Create A Natural Wavy Hair Without The Crimped Look At The Hair Ends

at 4/26/2014
This is not really a very elaborate hair tutorial. I just want you to see it on how I did my hair today wearing the natural wave look within 15 minutes for medium hair like mine. Just follow the steps below on how to create that perfect summer wave without the help of other person.

1. After prepping your hair with heat protection spray or mousse to hold the curls, you may now part your hair into two.
2. Section the other half by parting them again in two parts then start curling the lower hairs. Estimate a not too thick section but not too thin section while curling your hair.
3. Get a gloves made with cloth and use it to protect your hands while holding the hair with the curling iron.
4. Do not use the clip of the curling iron to avoid the crimped look at the end of the strands of your hair. This is the reason why you need to use the gloves since you'll be the one locking the hair.
5. Follow an imaginary spiral when placing the hair in the hot barrel then roll the hair tightly by securing your fingertips with the gloves on it.
6. Do not brush your hair instead use your hands because if you do, you'll ruined the curls.
7. Apply hair spray if you like but I recommend you don't if you want it to look more natural. If you have natural silky super straight hair, I recommend that you use spray or anything to hold them.
8. If you're not using hair spray, avoid windy areas since it will ruin the curls.
9. Enjoy your natural wavy hair without the crimped look at the end of the curls.
I can't let you see my no make-up eyes. LOL!
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