Yogurt Switch

at 4/23/2014
I remember exactly the first time I tasted yogurt when I was a kid is that the taste is really terrible. The year was around early 2000's and the plain yogurt in everyday supermarket really tasted bad. Ever since that incident I promised to myself that I won't eat yogurt again. What's all the fave with this food? I really don't understand people at that time when I was a kid and my mom keep forcing us to eat them since they're healthy as she claims. It was the time when Nestle introduced a new yogurt product line and Thank God it comes in different flavors already and with real fruits inside that my curiosity poked me and makes me want to give yogurt a second chance. To make the long story short, I fell in love with yogurt for the first time. I thought Nestle has the most yummiest yogurt products but not until I tried Creamy Delight yogurt by Asia Brewery Inc. . This product just came to me by accident because my mom sells beer and the guy who delivers the beers to her introduced it to my mom. He told us to give it a try and it's on sale at this moment. I was a bit skeptical at first because I'm the kind of person who is afraid to switch products when it comes to food. The label and the presentation of cup looks really simple but it's my first time to see a fruit salad flavor to a yogurt. I'm pretty sure there are lots of yogurt brands out there with fruit salad flavor but this is the first time I've seen one and I'm curious to taste it. To make the long story short, the texture is really creamy as to the name "creamy delight" and the smell is tempting and most of all the sweetness is natural and it didn't hurt my tonsil. If we compare Creamy Delight and Nestle's Fruit Selection yogurt, the former is not too sweet unlike the latter. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like too much sweets in your food then this one is for you. I've found my new yogurt love and it only comes in 89 calories per cup. 

We bought 3 cases of creamy delight for 2 weeks supply
The cream looks like this and excuse my Toy Story spoon freebie from Lactum. It's my little sister's spoon.
The nutritional value of Creamy Delight and it's a product of Spain. 


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