Insanity Workout Is All You Need

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A lot of us wants to lose weight in a very fast way. Some of you might dive in a drastic act to just lose weight in just a week. If you haven't heard of this workout craze, it's about time you'll try it. This workout is high intensity and in just the first minute of working out, you'll be gasping for a lot of air and you will sweat like you've gone to hell. My first try of insanity makes me wanna scream for spirit of ammonia. I only did 15 minutes of it and I thought I was going to faint. I didn't noticed the "know your limits" indicated in the screen. In my experience, I recommend you prepare 3 days straight with 500 jumping rope in high intensity before trying this workout and always do warm ups. Do not do Insanity workout right away without the 3 to 5 days preparing your body for this high intensity workout. You will thank me if you did because in my first attempt of Insanity Workout, I didn't walked straight for 1 week. My body was never prepared for this kind of workout. It feels like I was badly beaten the day after doing this crazy workout. I also recommend you must watch your diet carefully and nourish your body to repair your muscles after doing Insanity. Believe it or not you will lose as much as 1 kilo in  1 week by doing Insanity and eating only a 1200 calorie meal plan. We just can't deny it sometimes that we tend to indulge ourselves in eating sometimes and this Insanity workout will redeem yourself from all the guilty eating you've done. There's no other workout that's as effective as this that when you do your regular workout routine, it won't feel the same anymore. It feels like your body won't respond to any kind of workout anymore but only Insanity. I did tried doing Insanity workout for 1 week straight then tried going back to my zumba exercise but unfortunately I didn't sweat a lot anymore. Insanity workout will make you feel really strong and you'll be amazed by the results as early as 1 week. One more thing, I don't recommend this workout to those who have heart problems and just lose weight recently. This workout is best for those who wants to build muscles and lose a little bit of weight for those who went into an eating spree for a week. 

Ready your water, your workout partner and your warrior spirit before doing this workout. :)


Vaseline Instant Whitening Lotion: Real or Fake?

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My sister keeps on insisting for me to buy her the new Vaseline product that promises instant whitening with the first application. I told her it's impossible to lighten your skin in just one application. My sister has a natural brown complexion and wanted it to lighten two tone from her original color. Finally, this product is now available at this remote area of the Philippines and were able to purchased one. The medium size bottle cost about 105.00 pesos and were so happy it's not that expensive as we've thought. We immediately tried the product to her skin when we arrived and to my skin if it does really whitens instantly. Unfortunately, It didn't. Ha! We tried waiting for a couple of minutes that maybe it will magically whitens but nope! It did not!!! How could Vaseline promised such thing? Actually, it's just a regular lotion that will make your skin looking matted or dry in some other skin. I thought of throwing it in the thrash but that would be a waste of money so we will be giving it another chance for 2 weeks of using it. I will make an update of this post as soon as next week. For now, I'm pretty discouraged for this product...

It says that it has triple sunscreens but it didn't indicate the spf number. I'm not so sure about this claim. 

Create A Natural Wavy Hair Without The Crimped Look At The Hair Ends

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This is not really a very elaborate hair tutorial. I just want you to see it on how I did my hair today wearing the natural wave look within 15 minutes for medium hair like mine. Just follow the steps below on how to create that perfect summer wave without the help of other person.

1. After prepping your hair with heat protection spray or mousse to hold the curls, you may now part your hair into two.
2. Section the other half by parting them again in two parts then start curling the lower hairs. Estimate a not too thick section but not too thin section while curling your hair.
3. Get a gloves made with cloth and use it to protect your hands while holding the hair with the curling iron.
4. Do not use the clip of the curling iron to avoid the crimped look at the end of the strands of your hair. This is the reason why you need to use the gloves since you'll be the one locking the hair.
5. Follow an imaginary spiral when placing the hair in the hot barrel then roll the hair tightly by securing your fingertips with the gloves on it.
6. Do not brush your hair instead use your hands because if you do, you'll ruined the curls.
7. Apply hair spray if you like but I recommend you don't if you want it to look more natural. If you have natural silky super straight hair, I recommend that you use spray or anything to hold them.
8. If you're not using hair spray, avoid windy areas since it will ruin the curls.
9. Enjoy your natural wavy hair without the crimped look at the end of the curls.
I can't let you see my no make-up eyes. LOL!
I'm size 21 in the kids clothing section. I can't help myself but to buy this cute doggy printed top.


