The Irony Of The Tanning Sunblock

at 4/12/2014
Hello guys! Summer is finally here and going out outdoors seems to be very dangerous since the sun's UV rays can cause skin cancer, sunburn, melasma and so much more. As I've told you in my previous posts, me and my boyfriend loves tilling the land and garden in our free time plus I love biking and swimming too to burn all the calories. My mom is an Avon dealer as part of her many many sidelines and came to browse the latest brochures for this summer 2014 and found a good deal with their sunblock products. To make the story short,  I ordered the lotion and spray. The former for my face and the latter for the body parts. The items are enclosed inside an orange yellow box and the labels promised to give you a sun protection up to 30 spf. Spf 30 are supposed to protect your skin by 97%, spf 15 by 93% respectively and the
higher the spf, the higher the the protection you can get from the sun but it doesn't mean that you can stay under the sun long enough without reapplication. I have a fair skin and so does my boyfriend too and he was the first to test the product and went to the garden around 1 in the afternoon. I applied the spray to my right hand only to test it later on but when my boyfriend came back after 30 minutes, what happened is he looks like chocolate in just 30 minutes under exposure from the sun. What the hell??? What kind of sunblock is this? Good thing I did not went outside yet 'coz I'm still gearing up for my afternoon workout outside. Lol! Honestly, I don't recommend this sunblock if you're using whitening products 'coz I guess it won't work effectively on you but I recommend this to those who wants to have a tanning effect but with sun protection. But if you're like me who literally buy a sunblock to protect you from turning chocolate color then this product is not for us!!! Oh Lord!!! This is the worst sunblock lotion and spray ever. Sorry, Avon! This product didn't worked for me but maybe this worked to others...maybe... :) Anyway, I will be posting a lot of Avon products and haul for my next post. I still love Avon products though even if this one is a flop. Coppertone and Banana Boat sunblock products are still my number one on my list though they are really expensive for a middle class like me. Anyway, here are the photos of the product and the before and after photo of using this product. 

Avon's sun solutions spf 30 body spray 
The back portion of the box in this product.
 Avon's Sun Solution spf 30 for the face
His skin is not reddish in color even if he's indoor and he even wore an elbow length clothing after applying the sunblock spray to his body and lotion to his face and not only an hour he turned red unlike the before photo which he only uses the Banana boat sunblock and it's for kids. Lol! I guess the spray is not really effective as a sunblock unlike the lotion variety.


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