That Clean Feel

at 4/25/2014
Thank God!! I thought Off! will never ever make a light formula in their anti-mosquito lotion. I can't stand the feeling of greasiness and heaviness of the old formula when applied to my skin. The old formula won't even get off that easily if you're not using a scrub while taking a bath. It's really a hassle for people like me who don't like to wear lotion especially if it's summer season. I've tried the Off! spray before also but it's a little bit oily and you will need to reapply often since it won't really stick to your skin when you're sweating a lot and the spray formula is uneconomical since it will run out that fast. I've tried the citronella spray also which I bought in Handyman but as I've said it's not really that effective and reapplication is oftentimes which makes it uneconomical. Our house is basically surrounded by plants and mosquitoes thrive everywhere and it's a must to apply anti-mosquito lotion when going outdoors. I just can't hide my excitement when I've found out they already make a clean feel anti-mosquito lotion (I feel so outdated LOL!). All I can say is thanks Johnsons®!!! 

The almost liquid gel like consistency of Off!'s Clean Feel anti-mosquito lotion. 


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