My Year-End BDO Rewards Treat

at 1/06/2014
I was so happy that 2013 ended already. I can't believe how did I survived that year most especially to all the super typhoon Haiyan victims. I feel so sorry for them that they've not only lost their homes but also their loved ones. 2013 to me also is a bit tragic 'coz me and my boyfriend's investment is lost. Money is easier to find but the friendship and relationship that was built for so long is gone in just seconds. We can't believe that the people we treat as family betrayed us and never really treated us family ever since. To make the long story short and to silence the feud between us all, we decided to left them and we hope so we'll never see and hear each other again. This time were closing the doors to our hearts 'coz 6 years of our lives have been wasted and nothing left. Duh??? I'm so full of drama right now....Anyway, let's get back to business! I therefore believe that the best things are FREE!!! I'm so glad to finally spend my points using BDO rewards. Actually, it's just my second time to spend the points of my BDO rewards and I just got more excited 'coz the first time I've spent it, I'm able to buy a pair of Ipanema sandal for a friend then (though not anymore).... Ha! The irony right?...thinking of it makes me wanna cry that I've spent my thousand points to a person who then became the mastermind of all the misfortunes of our lives. Sometimes I don't want to look back but looking back also helps us learn a lot of things that we should not trust even the closest friend and family member. Here I go again, talking about that person...tsk! I feel so sad about it maybe because I'm not a sociopath unlike that person. Duh??? I'm helping myself to feel happy again and one thing that made me happy is my latest haul in Watsons. Honestly, I'm not really into buy 1 take 1 stuffs. I'm usually pessimistic about this kind of promos but it proves me wrong that not all buy 1 take 1 stuffs are unsatisfactory. Look what I've got people! I'm so happy to share this to you 'coz this product is really amazing and it's really effective to my hair. I have a very coarse and dry hair and it's color treated too. If I don't use conditioner to my hair, it's impossible to comb it while it's wet. I'm looking for a hair product that works like a conditioner and a hot oil treatment and this product is unbelievably all in one bottle.
 You can get this 4 items for about 300+ points and the best part is you can choose different colors or variety for this kind of buy 1 take 1. 

Here are the photos for a closer look of the product label and it's consistency. I've not yet opened the strawberry but this honey is really great for my thick, color treated, and super dry hair. I can't believe how shiny it is right now...

How to use it? Well, the instruction said that you should towel dry your hair first and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes but what I did is, I just squeezed a my hair for excess water. Make sure to squeeze it really good because sometimes we can't really help but get lazy. Honestly, I use the wax treatment like every time I want to take a bath. I've tried taking a bath and not use this product to my hair and damn it my hair is just stiff like a broomstick and it's really brittle and I have lots of falling hair. The downside to this product is you have dandruff problems, it won't help you against it. Maybe use an anti-dandruff shampoo like Nizoral first then use the treatment wax after. 

I've tried the towel dry your hair first instruction at first but then again I grew tired of it and didn't follow the instructions anymore and guess what? The effect is still the same. LOL!


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