Magic in 1 bottle - Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream Review

at 4/09/2014
Are you one of those people who wake up with super saggy eyelids every time you wake up in the morning? I admit I'm one of them especially if I eat a lot of bad foods and sleep very late at night. I totally believe now that aging starts around when you're in your 25th year of age (in women). OMGee!!! I can't believe it!!! I have crow's feet or lines beside your eyes when you smile or laugh. My eyelids tends to droop too every time I woke up and it's not a pleasing view every time you look yourself into the mirror every morning. I decided to take action of this beauty problem and rush myself to the nearest beauty store and look for an affordable eye cream. The truth is
I haven't found an eye cream that cost 100 below and it shocked me how important it is to invest in eye cream when in your mid 20's. I have no choice but to dive in and slow this aging process I'm experiencing right now. I looked into Olay's regenerist line but it doesn't fit in my budget. I almost gave up but then when I passed through the end of the aisle, I noticed this red and shining box wrapped in plastic cellophane. Honestly, I only read that it's an eye cream and just looked for the price tag and then let myself go since this is next big deal to Olay. I know, it cost a staggering 499.99 pesos but Olay's price is much higher than this and Heart Evangelista's face is all around the wall though I've found out later on that she did not model this product --only the BB Cream. Ok, I'm so excited to open the bottle since I have no idea how it looks like from the inside and I was surprised that the bottle is very elegant and when I opened it has two compartments and it comes in different colors. One was pink and the other was whitish in color. The box came in with the instructions that the pink is for the upper area of the eye and the white is for the lower eye area. Nicely done Pond's!!! I agree that eye creams should be dual in action since the upper eye area needs a different attention than the lower eye area. I'm already optimistic of this product ever since and can't wait to blog the results when I'm really happy about it and it did and this post happened. Whew!!!! I love this product so much and I'm using this for about 2 months now every night. This product last very long since you only need a very thin amount of it every time you apply it into your eyelids. It's very "swak" to your budget. Imagine your 500 pesos will last for almost 4 months I guess in my observation since the photo below was taken for the 3rd month of me using it every night and no break. No more sagging eyebags and drooping eyelids for me and thank you for this product. It saves me a lot of money going to dermatologist, and it's a high quality product since it's made by Pond's and formulated for Asians. My friend uses a very expensive brand of eye cream and I noticed the result is almost the same. Duh?!! Why would spend thousands when you can just spend hundreds to fight skin aging. I'm definitely recommending this to all women out there in there mid-20's. Go girl!!! 

I have droopy eye lids before using Pond's age miracle Dual Action eye cream and my eye bags are super big especially when I smile but now it's okay to smile 'coz it's size diminished big time. I'm only wearing eye liner in the after photo.
Before pic not wearing eye liner & lipstick and I'm not yet smiling on this photo how much more if I'll flash my smile. OMGee!!! The skin around my eyes are hideous!!!! Lol! Vain!!!


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