That Clean Feel

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Thank God!! I thought Off! will never ever make a light formula in their anti-mosquito lotion. I can't stand the feeling of greasiness and heaviness of the old formula when applied to my skin. The old formula won't even get off that easily if you're not using a scrub while taking a bath. It's really a hassle for people like me who don't like to wear lotion especially if it's summer season. I've tried the Off! spray before also but it's a little bit oily and you will need to reapply often since it won't really stick to your skin when you're sweating a lot and the spray formula is uneconomical since it will run out that fast. I've tried the citronella spray also which I bought in Handyman but as I've said it's not really that effective and reapplication is oftentimes which makes it uneconomical. Our house is basically surrounded by plants and mosquitoes thrive everywhere and it's a must to apply anti-mosquito lotion when going outdoors. I just can't hide my excitement when I've found out they already make a clean feel anti-mosquito lotion (I feel so outdated LOL!). All I can say is thanks Johnsons®!!! 

The almost liquid gel like consistency of Off!'s Clean Feel anti-mosquito lotion. 


Yogurt Switch

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I remember exactly the first time I tasted yogurt when I was a kid is that the taste is really terrible. The year was around early 2000's and the plain yogurt in everyday supermarket really tasted bad. Ever since that incident I promised to myself that I won't eat yogurt again. What's all the fave with this food? I really don't understand people at that time when I was a kid and my mom keep forcing us to eat them since they're healthy as she claims. It was the time when Nestle introduced a new yogurt product line and Thank God it comes in different flavors already and with real fruits inside that my curiosity poked me and makes me want to give yogurt a second chance. To make the long story short, I fell in love with yogurt for the first time. I thought Nestle has the most yummiest yogurt products but not until I tried Creamy Delight yogurt by Asia Brewery Inc. . This product just came to me by accident because my mom sells beer and the guy who delivers the beers to her introduced it to my mom. He told us to give it a try and it's on sale at this moment. I was a bit skeptical at first because I'm the kind of person who is afraid to switch products when it comes to food. The label and the presentation of cup looks really simple but it's my first time to see a fruit salad flavor to a yogurt. I'm pretty sure there are lots of yogurt brands out there with fruit salad flavor but this is the first time I've seen one and I'm curious to taste it. To make the long story short, the texture is really creamy as to the name "creamy delight" and the smell is tempting and most of all the sweetness is natural and it didn't hurt my tonsil. If we compare Creamy Delight and Nestle's Fruit Selection yogurt, the former is not too sweet unlike the latter. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like too much sweets in your food then this one is for you. I've found my new yogurt love and it only comes in 89 calories per cup. 

We bought 3 cases of creamy delight for 2 weeks supply
The cream looks like this and excuse my Toy Story spoon freebie from Lactum. It's my little sister's spoon.
The nutritional value of Creamy Delight and it's a product of Spain. 


Better Than St. Yves Facial Scrubs

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I currently live in a very small city where there is no Watsons store yet and my problem is I've almost emptied all my beauty regimens and sad to say they're not available in this city I lived in yet. I must find a new product in exchange to my previous beauty products that are exactly or have much better results than the products I'm used to. Good thing my mom is an Avon dealer and it's currently on sale and found this amazing facial scrub. The texture of the scrub is finer than St. Yves and it comes in a long squeezy tube. It was my sister who first tried it and told me that I should really try it ASAP for it amazes her. I was pessimistic at first since I'm really loyal to St. Yves but then I have to open my door for some new product soon. My sister is right that this product is truly a good deal from Avon. It has this cool minty effect to your face and will really buff away all your dead skin cells especially if you're in exfoliating stage of your face. The smell is balmy and minty and the color of the paste is mint green and the most amazing part of this product is the texture of the scrub because every squeeze does give you a lot of scrubbing particles unlike other products where there are less scrubbing particles inside only a generous amount of gel. This product somehow heals my skin after a hormonal pimple breakout 'coz it dries them out fast. I forgot the prize of this product but I'm pretty sure it's pretty affordable right this summer of 2014. If you're into new products at this phase of your life, go to your nearest Avon store or ask an Avon dealer. Some dealer might even let you purchase some products in installments. LOL!

Avon's Clear Skin Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub


20 Make-Up Tips & Routines For This Allergy Season

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This a season of bee pollination, scents of blooming flowers are almost everywhere, breezy mornings and the season for "sneezers" like me. I love spring and a little of cold rainy dew every time I woke up in the morning but one thing I hate is how my respiratory system react to this season. I pray to God that I won't have any mornings where all I always do is to grab immediately a tissue and starts sneezing. Non-allergy sufferers won't understand us at all how much sneeze we will do in just a minute and the sneezing part is making you tired and can't work anything you want at all. In my case, I will have to grab my antihistamines when I sneeze 20x or more in just an hour 'coz if I don't, I will lose my energy all day and my nose will just bleed and peel off from blowing and wiping your nose off. In this post, I will tell you tips that helps me get through these kind of days especially if you are a working individual and won't go out with a bare face. For your information, allergy will do bad things to your skin like it will swell your face, watery red eyes, red nose and very dry skin. Ugh!!! We will just have to live with this condition and life always go on no matter what. 


