Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Review

at 3/12/2014
I admit I'm not proud of my dental structure. When I was a kid, I have this condition of the teeth where they grow really really far apart from each other and a vampire teeth or peg teeth according to my dentist. In my time, braces is really expensive and is out of hand since it's only available in big cities unlike the place where I grew up. My dentist  told me that I should undergo a veneer cosmetic dental treatment since at that time, it's the only treatment my parents can afford. I was happy that my bridge and my pegs are gone but a year passed by, as a coffee and tea drinker, my real teeth are becoming yellow and the veneers are lighter than the color of my real teeth. I wanted to undergo
teeth whitening but the treatment is really really expensive and in this economy right now, there's no way I can afford it. I'm not really fond of television but one time when my sister was watching her favorite soap, on the commercial break, this product caught my attention. Maybe because the endorser's smile and aura is very captivating but most of all, I was looking for something to even out the color of my teeth. Gladly,when we went out for grocery with my sis, I came to passed by this product. Good thing it comes in small size too which I think first time consumers would probably choose. I remember the price is just around 57 pesos and it lasted for 1 month  in our case because were using an electronic toothbrush. Electronic / chargeable toothbrush is a must buy since it will not only give you a professional like clean but it can save you from using too much toothpaste. For me, a pea size is too much when you're using an electronic toothbrush. Half of the pea size would do if you're using the electronic brush. Blue is my favorite color and every brushing session is so much fun since the color of the toothpaste is blue (okay, I'm weird!). As to the taste of the toothpaste, I'm really choosy when it comes to the taste of the toothpaste and this one really taste good. In my own opinion, the taste of Colgate toothpaste is so much better than Close-up variants. The taste of Close-up toothpaste will make me puke because sometimes the smell is very strong and it will go right up to my sinuses and I am sensitive to scents that I don't even wear perfume. Sorry for those Close-up users but it's my own opinion though whenever there's nothing more brands to choose from, Close-up will be my third option, Sensodyne will be the second and Colgate is my first. As to their claims that it will whiten your teeth in as early as 2 days did not happened to me because obviously my teeth is naturally yellowish but I'm glad it did whitens my teeth and even out the color of my teeth. I really forgot to take a photo of it but I'm really glad I did use this toothpaste because it's the most affordable way to whiten your teeth. I will probably purchase a bigger one of this toothpaste when it's all empty. I hope this product will do you good as it is to me and don't forget to tell me in the comments below what do you think about this product too. 


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