Tokyo Love Soap Substitute

at 2/03/2014
Hi! I'm so happy today 'coz I've just found a substitute to Tokyo Love Soap and it's Philippine made. TLS is out of my budget right now and I really need to maintain my fair skin because I love to go out like biking,swimming, hiking and tending my garden. I went to Robinson's supermarket the other week and found this. Actually, I've seen this product already at Watsons but then I ignored it that time 'coz I'm still using Tokyo Love soap. I'm glad that this soap is the company that brought to us
GT Bleaching cream. Yep! It's from GT product line. I'm really a big fan of their product except for their pink moisturizing sunblock cream which I think it needs a little bit of reformulation 'coz it's some kind of sticky and dries really fast, makes the peeling on my face really obvious and makes your face really really white that you'll look like a ghost. Anyway, here's the soap I was talking about. It costs around 80 pesos and it's available almost nationwide in the Philippines. As Tokyo Love soap user, the effect of this soap is just really the same with this without the rosy smell of Tokyo Love. You will immediately observe micropeeling on your skin when you're done bathing. It's better to invest a good quality loofah or scrubber when using this soap to minimize skin flakes coming off during the process of peeling. I'm not really a lotion user and this soap doesn't dry my combination type skin at all and for those who are allergic to scents, this soap don't have a distinct smell. My rhinitis will activate whenever I smell extra strong perfumes and scents from cosmetics. 
This is the front logo and box of the soap. It comes in light blue box.
 I always divide my soaps into this because me and my sister are sharing and she sometimes forgot how to budget and P80.00 is quite a lot for a soap to some. (like me when business is not doing good)
 Just follow the 3 minutes leave on before rinsing it for maximum results just like Tokyo Love soap.
Here are the ingredients and in the package GT claims that it's safe to use this soap even if you"re expose to the sun because they use natural coco soap base with lemon extract but please don't overexpose yourself too even if the directions says so because the sun's UV rays is proven to develop skin problems.


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