1. Have a check-up and ask your daughter to give you an effective antihistamine to help you go on with your life. I'm not over saying this but for me, I can't do anything normal during allergy season without the help of my meds. The sneezing just won't stop and even the sight of bright lights like sunlight will make me sneeze. 

2. Avoid going outdoor and wear a mask as much as possible if it's really needed.

3. Do not wear furry clothings or similar clothes.

4. Regularly clean the airconditioners or invest in air filters.

5. Send your pets to the groomers to prevent lints and fur invasion around the house.

6. Always wash your hands with soap when done petting your furry friends.

7. Do not wear strong perfumes or colognes. I don't even recommend you using one even in your tissues avoid the scented ones. Your beauty regimens must not be overly scented most especially your moisturizers and soaps.

8. Avoid strong smelling foods like fried garlic or anything fried. I have a strong reaction to this kind of thing.

9. Always take a warm bath before you go to sleep to get off dead skin cells or dust during the day.

10. Always change your beddings and pillow cases, curtains like once a week because it houses a lot of dead skin cells and dust from your hair.

11. Stay away from flowers, plants or any pollinated areas. 

12. Avoid using powdery make-ups during this season because they have dusty properties. Use cream or mousse types this season and always prefer the unscented ones.

13. Stay away from bright lights 'coz some antihistamines have a sensitivity to light side effects.

14. Don't just vacuum, wipe them off too with a moist rag when cleaning your room or your things. Avoid using broom and always mop the floor to get rid of the dust.

15. To avoid redness of your face, apply a green color moisturizer or primer first on your face first before using your foundation or make-up.

16. A cold water or drink will always make my respiratory system feel relaxed instead of hot drinks in which in my observation will make my nose expand and more dust will come through it. I don't know what's the scientific explanation about it but I'm sure of it to myself. So, I avoid drinking hot drinks during this season as long as possible. 

17. Avoid using too much tissue to your nose since some tissues have irritants and dusty too. Try blowing your nose in the bathroom or comfort room sink and wash it with water instead and use a clean hanky to wipe the water away. It drains a lot of irritants from your nose as to my own experienced. 

18. Avoid or minimize yourself from eating chocolates, pastries or any sweets as much as possible. 

19. Sleep early at night and again stay away as much as possible to bright lights or those that emits bright lights like your gadgets. 

20. Eat your veggies and drink lots of water and exercise to build a strong respiratory system. 

For over the counter medicines to aid your allergy drink Claritin or Xyzal.

Avon's Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Curler Hair Review

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As promised here is my review of the new Avon Ceramic Tourmaline electric hair curler. The tourmaline in this curling iron will boosts the number of negative ions produced, which leads to healthier, shinier hair. According to my research, tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and when used in hair styling tools, it's infused to the ceramic by grounding them finely.


Crazy Over Bok Choy

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You don't know what bok choy is? Actually, bok choy is just another name for pechay. A green leafy vegetable which is about 13 calories per 100 grams and how does 100 grams looks like? see it here. My boyfriend and I make use of the extra space in our lot for organic gardening. Yes, we didn't use any chemicals to grow our plants only natural remedies. Good thing the army worms have not yet invaded our garden...I hope so they won't find their way in our garden. Anyway, I eat bok choy everyday to help me in my elimination since this veggie is full of fiber and I have a problem with regular elimination and this veggie does helped.


The Irony Of The Tanning Sunblock

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Hello guys! Summer is finally here and going out outdoors seems to be very dangerous since the sun's UV rays can cause skin cancer, sunburn, melasma and so much more. As I've told you in my previous posts, me and my boyfriend loves tilling the land and garden in our free time plus I love biking and swimming too to burn all the calories. My mom is an Avon dealer as part of her many many sidelines and came to browse the latest brochures for this summer 2014 and found a good deal with their sunblock products. To make the story short,  I ordered the lotion and spray. The former for my face and the latter for the body parts. The items are enclosed inside an orange yellow box and the labels promised to give you a sun protection up to 30 spf. Spf 30 are supposed to protect your skin by 97%, spf 15 by 93% respectively and the


Magic in 1 bottle - Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream Review

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Are you one of those people who wake up with super saggy eyelids every time you wake up in the morning? I admit I'm one of them especially if I eat a lot of bad foods and sleep very late at night. I totally believe now that aging starts around when you're in your 25th year of age (in women). OMGee!!! I can't believe it!!! I have crow's feet or lines beside your eyes when you smile or laugh. My eyelids tends to droop too every time I woke up and it's not a pleasing view every time you look yourself into the mirror every morning. I decided to take action of this beauty problem and rush myself to the nearest beauty store and look for an affordable eye cream. The truth is

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