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at 1/29/2014
Hello! I just want to share to all of you my newly found beauty secret. A lot of people are raving about this product in Instragram. When I lose a lot of weight, my skin became darker and I also remember I went swimming last summer 2013 during my birthday and I got myself a little sunburn. I hate to look at my uneven skin tone especially around my arms 'coz I'm fond of wearing sleeveless. I got really curious by all the reviews of this soap so I decided to try this. Actually, I saved extra money to buy this product since the price is really expensive. The soap cost a staggering
amount of 900 pesos plus shipping fee because I ordered it online. When my soap arrived, I use it immediately and I was a bit disappointed that there's no effect on me for the first time as to all the reviews I've read somewhere. One thing I love about this soap is it's rosy fragrance and it will stay through out the day even if you sweat during your workouts. I can really assure that your guy will definitely can't keep his hands off of you 'coz the soap can somewhat emit an odor to attract your man. It somewhat blended with your pheromones especially if you use it in your private areas. I divided the soap to 4 equal parts and it actually lasted for 2 months and I use it twice a day. Just make sure that you won't keep the soap dripping wet when you put it in the soap dish so it will last longer. In my experience, I can only feel the micropeeling of my skin after I'm done bathing and my skin is 80% wet. It feels like you have lots of "libag" or epithelials after taking a bath so make sure to invest a good quality loofah to scrub your skin thoroughly before going out from the shower. You will noticed you won't have to apply lotion anymore because your skin will be so soft and supple after using this soap. Thank God! I won't have to wear lotion anymore 'coz I really hate the feeling of lotion (almost any kind of lotion). In my experience, my skin lightened and evened out after 2 weeks of using it. After 1 month, I'm noticeably whiter than the last month until today. I'm not using this soap for my face because I'm using a different soap for my face and I've tried using it for a couple of days to my face and it didn't helped much with my pimples. This soap is mostly for whitening and fragrance only in my opinion. To make it really effective, leave it on to your skin for 3 minutes. Just turn on your player while on the shower and finish one song for you not to get bored in the shower. Happy bathing!!!
I searched online for the translation of the directions at the back.
 This is the front logo of the soap box and the box is in gold color.
 There's a PREMIUM word printed in the soap itself.

My progress after 2 weeks and 3 days using Tokyo Love Soap in my legs area. Pictures were done under the same lighting and angle and no photo filter used. 


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