Insanity Workout Is All You Need

at 4/29/2014
A lot of us wants to lose weight in a very fast way. Some of you might dive in a drastic act to just lose weight in just a week. If you haven't heard of this workout craze, it's about time you'll try it. This workout is high intensity and in just the first minute of working out, you'll be gasping for a lot of air and you will sweat like you've gone to hell. My first try of insanity makes me wanna scream for spirit of ammonia. I only did 15 minutes of it and I thought I was going to faint. I didn't noticed the "know your limits" indicated in the screen. In my experience, I recommend you prepare 3 days straight with 500 jumping rope in high intensity before trying this workout and always do warm ups. Do not do Insanity workout right away without the 3 to 5 days preparing your body for this high intensity workout. You will thank me if you did because in my first attempt of Insanity Workout, I didn't walked straight for 1 week. My body was never prepared for this kind of workout. It feels like I was badly beaten the day after doing this crazy workout. I also recommend you must watch your diet carefully and nourish your body to repair your muscles after doing Insanity. Believe it or not you will lose as much as 1 kilo in  1 week by doing Insanity and eating only a 1200 calorie meal plan. We just can't deny it sometimes that we tend to indulge ourselves in eating sometimes and this Insanity workout will redeem yourself from all the guilty eating you've done. There's no other workout that's as effective as this that when you do your regular workout routine, it won't feel the same anymore. It feels like your body won't respond to any kind of workout anymore but only Insanity. I did tried doing Insanity workout for 1 week straight then tried going back to my zumba exercise but unfortunately I didn't sweat a lot anymore. Insanity workout will make you feel really strong and you'll be amazed by the results as early as 1 week. One more thing, I don't recommend this workout to those who have heart problems and just lose weight recently. This workout is best for those who wants to build muscles and lose a little bit of weight for those who went into an eating spree for a week. 

Ready your water, your workout partner and your warrior spirit before doing this workout. :)


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