face
Who said round faces can't get a pixie? But be careful to add some side bangs to create a soft look and not to expose your forehead. Actually, every face shape can get a pixie but always consider the contour of your jawline. If you don't have a strong jawline, you may need to disguise it with make-up but the downside of it is what if you're too lazy wearing make-up? 

Consider the frequent make-up routines
If you're too bold to try the pixie haircut even if you don't have a strong jawline, you may consider wearing a make-up to contour your face frequently to avoid looking like a ball face. You may need to add a little bold make-up to your eyes to frame your face also.

Consider hair texture
If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you may consider having your hair straighten first or iron your hair all the time but the damage is inevitable. Coarse or dense hair must be conditioned always to look soft and manageable when styling. Straight hair is the best hair texture to get that soft, sensual pixie look. 

Consider the maintenance
If you think shorter hair means low maintenance then you're wrong. You will need to invest some good styling tools, hair creams and salon visits to get your hair trimmed when your hair grows in unexpected lengths. 

Consider weight loss
In my own observation, you will need to slim down some more to give this haircut some justice. Double chin faces are not recommended to get this kind of cut. This haircut is best for those who have small faces and weight loss is one of the best idea than having a surgery. Maybe it's time for you to motivate yourself to shed off some weight. 

Consider online hair makeover
Most of all, try searching online hair makeover like this one here and use your own image or photo to try different hairstyles what suits you best before chopping that mane off. Avoid regrets but in case you've read this article very late, don't you worry girl your hair will grow eventually. 

Thanks to this online makeover, it made me realize right now that pixie haircut is not for me. LOL!

Free online hair makeover site you can try for yourself---> HERE.


Top 10 Funny Movies Of All Time

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I'm currently sick at the moment because of my non-allergic rhinitis and can't do my workout routine for the fear that my fever will come back if I will over work my body. I can't even last an hour sitting in front of my laptop and it's really a boredom. I asked my sister to help me think of an idea on what to post on my blog and told me why not make a list of funny movies you've watched and totally recommend. Yeah right, why didn't I think of that? Okay, here are the funny movies I've watched for the past few years that I totally recommend. The movies are not ranked by their numbers. 

  1. Bridesmaids (2011) - In my own's view, this is a woman's version of the movie "The Hangover". As we know, women loves competition and we get jealous over time. How much more if you're the best friend of the bride but turns out you didn't become the maid of honor? It's totally war!!! My boyfriend loved this movie. 
  2. The Hangover (2009) - I recommend you watch the first part of this trilogy(?) since the fun really started in Las Vegas. Maybe you've heard the 2nd and 3rd part of this movie but the first is the funniest one. As I've told you this movie is a bachelor movie where one of their friend is getting married but a lot happened the night before the wedding. My boyfriend absolutely love this movie.
  3. American Pie (1999 & 2001) - There are lots of parts of this movie but the first one is the best of them all. I think the creators of the movie "The Hangover" got the idea from this movie. The story is still about a group of friends trying to lose their virginity by prom night and when high school was over they had a reunion because one of their friend is getting married which will happen in the part 2 of this movie. Don't let your kid watch this movie 'coz it's full of adult content. It's better to watch this with your girl friends, bf or husband.
  4. Due Date (2010) - this movie is starred by Zack Galifianakis, an aspiring comedy actor and Robert Downey Jr. who was forced to hitch-hike with him since he was chasing the time to attend to his wife's baby delivery. This is a one hell of a road trip and I would totally recommend this to watch it with your boyfriend or husband since they can really get this film.
  5. Horrible Bosses (2011) - This movie is a group of working friends but this time they're all conspiring to kill their awful bosses since they can't take up anymore the shame and pressure they got from them. Learn how they got rid of their bosses by these super failure men. 
  6. Date Night (2010) - Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are both bored couples who were trying to reignite their relationship and decided to have a date night they won't forget. Your kids are allowed to watch this movie since it's wholesome but grab your partner too for a total fun.
  7. My Sassy Girl (2001) - I'm not really into subtitled movies but this Korean movie will make you laugh out of your seat then let your heart cried out empty. The hollywood remake of this movie is a total flop. They can never imitate these asian stars chemistry. Bring your girl friends to laugh and cry with you throughout this movie. 
  8. 3 idiots (2009) - Who said all bollywood movies are boring? Not this one my friend. You better ready your tissue for this super hilarious movie. My friends recommended this to me but I keep on saying no because of the bollywood reputation but I'm totally wrong!!! You have to watch this movie guys. A story of friendship, love and lots of humor. 
  9. The Proposal (2009) - Not in my mind that Sandra Bullock can do comedy roles. It's more of a chick flick so not all guys will like this movie. It's better to watch this with your girl friends but in case my boyfriend find this movie hilarious. 
  10. Mamma Mia (2008) - I can't hide my love for musicals but who knows Meryl Streep can sing and dance? If you're a big fan of ABBA an 80's pop group, you will absolutely love this. Let your kids watch it with you since it's more fun letting your kids immerse in this kind of music.


LS BL Cream Product Review

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I've searched anywhere and can't find an article of BL cream that it contains mercury. My sister keep telling me that this product is very effective in curing common skin problems. I accidentally sit on a very dusty chair and I strongly believed it was infested with dust mites since it was stored in the storage room for quite a long time. Red patches appeared immediately to my legs that seems like bitten by fleas. I immediately wash the area but unfortunately I can't find my Nizoral cream. I applied alcohol to the red areas but still the itchiness won't stop. My sister who heard my agony told me that she once tried this chinese cream she bought at Unitop. Honestly, I'm one of those people who don't believe in chinese brands because their reputation is really bad but yeah, she persuaded me to try it since the itch persisted and I can't stop scratching them. Oh! well, this product left me in awe because the minute I've finished applying it to the red patches, the itchiness were gone like magic. This is so freakingly amazing at the same time I'm still skeptical to this product because it didn't gave me this immediate result to Nizoral cream. For now, I'm just happy with the result but I won't be using it anymore until it's tested by FDA to be free from mercury. I just hope it doesn't contained mercury because this product is really cheap and everyone can afford it. I've heard that there are lots of fake BL Creams on the market already that costs around 15 pesos. Isn't the price too obvious? A ketoconazole cream at a price like that? It rises a suspicion if that is the case. I will still not recommend you to use this one unless you're in great financial crisis. 

My sister testified that it lightens her skin when she mixed her lotion with BL cream. It gives a peeling effect the next day she checked her skin. I guess it's the effect of the ketoconazole why it peeled off. 

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