Vaseline Instant Whitening Lotion: Real or Fake?

at 4/26/2014
My sister keeps on insisting for me to buy her the new Vaseline product that promises instant whitening with the first application. I told her it's impossible to lighten your skin in just one application. My sister has a natural brown complexion and wanted it to lighten two tone from her original color. Finally, this product is now available at this remote area of the Philippines and were able to purchased one. The medium size bottle cost about 105.00 pesos and were so happy it's not that expensive as we've thought. We immediately tried the product to her skin when we arrived and to my skin if it does really whitens instantly. Unfortunately, It didn't. Ha! We tried waiting for a couple of minutes that maybe it will magically whitens but nope! It did not!!! How could Vaseline promised such thing? Actually, it's just a regular lotion that will make your skin looking matted or dry in some other skin. I thought of throwing it in the thrash but that would be a waste of money so we will be giving it another chance for 2 weeks of using it. I will make an update of this post as soon as next week. For now, I'm pretty discouraged for this product...

It says that it has triple sunscreens but it didn't indicate the spf number. I'm not so sure about this claim. 


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